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Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #66

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #66
 Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai (Japanese Drama)
This one continues to be cute. The plot doesn't move very fast at all but I actually like the slow pace for once, it has a very homey feel to it. 
Signal (Korean Drama)
A completely depressing drama...BUT so addicting. This one has the same premise as Frequency the movie, where two men are able to communicate with one another through time thanks to their hand held radio communicator. Our hero is a young cop who realizes that he can change history as he communicate with another cop from 1989...but our hero quickly finds out that changing history doesn't always guarantee a good ending.
Chronicle of Life (Chinese Drama, New)
Hawick Lau and Zheng Shuang's new C-historical drama. I usually try to check out Hawick Lau's drama but this one looks EPIC with lots of melo...so no thank you.
Heaven's Promise (Korean Daily, New)
The new revenge k-daily about a girl taking on the identity of her deceased twin sister in order to avenge her death. I haven't check this one out yet, but am planning to soon.

Madame Antoine (Korean Drama)
This one seems to have everything going for it but for some strange reason it is simply not keeping my attention. Weird...

One More Happy Ending (Korean Drama)
One of my favorite show right now! So hilarious yet the romance is sweet as well. Jung Kyoung Ho's acting is just awesome as always.
 Mars (Japanese Drama, New)
For those who either have read the manga Mars or seen Vic Chou's Taiwanese drama Mars, here is the Japanese version of it. While Mars is a romance set in high school but it does deal with some pretty dark materials so don't go into this one expecting comedy.
Beautiful Secret (Chinese Drama, Finished)
I finished watching this one this week. While Beautiful Secret had some good potential going in I am sad to report that it got pretty melo toward the end. I wish the writer had spent a whole lot more time on the sweet romance between the two leads instead of the villains but that's kinda what happens with C-dramas sometimes.

Goodies but Oldies
Smile, You (Korean Family Drama)
Episodes: 45
Aired: 2009
Country: Korea

Synopsis: This is a story about two very unlikely family living under one roof and having to learn how to get along. The Seo family had been used to living in a luxury of wealth...until they are bankrupted and had no choice but to move into their chauffeur's house. Jung Kyung Ho plays the chauffeur's son while Lee Min Jung is the youngest daughter of the once wealthy Seo family. 
Smile You, is the first drama where I took notice of Jung Kyung Ho because I was so impressed with his acting here. At first glance, Jung Kyung Ho's hero in Smile You is not the most attractive character because instead of your usual cool and smart hero, this particular character is kinda bumbling and awkward. However, as the the story progresses, Jung Kyung Ho was able to bring out the masculinity when you least expected that makes this hero suddenly seem so attractive. 
The only complaint I remember about Smile You is that I didn't quite cared for the secondary characters but other than that, it was a good solid family drama. 


  1. I only watched the first episode of Madame Antoine, I too wasn't taken by it. Simply love One more happy ending, a very genuine adult real life romance/friendship/health/family issues to deal with, it goes to show that no one is perfect and we all have faults and flaws, but we need to be honest and reflect sometimes, what we image life to be is not always the reality. I'm still intrigued with Moorim School even though its not that popular. Bromance is dragging its feet but still cute with the OTP bromance/romance. I too watched Smile long ago, didn't realise that the main lead was JKH.
    Gotta say we have very similar taste Miss Ninja. Thanks as always your reviews, recaps and round ups are Tops.

  2. I didn't know about Heaven's Promise. It's led by Lee Yoo Ri right? didn't hear about this at all. I absolutely love her in Jang Bo Ri and Yellow Boots. People are also saying Mars is really good so I'm definitely gonna check that one out. Thanks for your recommendation of Smile YOu, I'll definitely gonna get to that some time :)

  3. I really loved mars the Taiwanese drama and would really like to watch the Japanese version. Has anyone got a link with subtitles? thank you. Btw ninja really like your site, great job :)