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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I Have A Lover Episode 47-48 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 47 Recap By Ninja
Rushing to the police station when he gets a phone call informing him that someone has turned over evidence that proves Tae Seok is still alive, it doesn't take much for Jin Eon to figure out that Hae Gang must have been the one to track down his brother-in-law once he sees Baek Seok.

Perhaps frustrated by Hae Gang's determination to protect Jin Eon with complete disregard for herself, Baek Seok reminds Jin Eon that despite Hae Gang's smiling face she is secretly crying in pain. Furious as he realizes Hae Gang has only been putting on a brave act in front of him while showing her pain to Baek Seok, Jin Eon can hardily suppress the fury in his voice when Hae Gang calls him on the phone.

Ignoring Hae Gang's smiling face, a rather angry Jin Eon pulls out the wedding ring he had bought for her and demands to know why Hae Gang is once again hiding her pain from him. In angry yet pleading tone, Jin Eon begs Hae Gang "Cry, cry in front of me. Don't cry in front of someone else. You are hiding something. Just tell me. If you tell me then you can wear this ring. If you don't we will fail again like we did before. We will make the same mistake again."

Shaking his head when Hae Gang starts to tell him that she was only depressed from the many things that has happened, Jin Eon tells her "Even though I don't know what you are hiding, but I know you are lying. Contact me when you are ready to tell me the truth. Come quickly because I hate waiting. Even now, I feel like I am about to explode from my anger."
Unfortunately for Jin Eon, the call he has waited so desperately for came in the form of a brief text from Hae Gang bidding him goodbye and promising that she will wear his ring in one year. Running out when he finally figure out why Hae Gang is saying goodbye, Jin Eon arrives only in time to see Hae Gang being ushered onto the prison bus.

One Year Time Jump!
So tired he is about to puke after playing racquetball with Jin Eon, poor Hyun Woo begs his best friend to just drink his sorrow away instead of torturing both of them with endless physical activities. Sadly, it doesn't seem like Jin Eon is about to change his stress reliever method...or companion any time soon.

Stoic as Hyun Woo reminds him that Hae Gang is about to be release from prison the next day, Jin Eon tells his very frustrated best friend that Hae Gang is just a stranger to him. Feeling quite bad for Hae Gang, Hyun Woo complains that since Jin Eon has not paid Hae Gang a single visit when she was in prison the least he could do is to go pick her the next day but Jin Eon just insists that he will not have anything to do with Hae Gang anymore.
On a good note, it looks like Seol Ri had used the past year to get her life on track. Dismayed when a man accidentally splash water on her shoes, Seol Ri looks up with surprise and nostalgia (because Jin Eon did the same thing before) when the guy immediately takes off his own shoes to offer it her. I know it's suppose to be romantic... but my first reaction was "eww".  Oh well, at least I am glad that Seol Ri can finally move on with a new romance. 
Still the ever faithful lighthouse, Baek Seok's hand seems to have made a full recovery judging by the hand exercises Lawyer Ha does with him. Smiling when yet another client shows up at his office by Hae Gang's recommendation, Baek Seok greets the woman while Lawyer Ha mutters under her breath "Why is she giving out law advice in prison!" I really thought Lawyer Ha would've got Baek Seok to return her obvious crush by now... 
Sent by Hae Gang to figure out if President Choi's second confession is really written by him or not, Baek Seok pulls into Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical just as Jin Eon is walking out. Still insisting that Hae Gang is a complete stranger to him, Jin Eon tells Baek Seok that he has no intention of picking Hae Gang up from the prison the next day.

Hae Gang had found out that President Choi took some sleeping pills the night he supposedly wrote that second confession therefore should've been unable to leave the house to meet with with the prosecutor. There are some clues that Hae Gang probably suspected the truth for a while and could've had Baek Seok work on getting her out of prison but instead had wanted to serve her full prison sentence as a way to repent for her sin. 
Eagerly waiting for Hae Gang in front of the prison wall, Baek Seok is surprised when the guards informs him that Hae Gang left early that morning. Unable to find Hae Gang anywhere, Baek Seok ends up calling Jin Eon with the hope that maybe Hae Gang is with him. Despite Jin Eon's repeated declaration that he doesn't care about Hae Gang anymore, Hae Gang's mysterious disappearance immediately has Jin Eon sitting on pins and needles.

