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Monday, February 8, 2016

Bromance Wrap Up Party

2:00 PM Posted by ninja 5 comments
 Sigh! I guess we all knew the end must come, but I really don't want the cute to end!!

On Feb 5th, the Bromance casts held their wrap up party and even had a brief interview.

In the interview, our two leads decided to have an air kiss via Qing Yang. Poor Qing Yang...Baron Cheng and Megan Lai were obviously more comfortable with the press and knew exactly what to do to please their fans.  

By the way, Baron Chen posted some spoiler pictures on his social media so scroll down if you are not the type to worry about spoilers!

You are sure right?! Spoilers!!! 


  1. I love spoiler pics when they're happy!! Thank YOU!!!

  2. Which one is baron Chen's and Bii's social media account? So hard to find the real authentic one...

  3. Tq ninja.