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Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #69

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #69
The Love Song (Taiwanese Drama, New, Daily)

This new T-daily should have plenty of familiar faces to those who watch Taiwanese dramas. There are no big names necessarily, but is still fun to see Vivi Lee and Darren Chiu who usually get stuck in the supporting roles to be the leads this time.

Vivi Lee plays a very lonely married woman who is reunited with her collage ex-boyfriend after 10 years and finds out that her ex-boyfriend is actually gay. The gay part is a misunderstanding but it looks like it will be the reason that makes our two leads become friends once again.

I will be writing a first impression on this one soon.

The Lovers Lies (Chinese Drama, New)

I checked out this one's long trailer and it looks like birth secret with a whole lot of angst... skip!

The Love of Happiness (Chinese Drama, New)

Another C-drama that I am planning to skip. This one sounds like a light family daily about a newly married couple whose dreamy life is rudely interrupted when the hero finds his biological family. I don't expect a lot of angst in this one but the plot is just not piquing my interest.

Please Come Back, Mister (Korean Drama, New)
This has been one awesome week for K-drama with two VERY promising dramas premiering. I am not sure if this one is going to be addicting yet, but with how much fan service they are doing with Rain's body I think the chance is very high.

Anyhow, the story is about two middle age men who by sheer of will "convinces" the heaven to give them a second chance to wrap up some unfinished business after their death. Hijinks ensue when the two middle age men's souls are dumped respectively into Rain and Oh Yeon Seo's body. The acting has been awesome up to this point and the story is simply hilarious so don't miss this one.
Descendants of the Sun (Korean Drama, New)

I am declaring this one addicting after just two episodes. I have always thought Song Joong Ki to be attractive before but boy, the man is on fire in this show. The whole war setting does have me a bit worried...but the great story thus far and the chemistry between our two beautiful leads have me tossing my concern aside. Sigh... I kinda wish I could wait until this one finished before I start watching it because it is so painful that I have to wait a whole week for the next two episodes. 

Bromance (Taiwanese Drama, Just Finished!)

Very happy with how this one wrapped up. I am sure going to miss this little gem!!! 

 Nie Xiao Qian (Taiwanese, New) 

This is the show that replace Marry Me or Not? I was kinda disappointed with the first episode but I am holding out some hope that the show might get better.

Oldies but Goodies
 The Innocent Man (Korean Drama, 2012, 20 episodes)

Guilty confession: I didn't watch this one...but I am thinking very strongly about watching it just to help me get through the week until the next two episodes of Descendants of the Sun.

I have to be in the right mood to watch a revenge show so I guess back in 2012 when The Innocent Man aired I just wasn't quite feeling it then. However, after watching Song Joong Ki in Descendants of the Sun I am definitely in the mood now.
Song Joong Ki plays the hero that goes to prison in order to save his girlfriend. After serving a five year prison time, our hero is no longer the promising medical student he once was but has become a man who is skilled at seducing woman to get what he wants. Forced to use his medical skills to save a rich heiress (heroine) on the plane Song Joong Ki's character is surprised when the heroine's step mother walks in and is none other than his ex-girlfriend.


  1. You have to watch it like now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 'Please Come Back, Mister' was pretty hilarious and seems to have the right amount of heart.
    Out of curiosity, are you watching 'Signal'? So far I am enjoying that one immensely.
    I think I might be the only person not watching DOTS, until at least episode 10. Then I can binge watch and savour every detail.
    Oh and 'Innocent Man' is a must! There is no such thing as too much Song Joong-ki:-)

    1. I am way behind on Signal but I am planning to catch up on it. I wish I have the power to wait on DOTS...alas will power has never been my strong suit.

    2. I have seen until episode 12 of Signal and the story-line is still holding up.
      To watch DOTS is so tempting, but I am going to distract myself with the daily, 'The Promise' and 'Six Flying Dragons' (which I am really behind on.)
      Thanks for replying, I love checking out your blog:-)