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Monday, February 29, 2016

Bromance Episode 19 Special!

Bromance Episode 19 Special! By Ninja
I was really hoping the special would be chock full of deleted scenes, but what we got instead was a speedy review of how Ya Nuo and Zi Feng fell in love. Once I got over the initial disappointed however, I found myself enjoying the hour quite a bit. 

Dang, I have forgotten how great this show was at creating heart skipping scenes back when our two leads' feelings were still unconfirmed. 
One scene I really appreciated was when Zi Feng found out about Ya Nuo's secret and connecting that particular scene to him comforting a sobbing Ya Nuo. I remembered back when I watched the scene of Ya Nuo sobbing over Zhe Rui's "betrayal" it didn't make any sense how Zi Feng would pop up out of nowhere to comfort Ya Nuo but with the two scenes connected it makes a whole lot more sense now. 

Still, I was REALLY hoping the writer would at least give us some scenes of Zi Feng's reaction after he finds out Ya Nuo is a girl but no such luck.
Just when I despair thinking that there weren't going to be any deleted scenes then the show did end up giving as a few clips. 

Deleted Scene#1 I believe this one is where Zi Feng took Ya Nuo to a night viewing spot. In the original scene I don't remember all the other couples around so there were of course no scene of Ya Nuo getting shy either. 
Deleted Scene #2 
While Na Na and Qing Yang are out shopping for their bunny Na Na's leg suddenly starts to hurt and Qing Yang ends up having to piggy back her home. 

Na Na's illness coming back was kinda sudden so this scene makes it a lot more reasonable. 
Deleted Scene #3

I think this scene was a deleted one...at least I don't remember it but then I am not the most attentive when it comes to Na Na and Qing Yang's story. 

Worried about her ability to really promise Qing Yang a happy ever after when her illness could come back anytime, Na Na confesses her concerns to Qing Yang. Kneeling down in front of Na Na, Qing Yan assures her that even if tomorrow is uncertain at least they have today to be together. 
Deleted Scene #4

This one is just a small scene of Ya Nuo and Zi Feng's friends showing up with their wedding clothes. 
The best part of this special is probably the BTS. How hilarious is that Megan Lai was so shy when the director AND Baron Chen keep trying to teach her how to be more fierce during the last kissing scene.  
Tired after practicing their kissing repeatedly down the hallway, Baron Chen gets in a fun mood and has Megan Lai do a impromptu horror movie with him. Crawling on the floor, Baron Chen tells Megan Lai to drag his feet and imagines that the door to their hotel room would crack just a bit with his hand reaching out. However, before he could escape to freedom another hand would suddenly drag him back into the room and the door would slam shut. 
I guess this is really goodbye! Sob... 

ps. I didn't catch this the first time through but the hotel room number during the last kissing scene actually had a meaning. The room was 1314 which sounds like "For life and for ever" so a truly a happy ever after for Ya Nuo and Zi Feng.  


  1. I didn't realize there was a special episode. Thanks!

  2. The drama may have ended but Bromance lives in the hearts of many viewers and die-hard fans of RM!
    Difficult to forget this RM couple, and their amazing chemistry! Equally difficult to move on to other newer Kdramas or Tdramas because no couples can beat them, at least for me.