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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Marry Me or Not? Episode 12 Recap

Merry Me or Not? Episode 12 Recap By Ninja
This week is Vivienne's turn to have a conversation with the young Justin. Scratching his head in confusion, a young Justin confesses to Vivienne that he met a girl the other day and he has been dying to get to know her... but everyone is telling him the girl is bad news. "But I don't believe them...or myself."

With a small smile, Vivienne replies "Because you believe her."
Surprised that Vivienne would know his answer, the young Justin is moved when Vivienne tells him that she used to be just like that girl - always pretending to not care when people misunderstands her because it is easier to abandon first than wait to be abandoned."

Thoughtful after listening to Vivienne, Justin vows "I have decided. No matter what happens, I will stay by her side, protect her and trust her."

After taking all the appropriate media photos to formally announce her company's contract with Qian Yao's, Vivienne jumps with surprise when a server accidentally pours a glass of red wine on her.

Watching Vivienne leave with Qian Yao's secretary in his usual creepy way, CEO Jin warns Qian Yao "I am going to go call our old man. Remember our standard agreement. You had no part in this contract as well." So it looks like CEO Jin is used to taking Qian Yao's hard work as his own. 
Shown to a hotel room, Vivienne politely thank Qian Yao's secretary when she is told to wait for a fresh set of outfit. Trying to wipe the stain off her cloth as best as she could, Vivienne is dismayed when she realizes Qian Yao's secretary had left her in CEO Jin's room. Refusing to believe Vivienne that she has no intention of seducing him, CEO Jin assures Vivienne that Qian Yao had "gave" her to him.

Drunk and furious when Vivienne throws a glass of win in his face, CEO Jin slaps Vivienne and tries to force himself on her.
Struggling and screaming for CEO Jin to stop, Vivienne sits up in shock when Qian Yao shows up to pull his brother off her. Ignoring Qian Yao's explanation that his secretary somehow made a mistake of showing her to the wrong hotel room, Vivienne leaves after giving him a glare.

Left in the room with his brother, Qian Yao smirks as CEO Jin assures him "You can stop me this time, but I will get her eventually and you will hurt a hundred times more then." Finally showing his true self, Qian Yao asks "Didn't you find it strange that you got drunk and so impulsive after just one glass of wine? You were right about the game of cat and mouse. The cat won't kill the mouse right away. I hope you enjoy the game I have set up for you because it just started." Giving a slight smile as he looks at his unconscious brother, Qiao Yao turns around to stare at the surveillance camera mounted on the ceiling.
Coming up to the hotel room to track Vivienne down, Sheng Nan is horrified when she guessed from Vivienne's disheveled appearance that something terrible must've happened. Stunned when Vivienne slaps Qian Yao right in front of her, Sheng Nan is confused to know what to think especially when Qian Yao assures her that Vivienne must have flirted with CEO Jin in order to get her proposal approved before Sheng Nan's.
The next morning, Sheng Nan is surprised to arrive at work to find a hoard of reporters waiting eagerly for Vivienne to show up. Pouncing on Vivienne at the first opportunity, the reporters bombard her with accusation of using her body to seduce a married man in order to sign a contract. Unable to stand by while Vivienne is attacked viciously, Sheng Nan jumps in and tries to ask the reporters to leave but no one seems to be listening. Arriving just in time to use his lawyer skills, Justin's expression doesn't change when someone hands him a stack of photos showing Vivienne in bed with CEO Jin but instead was able to successfully get rid of the reporters for Vivienne.
Obviously displeased by the scandal, Vivienne's boss calls for a meeting to figure out what happened. Dismayed when she realized no one could back up Vivienne's side of the story except Qian Yao, Vivienne's boss reluctantly agrees with Vivienne's suggestion that her resignation is the best way to end the whole mess.

Frustrated with Vivienne's blase attitude when the whole world has judged her to be a greedy woman willing to use her body to achieve her goals, Sheng Nan asks "Why aren't you explaining? Why are you acting like you don't care what others are saying about you?"

With her back to Sheng Nan, Vivienne asks "If I tell you Jiang Qian Yao was the one that planned the whole thing...would you believe me?"

Turning around to face a flustered Sheng Nan, Vivienne continues "Even you, who were there won't necessarily believe me then who else would? But that's alright. I have known since I was young not to expect anyone to believe me. I don't care at all how other people sees me."
Showing up at Qian Yao's work, Justin grabs Qian Yao's collar and demands that he comes forward to clear Vivienne's name. Maintaining that he is completely willing to speak up for Vivienne, Qian Yao seems to be enjoying himself immensely as he taunts Justin "I walked into the room and saw CEO Jin holding Vivienne and assumed that CEO Jin was forcing himself on her. But later, CEO Jin clarified that it was mutual...Based on Vivienne's image before I think no one, including myself would believe she didn't seduce CEO Jin."

