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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Marry Me or Not? Episode 13 Recap

Marry Me or Not? Episode 13 Recap By Ninja
Preshow bit: Surrounded by a group of taunting girls, things are about to get really bad for the young Vivienne. Just when it looks like Vivienne might have to take on the group of girls on her own, Sheng Nan suddenly shows up out of nowhere as Vivienne's champion. With stars in her eyes as she stares at Sheng Nan who grabbed her hand to run away from the bullies, Vivienne's heart starts to imagine the possibility of having a best friend of her own. 

Waking up the next morning to the wonderful sight of a sleeping Justin, Vivienne snuggles up to him and wishes the time would stop forever.
Despite her effort to appear happy and content, little things are giving clues to the desperation in Vivienne's heart. Reminded of Vivienne's birthday when they are taking a stroll on the beach, Justin races off alone to find a cake store. 

Almost in tears from her aimless search, Vivienne throws her arms around a mildly surprised Justin when he finally shows up with a cake in hand and says "Where did you go? Do you know how afraid I was that you would disappear?"
Hugging Vivienne back, Justin assures her "I promise you, I won't disappear." 
Tearing up again as Justin walks towards her with a cake and singing the happy birthday song, Vivienne obediently says her three wishes "My first wish. I wish that from this day forward, you will be happy just as you were happy today. My second wish, I hope to become braver. Especially when it comes to things that are right, I need to have courage."
Giving Justin a smile, Vivienne tells him that she is going to keep her third wish a secret.

In the middle of playing around with Justin, Vivienne suddenly gets serious and says "I love you. I hope you will will remember today. I really like you so very very much. I really want us to be together forever."

Moved by Vivienne's words, Justin replies "Alright. We will be together forever."
Smiling through her tears, Vivienne stares at Justin happily but in a voiceover we hear her sadness "Justin, do you know what my third wish was? It is for you to forget me. Go find a woman who is much better and be sure to live a much happier life than me."
Keeping his promise to be Vivienne's model, Justin is appropriately stunned when he sees Vivienne walking towards him in a wedding gown. Smiling proudly as the photographer and all the staff are amazed by how beautiful the pictures looked, Justin turns to share the moment with Vivienne only to be stunned when he sees her crying. 

Excusing herself quickly, a still crying Vivienne leaves the photo shoot with a concerned Justin following closely behind. 
Steeling herself against what she is about to do, Vivienne's expression visibly hardens as she tells Justin to turn around and talk to her via their phones. Concerned and puzzled, Justin listens with a sinking feeling as Vivienne starts to list off all the reasons why a happy ending such as the wedding photo shoot portrayed will never be possible for the two of them. 
Trying desperately to assure Vivienne that he DOES want to marry her and to have a future with her, Justin pleas with Vivienne to give him another chance. Stunned for a moment by Justin's assertion that he is not afraid of marriage as long as it is with her, Vivienne nonetheless forces herself to break up with Justin. 
Her heart aching to see how much her precious brother is hurting over his breakup, Sheng Nan's trademark temper goes through the roof when she overhears Vivienne nonchalantly invites her co-workers to a group date. 

Dragging Vivienne out of the office, Sheng Nan slaps her in anger and calls her a tramp for shamelessly using Justin. Her own anger boiling over, Vivienne fights back and yells out her frustrations. Staring in shock as Vivienne loses control and declares "Hao Sheng Nan. I thought of you as my best friend before, so even when our friendship ended I was still hurt by your words. But no longer. No matter what you say, I don't feel anything anymore. You are right, I am a horrible woman and I like it. If I only think about myself then I wouldn't be hurt by anyone else ...be it you or Justin."
A dejected Justin walks into his office to see a surprising guest. Proclaiming that she has no knowledge of their break up whatsoever, Mama Cai hands Justin a pouch and tells him "Open it, if you truly like her then open it." 

Wincing then smiling as he read through Vivienne's list of "Why I should and shouldn't be with Justin", Justin finally breaks down in tears as he reads the last line on the paper "8. All the other reasons to give up I could find a way to circumvent except this one (If he keeps being with me...he will lose everything.), because I love him so very much." 

