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Monday, February 22, 2016

Bromance Episode 18 (End) Recap

Bromance Episode 18 (End) Recap By Ninja
I am going to save the best for last, so let's wrap up our secondary characters' story line first. 

Her heart broken after eavesdropping on Qing Yang's conversation with her dad, Na Na runs away from home believing that Qing Yang was only dating her out of pity. With no where to go, Na Na ends up at her old house and is stunned to find her father sitting alone and crying silent tears as he watches old home videos of her mother.

Speechless when he realizes why Na Na ran away from home, Daddy Nan tells his daughter of Qing Yang's firm declaration that she is the person he wants to take care of for the rest of his life.

The big misunderstanding solved, a shame faced Na Na goes home to face Qing Yang. Simply grateful to have her back, Qing Yang wraps his arms around Na Na.

Accompanying Na Na to her mother's grave, Qing Yang promises Na Na and her mother that no matter what happens he will always make Na Na happy and never leave her side.
Always the helpful soul, Guang Chao offers up the service of his "golden hands" when he hears Xiao Jing (Ya Nuo's cousin) complaining of twisting her ankle. Doubtful at first, Xiao Jing is soon gushing praises for Guang Chao's skills and he works his magic on her foot.

Her temper getting the best of her the moment she walks in to see Guang Chao messaging another woman's ankle, Zi Han coldly reprimands Guang Chao for dallying when he should be at her back and call as the hired help. His expression getting increasingly stoic as Zi Han's every word becomes even more hurtful than the one before, Guang Chao quietly apologizes to Zi Han for not doing his duty as her driver.
Walking off after haughtily assuring Guang Chao that he is welcome to resign anytime he wants, Zi Han ducks behind a wall and mutters "Did I go overboard? Why didn't he follow me out? Why did he touch another woman's leg!"
Pouncing on Ya Nuo the moment she walks in the door, Ya Nuo's parents eagerly push her to their count down calendar and asks her to rip off the number 2 page. Excited yet fearful now that they are only one day away from getting their "daughter" back, Mama Pi pleas with Ya Nuo to simply stay home on her 26th birthday and not go anywhere. Reluctantly agreeing to her mother's request, Ya Nuo nonetheless insists on personally going to see Zi Feng the next morning.

I had always thought Ya Nuo would be freed from her disguise on her 26th birthday, but I guess it's once she is past her 26th birthday. So the big day is actually the day after her birthday. 
Pleased to see Ya Nuo showing up in her white tuxedo as per his request, Zi Feng's good mood is soon dimmed a bit when Ya Nuo takes out the day-off request form and informs him that her parents had wanted her to spent the rest of the day at home.

Zi Feng good naturally agrees to Ya Nuo's request but makes his own stipulation that Ya Nuo has to go somewhere with him first before she could go home.
Amazed as she walks into a small but exquisite church that seems perfect for a wedding, Ya Nuo reverently whispers "It's so beautiful!"

Staring at a wide eyed Ya Nuo, Zi Feng thinks to himself "Ya Nuo, I don't know when you will tell me that you are a girl but today is your birthday so I wanted to create some unforgettable memories for you." Ha! He knew!!!! Who was squealing! I was! By the way, those of you who guessed it way before I even had an inkling of suspicion, you have my total respect.  

After making Ya Nuo cry as he promises to love everything about her no matter how much time or things change, Zi Feng takes Ya Nuo's hand and proposes while he holds his mother's ring towards her "Will you be by my side for the rest of my life?"
Despite being moved to tears by Zi Feng's proposal, Ya Nuo nevertheless worries about what her parents' reaction would be. Apparently not surprised when he heard Ya Nuo's concerns, Zi Feng replies "Alright, let's tell them now."

Stunned as she turns to see her confused parents being ushered in by Xiao Jing, Ya Nuo looks at her parents pleadingly as Mama and Daddy Pi finally figure out that their "son" just got proposed to. Caught between their desire to not expose Ya Nuo's secret and their reluctance to have their daughter marrying a guy when still doesn't know her real gender, Ya Nuo's parents ask Zi Feng "Um... does your parents know? Will they agree to this?"

Walking in at the perfect moment, Mama Du declares "We agree!" Unable to find any excuse to disappoint their daughter now that even Zi Feng's parents are eager to have Ya Nuo marry their son, Ya Nuo's parents warily agree to let their daughter proceed with her engagement ceremony.
Surrounded by their families and friends, our two leads seal their engagement with a kiss!

ps. From the conversation between Zi Feng and his families it looks like the whole Du household already know Ya Nuo's "not so secret" secret. 

Meekly going home with her parents, Ya Nuo uses all her charm to convince her still worried parents that she will make sure to stay at home that night. Getting ready to blow out the candle on her birthday cake, Ya Nuo makes the fervent wish once again that Zi Feng will not get mad at her when he finds out the truth.
The big day FINALLY arrives and Zi Feng wakes up early to read the letter Ya Nuo had given him that is suppose to reveal the big shocking secret.