Grinning at the twisted fury in Justin's face, Qian Yao warns him not to do anything in front of so many witnesses or he just might lose his attorney licence. Delivering a punch to Qian Yao's stomach with a satisfying thud, Justin leans down and whispers "One, I am a lawyer. And no one knows better how to teach someone a lesson without leaving evidence than a lawyer. Two, don't underestimate my determination to protect Vivienne. If you mess with her again, I will be sure to repay you double."
Cast in the role of a woman who would stop at nothing for money, the media goes crazy and Vivienne can hardly show her face without multiple microphones shoved in her face.

Already frustrated after his meeting with Qian Yao, Justin's day gets even worse when he goes back to his office to find his mom waiting for him. Pointing at Vivienne's news on the television, Mama Hao yells "See! That's why I didn't want you to date her. She is that kind of woman!"
Worried about Vivienne especially after seeing the crowd of reporters camped out in front of her house, Justin calls her and hesitantly agrees when Vivienne suggests that it would be better for him if they don't see each other for a while.
Taking one look at the luggage in Vivienne's hand as she step out of the house the next morning, the hoard of reporters surrounds her with questions such as "Are you running away because you are ashamed?" Knowing there is no chance anyone would even give her a chance to explain that she is simply going to Korea for work, Vivienne steels herself as she tries to face all the questions by herself. Showing up suddenly in his car, Justin walks right up to Vivienne and publicly takes her hand as he declares "I am sorry. My girlfriend and I are in a hurry to catch a plane so we are not going to accept any interviews at this time."

Moved and frustrated at the same time, Vivienne demands "Are you crazy? To admit you are my boyfriend publicly, do you know how badly the reporters would write about you? I thought we agreed that we would keep our relationship under wraps for a while?"

Shaking his head, Justin replies "I don't care what the reporters write about me. But you going to Korea and having to let those male models hug you and kiss you... that I can't stand. I want to go with you to Korea."

A bit stunned but very pleased by Justin's answer, Vivienne turns her head to hid a smile.
Leaving the scandal and the paparazzi far behind them as they step off the plane, Vivienne and Justin finally get to spend some much needed couple time together.
and much needed kisses of course.
Her mind swirling in confusion when she finds out from her angry mother that Vivienne had been planning to go to Singapore with Justin for his work, Sheng Nan asks Qiaon Yao "If Vivienne was going to resign soon and leave with my brother, then there was no reason for her to go to the extend of seducing CEO Jin for a job she was going to leave behind anyway."

Putting on his sincere expression, Qian Yao "confesses" that he has been hiding the ugly truth "Vivienne wasn't there to seduce CEO Jin. She was waiting for me, so that why after I rescued her she got so angry and slapped me."
Her problems seem so far away after a blissful day of touring Korea with Justin, a phone call from Jin Ru finally smacks Vivienne back to reality. Left alone while Justin runs around to find a camera to fulfill a wish for Vivienne, Vivienne's heart sinks when she picks up a phone call from Jin Ru and is informed that Justin had pulled out of the Singapore project because he knew that was the price he would have to pay in order to stand by her as her boyfriend.

An expression of determination appears on Vivienne's face when Jin Ru assures her that the Singapore project is still possible for Justin...if he can cut of all ties with her, Vivienne replies "Alright. I know what to do."
Ignorant of the unpleasant phone conversation Vivienne just had, Justin eagerly tells Vivienne that he had found a Polaroid camera to fulfill her wish of leaving a picture of them on the "couple wall" behind them. Overwhelmed with everything Justin did and is still doing for her, Vivienne throw her arms around him and says "I like you...very much."
Tearing off each other's cloth as they kiss passionately the moment they stepped into their hotel room, our two leads can't seem to get enough of each other as they fall into bed together. 


Sigh...there goes my hope Sheng Nan's romance might have a happy ending. I was holding onto a sliver of hope that Qian Yao might be able to redeem himself but he really stepped over the line this time. 
As for Sheng Nan...I have such mixed feelings towards her. It is obvious from the way she keeps jumping out to protect Vivienne that Sheng Nan still considers Vivienne to be her friend...but then of course all her reasoning power flies out of the window the moment Qian Yao shows up. However, I think this time Qian Yao has gone too far and deep down...okay very deep down, like Justin said to Sheng Nan, she already knows the truth but she is just running away from it. 
I do really hope Sheng Nan eventually would do the right thing and stand up for Vivienne because I think as much as Justin's support meant the world to her, Sheng Nan is the one that taught a young Vivienne not to trust anyone to stand by her. 
Sigh, it looks like we are in for some tears next week but then this couple has always been able to solve their problems with the most heart melting words. 


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  2. Oh no an imminent storm is coming to our fav couple! I agree that Qian Yao definitely crossed the line this time and he is certainly in my list of most hated guys. He may really like Sheng Nan but his ways of protecting her definitely aren't justifiable.
    And about Sheng Nan, someone has to wake her out of her lovely dream. Poor girl.