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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I Have A Lover Episode 41 & 42 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 41 By Ninja
Called to the police station to personally identify Tae Seok's minion as the one who tried to killed her before, Yong Gi is furious when she sees Tae Seok telling the police that the Pudoxin victims are just a bunch of crazies.

No less furious when he spots Yong Gi, the two nemesis decide to have a "talk" with one another. Leaning close to Yong Gi in a threatening manner, Tae Seok warns Yong Gi to leave his precious brother since Kyu Seok is only being nice because he feels guilty for what Tae Seok did.

Weigh down by his shame over all the crimes his father had committed, a zombie like Jin Eon finally snaps out of his self loathing when he Kyeong Woo (Shil Il Sang's son) tells him to just keep living. Not exactly comforted by Kyeong Woo's words of "It can't be worse than me having a murder for a father" Jin Eon none the less stops having suicidal thoughts.
Huffy when his wife informs him that Jin Eon is planning to hold a meeting to force him to resign, Tae Seok storms into Jin Eon's office only to be stunned when Jin Eon shows him the wiretap device he had his minion planted in Jin Eon's office. Realizing that he might really have to hand in his resignation, Tae Seok walks out of Jin Eon's office only to see Hae Gang standing in a pile of cash.

Staring at Moon Tae Joo's brother (Pudoxin victim's brother) in disbelief, Tae Seok is shocked as the man walks away from the pile of money Tae Seok had given his family in order to get them to drop the Pudoxin lawsuit.
Truly scared now that her husband might really have to go to jail between the double threat of Jin Eon and the Pudoxin lawsuit, Jin Li kneels down and begs Hae Gang for help.

Not impressed with Jin Li's pleadings, Hae Gang's attention is caught when Tae Seok promises to not only hand her a key Pudoxin evidence but also tells her the reason why President Choi seems so confident that Hae Gang couldn't drag him down with the Mi Do case.

Just to clarify since there are tons of lawsuits and dirty secrets flying around at this point: The Mi Do case is the one concerning Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical stealing Shil Il Sang's medicine development. Tae Seok had encouraged Shil Il Sang to hand in evidence that would put Hae Gang in jail. Called into the prosecutor office, Hae Gang hands the evidence of President Choi's involvement over to make sure he would go to jail as well. 

Suspicious that President Choi would be so confident even when he knows Hae Gang has damning evidence against him, Tae Seok had poked around and soon finds out that the prosecutor is actually Driver Kim's (President Choi's chauffeur) son.

Alarmed when she is informed by Tae Seok that President Choi has paid for all of the prosecutor's education, Hae Gang sits back as she considers Tae Seok's offer that if she can get Jin Eon to stop trying to fire him then he will give her the way to get the prosecutor to switch sides.

I Have A Lover Episode 42
Confident again when he runs into Jin Eon, a taunting Tae Seok is surprised when a furious Jin Eon assures him that he did not agree to Hae Gang's request to not fire Tae Seok. Unable to fathom why Jin Eon would be willing to let Hae Gang go to jail, Tae Seok finally understands Jin Eon's refusal when he realizes that Hae Gang had made her request (for him to not fire Tae Seok) without saying anything about herself going to jail.

Dismayed to hear from Tae Seok about Hae Gang's battle with his own father, Jin Eon finally backs down and tells Tae Seok that he will not hold the meeting to force his resignation if Tae Seok will give him the way to protect Hae Gang.

Armed with the things Tae Seok had told him, Jin Eon threatens Driver Kim with his son's future as a prosecutor and as expected, Driver Kim chose to sacrifice his boss to save his son.
The day of the trial arrives and thanks to his careful planning, Baek Seok was able to successfully show up at court while Jin Li is off trying to stop the decoy lawyer (Baek Seok's lawyer friend) from showing up.

The trial goes exactly as Hae Gang and Baek Seok had planned with the judge ordering a criminal case to be opened for the death of Yong Gi's husband.  Enraged when he realized that Hae Gang had planned all along to seek revenge for Yong Gi's husband, Tae Seok confronts Hae Gang and turns violent.
In the chaos of Baek Seok being pushed by Tae Seok then Hae Gang slapping Tae Seok in return, things are quickly escalating out of control...until Seol Li shows up playing the voice recording of Tae Seok yelling out his crime of mistakenly "killing" Hae Gang when he was trying to kill Yong Gi.