To review what's in Vivienne's list go to the bottom of my Episode 10 recap:HERE
Instead of going to see Vivienne, Justin shows up at the hotel to gather evidence to prove Vivienne's innocence. Surprised when he bumps into Sheng Nan who is there to do exactly the same thing, the two siblings track down the server who "accidentally" poured wine on Vivienne that fateful night. Visibly flustered and guilt ridden, the server finally admits that Qian Yao was the one that bribed him to pour the wine on Vivienne. 

Stunned to confirm the truth that she keeps denying to herself, Sheng Nan pleads with Justin to let her go and meet with Qian Yao by herself. 
As it happens, Sheng Nan arrives at Qian Yao's house just in time to hear Qian Yao's confrontation with his brother (CEO Jin) and hears the whole sordid story of how Qian Yao had set Vivienne up. Stopping in the middle of beating his drunken brother to a pulp, Qian Yao looks up with dismay when Sheng Nan finally gasped his name in horror. 
Still in shock over what she heard, Sheng Nan confronts Qian Yao with a question that is burning inside her "Vivienne told me once that you had a bet with your friends to date her. And you were only using me to get to her...is that true?"

Agreeing to Sheng Nan's request to not lie to her anymore, Qian Yao replies "Yes, that's true...but I have never regretted it because if it wasn't for that bet I would not have met you." 
Pulling Sheng Nan into an embrace, Qian Yao pleads for her to believe that the one thing he has never lied about was his feeling towards her. 

Wrapping her arms around Qian Yao, a tearful Sheng Nan replies "I really really like you too. But I have made so many mistakes. Because I liked you, I have done so many wrong against my best friend. I have hated her for so long. Too seek your revenge, you have used her, put her in a situation she was molested and now she is jeered by the whole world."
Pushing Qian Yao away, Sheng Nan looks at Qian Yao with tear filled eyes "Can two people as terrible as us, really have the right to say we like each other?" 
Unimpressed when Sheng Nan calls her out for a meeting and offers to be a witness to clear her name, Vivienne turns around to leave. Pausing in mid stride when Sheng Nan angrily asks "Why won't you explain? Don't run away! You have always chosen to leave first before you are abandoned, but have you thought about those who you left behind? Have you thought about the ones who made such horrible mistakes about you and how guilt ridden they would feel?"

Taking a calming breath after crying in earnest, Sheng Nan finally ends her sort of apology/ angry vent towards Vivienne by saying "You said you never wanted to explain because you know no one would believe you. But I tell you, the ones that won't believe were never people like us that cared about you but yourself. It was never other people who would abandon you, but it was your pride that abandoned yourself." 
I really don't agree with Sheng Nan's words here. Unless the show had omitted some vital parts, I don't believe Sheng Nan ever bothered to give Vivienne a chance to explain. Plus Vivienne did try to explain later and obviously Sheng Nan chose to believe Qian Yao's words over her best friend's explanation. 
Taking one look at his sister's sullen expression, a very unsurprised Justin quickly surmised that Sheng Nan had indeed proven for herself that Qian Yao was the one that set Vivienne up. Frustrated when even at this point Sheng Nan is pleading for him to see things from Qian Yao's point of view, Justin asks "You want this love so badly that you are willing to throw away your conscience?" 
Pushed to the brink by her brother's harsh...but true accusations, Sheng Nan yells back "No, no, I am not! I...I just don't know what to do. I don't want either of them to be hurt."

Looking deeply into Sheng Nan's eyes, Justin tells her "You know deep down what you should do." 
Completely awe struck when he opens the door to find Sheng Nan standing right in front of him, Qian Yao asks "Why are you here..." but falls silent when Sheng Nan simply steps forward and wraps her arms around him. 

 Sigh...I really wanted Sheng Nan's crush to have a happy ending but I simply can't forgive a man who would traumatize a woman THEN drag her reputation through the mud just for his own greed. 

As always, I am torn about how I feel about Sheng Nan's character. I was first really glad that Sheng Nan was willing to find out the truth for Vivienne's sake, then frustrated when she is still stuck on Qian Yao...but then I was back to feeling bad for Sheng Nan again when I think about how hard it must be for her to give up on her crush. 
Still, judging by the previews for next week, I have high hopes that Vivienne might get her best friend back after all. 
ps. This hour was more about the two girl's friendship but here is a sweet picture of our two leads for you guys. 


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