Clueless that both of our male leads are worrying about her, Hae Gang had rushed off to an orphanage the moment she left the prison to care for a sick little girl. Her heart breaking for the sick little girl and her falsely imprisoned mother, Hae Gang tells an incredulous Baek Seok that she is planning to go work at a Chinese restaurant where the real murder is at. Hae Gang had gotten to know the little girl's mother in prison. 

I Have A Lover Episode 48
Thanks to Hyun Woo who was able to find out Hae Gang's whereabouts from Baek Seok, a perplexed Jin Eon allows his friend to drag him to a Chinese restaurant for dinner.

Utterly stunned when he looks up from the menu to see Hae Gang in a Chinese dress, Jin Eon shocked expression soon turns cold as he answers Hae Gang's emotional greeting with "Do I know you?" Seemingly not too surprised by Jin Eon's attitude nor Hyun Woo impassioned plea to do something about his best friend, the ever smart Hae Gang chatters on under the disguise of having a conversation with Hyun Woo when in reality she is saying everything she wants to say to Jin Eon. Frustrated by Hae Gang's tactic, Jin Eon storms out of the restaurant without touching his food.
Sitting at a bar with Hyun Woo who is trying hard to convince him to just get back with Hae Gang, Jin Eon confesses "She is hiding something. Something that she has to hide from me. I am afraid that it's about my father. If I ask, then everything might come crushing down..."
Finally stepping into her house after finishing her shift at the Chinese restaurant, Hae Gang is surprised to find Jin Eon passed out in her living room. (Hyun Woo is there as well.)

Patient as a drunken Jin Eon alternate between calling her "wife" and telling her "I am really mad at you," Hae Gang finally settles Jin Eon down in her bed. Gently caressing Jin Eon's sleeping face, Hae Gang cries with contentment as a sleeping Jin Eon pulls her to him in an embrace.
The next morning, a very hung over Jin Eon wakes up to find his best friend sleeping right next to him. Speechless as he watches Jin Eon trying hard to remember if Hae Gang was the one that took off his coat for him, Hyun Woo sneers "Since you can't remember, just believe what you want. How much did Hae Gang take off?"
Wearing a dreamy smile, Jin Eon replies "My watch, my socks and my coat." Grinning when Hyun Woo asks "Your heart is trembling over that? You are upset because you can't remember?", Jin Eon nods.

Curious, Hyun Woo asks "Why do you like her so much?"
Thoughtful, Jin Eon answers "My twenties, my thirties, my forties, she has it all. I am trembling. She still makes my heart tremble. Even yesterday, I thought my heart would stop."
Glaring at Jin Eon with disgust, Hyun Woo asks "So annoying. What happened to that woman has nothing to with me?"
Thoughtful again, Jin Eon replies "I know, right?"
Scoffing when Jin Eon declares that he is going to make Hae Gong come to him with a white flag, Hyun Woo laughs "You will? A punk like you? Yeah right?"
Grumpy as she accompanies Baek Seok to the orphanage to visit Hae Gang the first thing in the morning, Lawyer Ha's eyes light up as Hae Gang suddenly mentions "My husband." Left alone with Baek Seok once Lawyer Ha takes the little girl out to play, Hae Gang informs him that President Choi didn't betray her after all. Infuriated that the prosecutor had fabricated a false confession, Baek Seok is surprised when Hae Gang merely laughs and tells him "he will be out of a job soon."
As a fugitive, the last year hasn't been good for Tae Seok at all as he is forced to cut off all contact with Jin Li (in fear she would be followed by the police) and work menial jobs to support himself.

