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Monday, February 15, 2016

Go Princess Go Third Ending Recap

Go Princess Go Third Ending Recap By Ninja
The third ending picks up from when Peng Peng dies then the scene switches to a very PINK place with flower petals blowing everywhere. 

After a moment of confusion, Peng Peng suddenly remembers Qi Sheng and starts calling his name desperately. 

Peng Peng's frantic call quiets when she spots a figure standing not too far away and when the man turns around, it is none other than Qi Sheng. Without saying anything, Qi Sheng stood still as a dazed Peng Peng slowly makes her way towards him. 
Closing her eyes as Qi Sheng touches her face gently, Peng Peng waits for the expectant kiss as Qi Sheng leans closer and closer...until...
The director suddenly yells "What the heck are you doing?! Get out of the way and kiss some where else!!!" Apologizing quickly, Peng Peng pulls Qi Sheng off the set. 
Still complaining loudly as Peng Peng and Qi Sheng scramble away, the director orders all the other actors to get into their positions for the next scene. All the actor and actress are familiar faces from the show as well. 
In his trade mark stoic voice, Qi Sheng asks "What did he say to us?" Peng Peng replies, "He told us to go away and kiss somewhere else." 
Swinging Qi Sheng around, Peng Peng plants a kiss on him just as the scene changes again and our two leads are wearing modern clothes kissing on the side walk. 
The bystanders are still the actors from the show as well. 

Sigh...the third ending was still kinda a let down, but I guess the production did the best they could considering that under the government rules there were a lot of restrictions of what ending they could give. 
My own interruption in my head is that Peng Peng and Qi Sheng were both able to be transported to the modern world. Being the beautiful people they are, the best way for Qi Sheng to make a living was to become an actor. Since Qi Sheng's only qualification was being an emperor, Peng Peng also started working as an actress so she could help him along the way. There! That's my version and I am sticking to it. Actually, I really liked the novel's ending so I will probably just go with that one. 


  1. I didn't watch drama and relied solely to your recaps, still I enjoyed it as if I'm watching. Okay, so the the first 2 endings were open ending and a little tragic but this last ending is much fine to me. At least they live happily even in the modern world. I really laughed at the role reversal- Peng Peng kissing Qi Sheng as if she's the man (well, technically she was). Regardless of all the endings, the drama delivered an amusing humor and romance.

  2. where to watch the 3rd ending? TQ

  3. I watch this drama and at the end every body fucked up so hate my life right now I hate producers and director who trolls us at the end I know Chinese government push to do it still my hearth broken even TV drama end with bad end there no happiness for me *cry* *sob* *sob*. Well I will be ok after tons of chocolate and hours of playing otome. Such a pity love this drama.