Calmly turning off the voice recording, Seol Li tells Hae Gang "I have e-mail the recording to you. You can do what you want with him (Tae Seok) now."
Back to his hospital room after his little jaunt in the court room, Baek Seok is enjoying a friendly visit with Yong Gi when he suddenly notices a man standing guard right outside of his door. Turning to look when Baek Seok wonders out loud who the strange man is, Yong Gi gasp in dismay to see that the man is none other than Kyu Seok.

Smiling mischievously once he confirms with Yong Gi that Kyu Seok is someone she knows, Baek Seok gets Yong Gi to feed him some oranges just to see what Kyu Seok would do. Bursting into the room when Baek Seok asks Yong Gi to look for a wayward eyelash in his eyes, Kyu Seok stoically informs Baek Seok "Dok Go Yong Gi has a cold virus, so she is too dangerous to stand this close to someone who just had an operation."
Dragging Yong Gi to the sofa...at a VERY safe distance from Baek Seok, Kyu Seok hands Yong Gi the plate of oranges and opens his mouth expectantly. Ha!
I love Baek Seok proud smile as he looks at Yong Gi and Kyu Seok together.
Overwhelmed with guilt after all the things Jin Eon has done for his son, Shil Il Sang shows up at Jin Eon's office and confesses that he is the one that turned Hae Gang into the prosecutor. Already surprised when Jin Eon assures him that Hae Gang would've turned herself in anyway, Shil Il Sang hardily knows what to say once Jin Eon presents him with the document that promises to give him rights to a newly developed drug. Giving a small sad smile when Shil Il Sang wonders out loud why Jin Eon would go so far, Jin Eon simply replies "I am not sure myself. It's not for anyone else's sake but my own. If I don't do this, I don't know if I can endure."
Seemingly not surprised when a bunch of men show up from the prosecutor to seize everything at her office, a shaking Hae Gang declares to a triumphant President Choi that she is not defeated yet.

Walking out of Hae Gang's office after gloating in his victory, President Choi is soon stopped by Tae Seok who begs at his feet to be saved. Casting a look of glee mixed with disgust at Tae Seok, President Choi tells a hopeful Tae Seok that they can talk about his situation.
Knowing full well that she is in a very bad situation despite her brave words to President Choi, Hae Gang looks at the voice recording Seol Ri e-mailed her thoughtfully. Instinctively hiding her phone when she sees Jin Eon (I am assuming because of the voice recording), Hae Gang looks at him with a mixed expression when Jin Eon hands her an envelope containing documents that is suppose to protect her from jail.

 Is it strange if I say that I have mixed feelings towards Tae Seok's impending downfall? With murder among the list of unending sins he has committed, it is obvious Tae Seok will have to pay dearly for everything he has done BUT the author has done such a good job at humanizing Tae Seok it is difficult for me to not wish he had chosen to live as the brother Kyu Seok remembered him to be.
 President Choi on the other hand...I will be applauding all the way when he goes to jail. I had harbored some small hope that maybe President Choi wasn't a baddie but by now it is obvious that President Choi is just a greedy old man who uses his twisted mind to justify all of his sins.
Jerks and sinners aside, this scene was one of my favorite in this week's episodes. Convinced that money can buy everything, Tae Seok had sent a very large amount of money to Moon Tae Joo's family in order to get them to drop the Pudoxin lawsuit. Listening to his secretary's narration of how shamelessly Moon Tae Joo's family fought over the money, Tae Seok had sneered at the predictability of human greed.

Dumbfounded as he stares at the two suitcase full of money, Baek Seok numbly asks "Are you really going to give it all up?" Just as numbly, Moon Tae Joo's brother replies "You told me to." Turning his head to look at Moon Tae Joo's brother, Baek Seok yells "Who knew they would give you SO MUCH money?!" 

Ah, it warms the heart that at least someone like Moon Tae Joo's brother would be willing to give up money in order to seek justice for his little brother. 


  1. I can't even say how much I love the character of Baek Seok. I want him to be happy; I'm glad he is finding his happiness helping other people. He's just great.

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