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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I Have A Lover Episode 45-46 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 45-46 Recap
Psych! President Choi actually didn't die in last week's episode...but he does still end up dying within the first ten minutes of episode 45. Completely focused on her "dead" husband, Jin Li finally gets word about her father and rushes to the hospital. Putting on an uncaring expression, Jin Li jeers as Mama Choi and Jin Eon tell her that President Choi has been holding on just to see her one last time. Despite all the resentment that Jin Li harbors against President Choi, Jin Li still breaks down in sobs when her father really takes his last breath the moment she touches his hand.

Overwhelmed by the burden of trying to pretend in front of Jin Eon that all the "misunderstandings" between her and President Choi are gone, Hae Gang falls ill immediately after President Choi's funeral.
(President Choi killed Hae Gang's father but she had asked President Choi to let Jin Eon believe that he was innocent.)

Physically and emotionally exhausted, Hae Gang breaks down as she confesses to Baek Seok how tired she is
Determined to put the past behind her, Hae Gang shows up at Jin Eon's house and refuses to leave even if Jin Eon tries to chase her off. Worn down by Hae Gang insistence to be with her, Mama Choi accepts Hae Gang's plea to sleep by her that night.
Frustrated when he walks into the kitchen to see Hae Gang cooking dinner and declaring her desire to be his wife, Jin Eon drags Hae Gang out of the house after telling her that he has no intention of getting back with her. Jin Eon is unwilling to marry Hae Gang because he doesn't want to burden her with his sick mother.

Pushed out of Jin Eon's house, Hae Gang looks at the closed gate and makes an ultimatum "I know you can hear me. I am going to call you on the phone and when the ring tone stops I will walk away. I will disappear from your sight and never bother you again."

Fortunately, just when Hae Gang turns to walk away as the gate remains stubbornly closed, Jin Eon races out and says "I won't marry you, but let's date. Not a wife, but be my girlfriend instead." Simply glad that Jin Eon is willing to stop her from leaving, Hae Gang wraps her arms around an equally grateful Jin Eon.
Their feelings confirmed ...yet again, Jin Eon is able to find solace in Hae Gang's presence and her daily goal of expressing his love even as his work life is becoming a war zone. Furious at Jin Eon for not only holding a press conference to publicly admit Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical's fault in hiding harmful clinical results but even going as far as compensating the victims, all of the major stock holders are calling for Jin Eon's resignation.
While the whole world is under the false impression that he is dead, Tae Seok lives in hiding but that doesn't stop him from being furious when he hears from Jin Li that his precious little brother has moved to US with Yong Gi.

Grinning viciously when Jin Li suggests that they should make sure Hae Gang goes to jail, Tae Seok vows that he will destroy the twin sisters one by one. 
Harboring a small seed of doubt ever since Baek Seok makes the suggestion that perhaps Tae Seok is still alive, Hae Gang is stunned when she accidentally sees a text message on Jin Li's phone that could only be from Tae Seok.

Setting up her personal sting operation, Hae Gang calls Tae Seok from a rental agency but hangs up the phone without saying anything. Spooked by the strange phone call, Tae Seok rushes to a pay phone and calls the unfamiliar number back to figure out who had called him. Having convinced the receptionist at a rental agency to pick up the phone when Tae Seok calls back, Hae Gang was able to successfully recorders Tae Seok's voice.

With the the recording in hand, Hae Gang heads to the police station but was unable to bring herself to hand it in when she remembers Jin Eon and his sister. Instead, Hae Gang turns the recording over to Baek Seok after confessing to him that she is planning to propose to Jin Eon once the sentencing on her case is announced. (Even though President Choi had admitted to all of the crimes but Hae Gang still carries some responsibility. At this point though, neither Hae Gang nor Baek Seok think the punishment would be very severe. In fact, there was a high chance Hae Gang wouldn't have to go to jail at all.)
With his dominant hand in a cast, Baek Seok had hoped to hire a male assistant but ends up hiring Attorney Ha when she pretty much forced Baek Seok into hiring her. Ha, I love Attorney Ha's wacky personality. I wonder if she would be Baek Seok new romance since Baek Seok is getting a lot of pressure from his dad to get married. 
On the other hand, it looks like Hyun Woo might have fallen in love with Attorney Ha... and Hyun Woo is obviously pretty desperate for a girlfriend. 
His heart melting as he walks into Hae Gang's house to see her singing to herself as she paints, Jin Eon is reminded once again that Hae Gang has been able to keep all the good she had gained in the last four years even with her recovered memory.

Nestling in Jin Eon's arms, Hae Gang begins to list off all the renovations she is planning to make to the house then softly asks "Do you want to live with me? You, mother, and me...the three of us. I will wait for you. I will wait for you in this house. Take as long as you need. Slowly. I won't go anywhere. I will be here protecting our home."
Hae Gang's simple dream of starting over with Jin Eon is soon cruelly shattered on the day of her sentencing. Stunned to suddenly have her crime become much more severe than they should've been, Hae Gang confronts the prosecutor to figure out what happened.

Not mincing words, the prosecutor admits that Jin Li had wanted revenge for her "dead" husband and had threaten him until he agreed to make sure Hae Gang received at least an one year prison sentence. Sneering at Jin Li's desire to avenge her husband's death when she knows full well Tae Seok is alive, Hae Gang moves on to ask the next burning question about President Choi's confession.

Hae Gang was present when President Choi had taken responsibility for all the crimes in front of the prosecutor so it was shocking when during the sentencing a different confession from President Choi was presented. In the new confession, President Choi only admitted to some of the crimes while pushing the rest of it on Hae Gang. Unwilling to believe President Choi would be so nasty as to trick her, Hae Gang listens with disbelief as the prosecutor tells her that President Choi did indeed changed his confession at a later time (when Hae Gang wasn't there) in order to secure a lesser sentencing for himself.
Completely clueless that his own father and sister had hurt the woman he loves once again, Jin Eon had just got back to his office after purchasing a ring to propose to Hae Gang that very night.
So much for his declaration of I won't ever marry you... Hae Gang was able to convince Jin Eon that if it was her mother that was sick, Jin Eon would want to share the burden as well so he shouldn't stop her from trying to help him. 

Grinning as he holds the ring box in his hand, Jin Eon calls Hae Gang but no one picks up. Still dazed after realizing what a fool she has been to trust President Choi, Hae Gang begs Tae Seok to keep everything a secret from Jin Eon. Panicking at the thought of Jin Eon finding out the truth of what his father and sister did to her, Hae Gang frantically mutters "He is finally starting to smile. He would lose hope again. He would leave again. And if he leaves this time...he will leave forever."

 Dang, what a twist. I didn't see that one coming at all. I thought for sure President Choi had repentant for good at the end. Maybe Jin Li got the prosecutor to lie about her father in order to torment Hae Gang??  But then that doesn't explain President Choi's signature on the revised confession.

To make things even worse, with this new revelation then did President Choi used his death bed apology to get Hae Gang to allow him to lie to his son so Jin Eon would believe his father didn't kill Hae Gang's father? OR was he simply apologizing to Hae Gang for changing the confession since he really should've stuck with the first one if he knew he was going to die so soon?
We didn't get to see the cute romance between Yong Gi and Kyu Seok this week, BUT I am pretty excited to see who will eventually get Attorney Ha's heart. Is it really mean that I am actually leaning towards Hyun Woo to get the girl? But I am guessing the writer wants Baek Seok instead. 
Four more episodes to go!!! Unfortunately still lots of time for pain for our two leads, but let's hope the writer will at least give us one solid episode to see some sweet happy scenes. 


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