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Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #67

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #67
Heaven's Promise (K-daily)
This one is still stuck in the back story stage. If the synopsis is correct then other than the few glimpses of the hero we haven't even really met the heroine yet. While I was really hoping the show could've skipped over the long back story but at least the show has been fairly intriguing thus far. 

Mars (Japanese Drama)
I might have to go back and re-watch the Taiwanese version of Mars. I really don't remember having such a prominent male second lead in that particular version. Has it just been too long since I watched it or was I just too focused on Vic Zhou? 

ps. I just saw that Megan Lai was in the T-Mars as well! I certainly didn't remember that at all. 
I Have A Lover (Korean Drama)

This one is six episodes away from wrapping up so the baddies are starting to get their just rewards now...which of course is always the best part! 
Legend of Qina Qiu Fox (Chinese Drama, New)
I checked out the first episode of Legend of Qina Qiu Fox...and haven't gone back since. The show is fairly pretty but the story is kinda all over the place. It looks like this drama will actually have several leads as the story follows the different character's supernatural romance. 
Sumika Sumire (Japanese Drama, New)
This one is based on a manga of the same name about a 65 year old woman who suddenly receives her dream of reliving her life again when she accidentally frees a cat that has been trapped inside a painting. 

Interesting premises but episode one wasn't a complete win for me so I am hoping episode two will be a lot better. 
Friend-Ship Project (Japanese Special Drama)
Sigh, the Chinese new year was a killer on my drama watching so I even checked this one episode J-drama out. This cute little one hour show is about what happens when a man's first love comes back from US to search for him after 10 years and immediately enlists a tv program to help her. As it happens the man's girlfriend is actually the show host that is following his first love around while she is searching for him. 

I actually liked this one, if one ignores the VERY obvious product advertising that is inserted through out the show but over all it was fairly cute. 
All About My Mom (Korean Family Drama)
This one is only two episodes away from wrapping up. I kinda lost interest in All About My Mom about half way through but I am planning at least to check out the last ten episodes just to see how to story ended. I know, I know, bad habit...
Witch's Castle (Korean Family Drama)
The romance is FINALLY starting!!! I will  hope to write a catch up post on this one soon. 

Oldies but Goodies
Stars Falling From the Sky (Korean drama, 2010, Episodes: 20)

Synopsis: Young and irresponsible, our heroine (Choi Jung Won) is suddenly saddled with the responsibility of raising her five younger siblings by her parents' unexpected death. Harboring his own childhood trauma of being abandoned by his mother, our hero's (Kim Ji Hoon) cold and uncaring attitude towards life undergoes a dramatic change as he falls in love with the heroine and her brood of siblings. 
I don't remember this one to be addicting BUT it was super cute and had a lot of heart. It took a bit to warm up to the heroine because the character wasn't your hard working candy type at first but instead she was someone that was pretty immature. However, with the tragedy of her parents' death, the heroine obviously had to undergo some pretty dramatic growing up so we as the viewer could fall in love with her as the cold hero's heart also starts to thaw thanks to the heroine and her adorable siblings. 


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