Meanwhile, Ya Nuo wakes up happy and excited as her parents can at long last proudly call her "daughter." Snapping to attention when the door bell rings, a nervous Ya Nuo opens the door fully expecting it to be Zi Feng only to be disappointed when it was a delivery man. Smiling when she opens the delivered parcel to find the pair of high heels Zhe Rui had bought for her, Ya Nuo's heart lurches when the door bell rings yet again. Completely disappointed when it is still not Zi Feng at the door but her cousin instead, a forlorn Ya Nuo confesses to Xiao Jing of her fear that Zi Feng might be angry after reading her letter.
Turning our attention from our two leads for just one moment. Dismayed when she finds out that Guang Chao had resigned the day after she yelled at him, Zi Han shows up at Guang Chao's hot dog stand to formally apologize to him. At first distant when he sees Zi Han, Guang Chao quickly breaks out in a smile when he realizes the whole reason Zi Han was so angry was due to her jealousy.

Their feelings confirmed, Zi Han is a bit disappointed at Guang Chao's decision to not be her driver anymore but decides to support his ambition to be the hot dog king anyway.
Too busy being lovey dovey with Zi Han, Guang Chao doesn't notices Ya Nuo coming towards him in a hurry and ends up being pushed right into Zi Han...which of course ends up in a kiss. Already dazed by the kiss, Guang Chao turns towards his best friend and is utterly confused when he sees Ya Nuo all dressed up as a woman. Staring at Ya Nuo's chest, a very confused Guang Chao unconsciously reaches his hand towards it and promptly starts to yelp in pain when Ya Nuo twists his wrist.

Disappointed when no one seem to know where Zi Feng is nor could she find him at the office, Ya Nuo finally figures out that Zi Feng must be at his secret place.
Relived yet nervous when she finds Zi Feng at his favorite spot, Ya Nuo takes out the agreement Zi Feng signed before to remind him that he had promised to not get angry at her. Taking the agreement from Ya Nuo, Zi Feng rips it up and tells her "If our relationship can be tied by words on a paper, then that means my love for you is only paper thin. I admit that I am feeling a bit down but that's only because you didn't trust me."

Smiling as she is reassured that Zi Feng is not angry at her, Ya Nuo suddenly realizes something is not quite right and asks "Wait, why are you so calm after finding out that I am a girl?"
Grinning, Zi Feng admits "That's because I've known it for a long time!"
Turns out, Zi Feng had overheard Ya Nuo's conversation with Zhe Rui and found out quite a while ago that Ya Nuo is a girl.

So this was back when Zhe Rui had been forced by Han Sheng to admit that he had leaked pictures to the press out of his jealousy towards Zi Feng. Unable to believe Zhe Rui would do such a thing, Ya Nuo had gone to his animal hospital to confront him. Feeling incredulous that Zhe Rui would be jealous of Zi Feng, Ya Nuo had asked "But Zi Feng doesn't even know that I am a girl? Everyone think I am a guy!" Standing right outside of the door, Zi Feng hears the whole conversation including Zhe Rui's reply "But it would only be a matter of time before Du Zi Feng finds out that you are a girl." 

Speechless that the secret she has been hiding so long and fretted over was something Zi Feng had already known, Ya Nuo asks "Why didn't you say something then?!"

Somewhat appeased when Zi Feng answers that since it was a secret that Ya Nuo felt a strong duty to guard, then he was willing to wait until she chooses to tell him the truth Ya Nuo soon had another thought "Then why did you purposefully not answer my phone this morning?!" Feigning a pained expression when Ya Nuo punches him for admitting that he made her nervous on purpose so she would come to their secret spot, Zi Feng declares to Ya Nuo that he is going to give their secret spot a different meaning that very day.
The scene cuts to our two leads hand in hand running in their wedding gown and tux. Standing in front of the church in their full glory, Ya Nuo and Zi Feng happily pose for their wedding pictures while the rest of their friends watch from the side.

Hey! How cool is that Ya Nuo does end up changing into a tux!! 
Halting the picture taking for a moment, our two other couples take time out to give the happy couple their best wishes and promises in return that they themselves will live blissfully as well.
And a final happy picture of our couple.

After Credit Serious Fan Service:
Walking out of the elevator, Zi Feng and Ya Nuo looks around to make sure that the hotel hallway is completely empty then PASSION ensues.
Actually more eager and ferocious shall we say than Zi Feng, Ya Nuo soon takes charge and our poor hero ends up trying desperately to just keep up.
Passionately kissing all the way down the hallway and after several failed attempt to get a breather in while Ya Nuo is all over him, Zi Feng finally triumphantly pulls out their room card.
The door closes to what we assume must be an awesome night ahead for our happy couple and sadly shuts us out for good.