After a whole year of worrying, Jin Li sobs in relief and concern when she finds an unconscious Tae Seok at her door. Unable to take the sick Tae Seok to the hospital, Jin Li hides her husband in her bedroom to take care of him.
Noticing Jin Eon parked in front of the Chinese restaurant when she showed up for work, Hae Gang tries to open the passenger door but Jin Eon childishly locks the car door. Promising Jin Eon that this is the last day she will be working at the restaurant, Hae Gang tries to convince him to leave but a grumpy Jin Eon just asks "Who are you? I came to eat. I am only waiting because the restaurant is on a break right now."

Desperate to find the evidence that would exonerate the little girl's mother, Hae Gang forces herself to be calm even when her boss (the murder) calls her to his office. Reacting quickly when her boss advance towards her menacingly, Hae Gang kicks the man and runs away with his glasses in hand (that's the evidence she needed).
Rushing to Hae Gang's aid when she trips as she runs out of the restaurant's door, Jin Eon quickly escorts Hae Gang to his car and drives away as the murder yells furiously after them.

His anger building with every glance at the bloody wounds on Hae Gang's hand and knee, Jin Eon pulls to the side of the road and tells Hae Gang to get out. Sighing, Hae Gang promises to contact Jin Eon when his anger subsides, but Jin Eon just drives away after saying "Don't. I have deleted your number."
Standing on the side of the road, Hae Gang watches as Jin Eon speeds away ...then screeches to a stop. Allowing herself the slightest hint of a smile, Hae Gang waits as Jin Eon backs the car to where she is.
Tending to Hae Gang's wound carefully, a still huffy Jin Eon tells Hae Gang to stop when she starts to caress his head. Ignoring Jin Eon's protest, Hae Gang teases Jin Eon "What to do? I don't like man who is nice to all and every woman. Especially the kind that is nice to a woman he can't even remember."
Not amused by Hae Gang's teasing, Jin Eon stares at Hae Gang and announces in a very serious tone "I am going to sleep with you tonight." Sigh! So sexy...yet so hilarious.

Not too surprisingly, Hae Gang doesn't seem too opposed to that idea as she answers Jin Eon's declaration with a small smile.

Dang, Jin Eon sure holds a grudge for a looooong time...well, I guess he can hold it as long as he doesn't see Hae Gang because once she shows up then it's game over.

One of my favorite scene was when Jin Eon walks in to find his mother complaining to his imaginary father about a past incident when she tried pay Hae Gang to leave her son but Hae Gang just turns around and pulls out all the money in her wallet to get Mama Choi to stop her son from following her around. Breaking out in a grin as he listens to the story, Jin Eon assures his mother who keeps complaining about how little Hae Gang thought her son was worth that Hae Gang had gave everything she had back then. 
I had really expected the whole prison thing to be a lot more painful than it was but surprisingly the show had done a great job in making the whole experience into one that finally allows Hae Gang to put the past behind her. Granted, there is the argument Jin Li raised about the fairness of it all for Hae Gang to think she can move on from her past but then I think Mama Choi had a great reply as she tells Jin Li that she has come to the conclusion that life is too short to dwell on who's to blame. 
Ah... I am pretty sad that I Have A Lover is wrapping up next week but in a way I also feel like it's time to finally sent our character off to their happy endings. I just wish the writer will let us see more childish sides of Jin Eon because they are just simply hilarious. 


  1. Thank you for all these great recaps. I really rely on them & look forward to them. I echo your last remarks --- I'd love to see a little more of Jin Eon's childish sides ---they truly are hilarious! And I thin resolving the "sleep with you" issue could be a riot! Sad to see the end, having become attached to so many of these characters. Great writing and great acting!

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    1. Thank you!!! I am simply amazed how many people feel it's completely okay to copy other people's work. I took a look at the site and dang, that's probably the most sophisticated one I have seen. Thanks again, I have filed a DCMA complaint against them.

    2. No worries. Frankly, I was shocked and angry at the situation and just wanted to report every single copied piece myself but then I couldn't certify that I held the rights ^^;;; I mean it just seemed so rude and inconsiderate to copy and paste without even a single credit for posts that obviously took time and effort to draft! Keep up the good work!