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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I Have A Lover Episode 43 & 44 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 43 By Ninja
Feeling the prison wall closing around him already as the evidence of his crimes keep popping up everywhere, Tae Seok begs President Choi for help. While President Choi is is busy with Tae Seok, Hae Gang is sitting at the prosecutor office and using the documents Jin Eon gave her, is able to "convince" the prosecutor to actually do his job instead of covering up President Choi's crimes.

The prosecutor is Driver Kim's son (President Choi's chauffeur). 

Unable to stop herself from worrying about her older sister even as she is busily preparing to leave for US, Yong Gi breaks down in tears while she is trying to encourage Hae Gang to cherish her love with Jin Eon instead of living the rest of her life in pain.

Determined to give Hae Gang's love life a push, Yong Gi gets Woo Joo to invite both Hae Gang and Jin Eon out on a date without telling either of them the other person is coming.
Pleasantly surprised when he shows up for his date with Woo Joo to find out that it's actually a threesome date with Hae Gang, Jin Eon's poor heart breaks when the dream like happy outing ends eventually as Hae Gang closes the door resolutely behind her.
Furious when he finally finds out that his own son was the one that handed Hae Gang the evidence she needed to get the prosecutor to stop covering for his crime, President Choi angrily asks "What do you two think you can gain if you dragged me down?"

United in their purpose, Hae Gang and Jin Eon plea with President Choi to finally tell the truth.
Left alone in the prosecutor room together, Hae Gang begs President Choi once again to tell her the truth about how her father died and in return she is willing to take all the blame for the Mido case. (That's Shil Il Sang's case) Just when Hae Gang thought President Choi is really not going to answer her, President Choi suddenly replies "I killed him. I am the one that cut your father's rope." 

Staring at Hae Gang's shocked expression, President Choi asks a tearful Hae Gang "If you go out and tell Jin Eon what I just confessed, then can I really start over with the two of you? Can you two become my legs and be my support? Those things are only possible in one's imagination." With a shadow of a smile, President Choi continues "You don't need to take my blame for me. (Mido case) I will pay for my sins."

Walking out of the prosecutor office, President Choi tells Jin Eon "From now on, without me and Hae Gang, you are the only one the company has. Your mother too." Breaking down in tears when he realizes that his father is finally willing to pay for his past sins, Jin Eon tries to follow President Choi but his father stops him and says "Go to your wife. If I am this shaken, she will be faring much worse."
Completely stunned when Jin Eon informs him that his last hope, President Choi had actually admitted to the Mido crimes, Tae Seok stumbles back into his office only to see Hae Gang there with her resignation. Snapping out of his stupor when Hae Gang thank him for buying Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical stocks from her at a high price, Tae Seok sinks to his knees knowing that his only hope of controlling the company was just one of Hae Gang's trap.
With nothing to lose now, Tae Seok confronts President Choi and finally confesses that he had been harboring his own revenge plan all along ever since his father, an employee of Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical had froze to death while kneeling in front of the Choi household gate begging for President Choi's forgiveness over a mistake that was never his fault anyway.

Bitterly, Tae Seok tells President Choi of his grandiose plan of stealing Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical and how he had abandoned the only woman he loved in order to marry Jin Li whom he had never once considered a woman.
Despite Tae Seok's harsh declarations, it is obvious from the pained expression on his face as President Choi opens the door to find an anguished Jin Li standing right there that Tae Seok's feelings towards his wife is not as callous as he professed to be.
Raging against the husband she has stood by through thick and thin, Jin Li shoves the divorce paper towards Tae Seok and demands that he signs it. Notwithstanding her screaming and insistence on a divorce, Jin Li reacts with shock when the police shows up at the house to haul Tae Seok away. Surprised when Tae Seok mysteriously disappears without a trace, Jin Li worries nonstop until the police calls with the tragic news that Tae Seok have committed suicide by jumping into the river. Hands shaking as she reads the letter Tae Seok left behind, Jin Li sobs in anguish as she reads Tae Seok admission that during his last moment he finally realizes that he loves her.
Grumbling when not a single person showed up at the airport to see her off, a dejected Yong Gi finally stops waiting and walks towards the terminal with her daughter. Noticing a passport on the floor, Yong Gi picks it up and hands it to the woman standing in front of her ...only to be stunned when her mother turns around. Taking the passport from Yong Gi's hand, Mama Do hands it to the man in front of her and it turns out to be Kyu Seok!
Picking up an overjoyed Woo Joo in his arms, Kyu Seok tells a teary Yong Gi "I am warning you, I didn't come for you. I am here for Woo Joo so don't even think about separating us." 

I am assuming Kyu Seok has no clue that his brother might be dead at this point since no matter how much he like Woo Joo and Yong Gi I don't think Kyu Seok would be able to leave the country if he knew something had happened to Tae Seok. 
Waking up in the morning to the shocking text from Tae Seok of "Father-in-law, I am leaving first (in death), I'll be waiting for you." President Choi grabs his heart in pain and eventually collapses on the floor.

Overwhelmed with Tae Seok's suicide then his father's collapse, Jin Eon hides his father's condition from Hae Gang and assures her that everything is fine at his house.
Exhausted physically and emotionally after an ugly confrontation with Jin Li, Hae Gang musters up a smile when Baek Seok remarks on the disasters state of her office. Getting serious after a few jokes to cheer Hae Gang up, Baek Seok reminds Hae Gang that as long as Tae Seok's body is not found they is no evidence he is dead. Her eyes widening as it dawns on her what Baek Seok is saying, Hae Gang looks over at Baek Seok with a thoughtful expression.

Proving Baek Seok's suspicion to be true, Jin Li soon receives a phone call from her "dead" husband asking her to give him some money while he is on the run. Greatly relieved to know that Tae Seok is alive, Jin Li readily agrees to his request.
Thanks to Hyun Woo, Hae Gang finds out about President Choi's condition and realizes how heavy of a burden Jin Eon is carrying. Surprised to see Hae Gang at the hospital, Jin Eon meekly accepts Hae Gang's suggestion that he takes a breather while she watches over his father.

Startled when President Choi suddenly opens his eyes, tears quickly fills Hae Gang eyes when President Choi whispers "I was wrong." Admitting that she was also in the wrong as well, Hae Gang pleas with President Choi urgently that he tells Jin Eon that he did not kill her father.

Rushing into the room at Hae Gang's frantic call, Jin Eon was able to hear President Choi's last words of "I didn't do it!" before his father swallows his last breath.

Wow, I didn't quite expect President Choi to die so soon! I am still a bit unclear if President Choi did indeed kill his friend or not. Going completely by words alone, it seems like President Choi did kill Daddy Dok Go but with Hae Gang's permission he was able to let his son believe that he was innocent. I am assuming Hae Gang did it completely out of her concern for Jin Eon and her unwillingness that Jin Eon would live with the guilt of being a murder's son for the rest of his life. 

However, there just seems to be enough unanswered questions of what exactly happened on the mountain that I still have a tiny lingering doubt if President Choi really killed his friend in cold blood. 
By the way, my absolute favorite scene this week was little Woo Joo sobbing with happiness when she sees Kyu Seok at the airport. I think this is the scene is where I finally realized how much Woo Joo had been putting on a brave face for her mother when her heart was breaking at the thought of going to US without Kyu Seok. 

I do hope that the writer will still give us plenty of scenes of Yong Gi and Kyu Seok. It would be too depressing if the writer just sent them off to US and we don't get to see more of them. 


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