Overall Thoughts

I am a happy camper. I was very satisfied with the ending and of course was even happier with the hilarious fan service at the end. The only thing I really wished the writer could've included was Zi Feng's reaction to Ya Nuo's secret because that's after all the best part in a gender bender story. So it was kinda of a let down that the writer chose to almost completely cut the whole big revelation out of the show. The writer had done enough with Zi Feng's character that I don't think any of us was expecting a Coffee Prince reaction from him but I would've at least like to see some joyous yells from him at the very least.

Overall, Bromance was a wonderful show that sure kept me blushing and giggling through most of it. Bromance obviously had some minor issues with it such as a lack of a strong story, choppiness at times and lastly Na Na who simply felt so out of place in the plot line. Any of those issues could've easily killed any other show but for some reason in Bromance they were just minor annoyances that we could ignore until our awesome two leads show up on the screen. So kudos to Baron Chen and Megan Lai for their great acting and blush inducing chemistry together.

What's coming up:
We won't have to say goodbye to Bromance just yet since next week they will be airing a special that will show us some of the deleted scenes.

The show that is following Bromance is called Refresh Men (後菜鳥的燦爛時代).

Here is a preview:


  1. At last the recap has arrived! Soompi was clamoring about how the ending was rushed, that unsatsifying epilogue and that Nana-Qinyang story, etc... Indeed it left me hanging as to what Zi Feng's and his family's reaction. I don't expect a very shocked expression but at hey, least they should have shown more of the reveleation.

  2. Remember the scene after Yanuo confronts Zherui and runs out, then cries in the middle of the sidewalk? Then Zifeng shows up out of nowhere and comforts her? Zifeng's admission of how he knew Yanuo's secret explains what he was doing there in the first place. A little "ah-ha!" moment, I guess.

    Thank you for the recap! Satisfied with the ending, though it could have been expanded a bit more.

    1. Hi there,

      Would you mind tossing the episode number of that particular scene since I started this drama at episode 12 :)
      Thank you!

    2. episode 11 around the 40-min mark

  3. Than you so much.
    Had grand time reading all your recaps.
    So glad that they end up with each other.
    So true we will still see them this Sunday.
    Be waiting again.
    MeganRiver forever

  4. i am satisfied with the ending of the show...although i would like to see Du ZiFeng's character play more a bit at Pi YaNuo's worries about him finding out that she is a girl...just for the fun of teasing her...hehehe...but i somewhat saw this coming because whenever Pi YaNuo or brother ZheRui tells him not to get angry at Yanuo when the time comes, he always reassures them that he will love him no matter what. I also think that he said "I don't care whether you are a male or a female, I just love the person Pi YaNuo" is because he respects her decision of not telling her who she really is, he always believes that Pi YaNuo must have a reason why she is keeping her real gender as a secret...plus was not surprised when he saw Pi YaNuo dressed as a girl, he looks like he is suspecting that YaNuo is lying that she has a "twin sister"...i think overall there are a lot of hints that he already knew...i thought of a another incident, the floating flower where Du ZiFeng said that "I hope Pi YaNuo understands my real feelings"...plus he makes sure that no other guy get's to hug her and touch her...remember Guang Chao's birthday scene where he is about to hug her...hehehe...plus the scene where he said "why couldn't we date openly? they can't do anything about it, we are already a couple" and the conversation between daddy du and him that night where he cut off daddy du's sentence plus when he teased Yanuo about being afraid she might lose control again like what happened in the hotel that night...sorry i got carried away...(too talkative)

  5. I loved it. I have seen every version of every gender bender out there and this is my favorite ever! I agree that it would have been nice to see considerably more of his initial reaction to finding out her gender but I was able to go re-watch the first two episodes after I now know he found out and that made me happy. My only real disappointment was having the Han Sheng story line so completely wrapped up already because while I was happy that it was finished off I had been waiting and waiting to see his reaction when he found out he got his butt kicked by a GIRL twice. I believe it would have been great!

    1. HAHAHAHAHAH OMG I WAS ACTUALLY WAITING FOR THAT TOO XD I wanted to see Ha Sheng's "WTF" face after knowing Yanuo's real gender XD

  6. I feel like they wanted to make a yaoi drama but they're afraid that the older generation can't accept it so they made the guy be a girl actually which is why yanuo only announced that she was a girl at the very last episode

  7. when did zhi feng tell his family that yanuo is a girl

  8. Thanks for the recaps & your comments! My only wish is that all the "couples" kissed, except Qing Yang and Na Na. Even Zifeng's sister got kissed in the end. Like even a lip to lip at mom's grave or whatever. Robbed on that count, unless Bii's contract said no kissing? LOL

    1. Lol yes I agree I spent the whole time waiting for them to have their first kiss.