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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Marry Me or Not? Episode 14 Recap

Marry Me or Not? Episode 14 Recap By Ninja
Preshow bit: In a flash back we see Justin and Vivienne painting on the wall. As Vivienne teasingly tells Justin not to look at her drawing, in a voice over we hear Justin's heartfelt words "It's not that I have change my feelings towards marriage. But if the person I am marrying it's you then I am not afraid anymore. I simply can't imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else." 

Displeased when her mother tells her that Justin is there to see her, Vivienne yells "Tell him I am sick so I can't meet with him!" Not deterred, Justin barges into Vivienne's room and drags her out of bed after saying "Come with me." 
Dragging Vivienne all the way to a press conference where the newly minted CEO Qian Yao is publicly announcing his brother resignation, Justin surprises everyone in the room by playing a vido clip of Qiao Yao admitting to setting Vivienne up so he can get rid of CEO Jin. 

Sitting among the audience, Sheng Nan grimaces as the truth finally comes out and Qian Yao leaves the room with the hoard of reporters clamoring after him. In a flash back we see that Sheng Nan's late night visit to Qian Yao's house is actually a ploy to use his trust in her to secretly tape his confession. 
Left in the empty conference room by themselves, Justin tries to talk to Vivienne but she just leaves after telling him that he should pursue his own dream since there are too many obstacles between them for their relationship to continue. 
Stopping when she sees her old nemesis standing forlornly by her lonesome, Vivienne softly thank Sheng Nan for helping her. Turning to face Vivienne, an angry Sheng Nan yells out all her pant up frustration that Vivienne had let her wallow in her mistaken hatred for so many years when Vivienne could've explained the misunderstanding that destroyed their friendship. 

Surprised by Sheng Nan's out burst at first, Vivienne is soon yelling out her own anger that Sheng Nan had believed the worst about her without even bothering to ask her for an explanation. The years of resentment and hurt melting away as the two girls break down in tears together after admitting that they have been lonely without the other person, Vivienne finally throws her arms around her best friend. 
Thanks to Vivienne's encouragement that Sheng Nan needs to end her long time crush properly, Sheng Na shows up in front Qian Yao right before he leaves for the airport. Determined to not hold back anymore, Sheng Nan blurts out the list of things Qian Yao has done to hurt her. Stunned when Sheng Nan suddenly throws her arms around him, Qian Yao hugs her back as Sheng Nan says "I have liked you for so long and those feelings have never changed. But today, I am going to say goodbye...say goodbye to my ten years of liking you." 
Calling out to Qian Yao right before he gets on the taxi, Sheng Na yells "Senior! Fighting!" 
Hearing the all too familiar words from Sheng Nan (that's the same phrase she told him years ago when at the airport), Qian Yao turns back and gives her one last smile before he leaves.  
Trying to regroup himself, Justin takes a trip to Korea and revisits all the places he went with Vivienne before. 
Noticeably distracted since Sheng Nan told her that Justin has disappeared, Vivienne breathes a sigh of relief when Justin suddenly calls her from Korea. Hardening her heart when Justin asks the hypothetical question of "What if we never met...", Vivienne assures Justin that both of them would be a lot happier. 
Obviously feeling differently, Justin softly replies"If I didn't meet you, my life would have a lot more freedom, with less problems and wouldn't have become so unlike myself. But in this whole world, you are the only one that would cause me pain because of your departure. I just wanted to let you know that every moment with you is priceless to me." 

Clueless that his words left the poor Vivienne sobbing after he hangs up the phone, Justin sits pondering as he stares at the wall painting in front of him. (That's the wall painting Justin did with Vivienne. Looks like Justin had painted "Will You Marry Me?" on it. The words were painted with moss "paint" so it took a month to grow out, which means Vivienne has not seen the words yet.)  
Determined to help her brother, Sheng Nan tricks Vivienne into talking about Justin while knowing her own mother is standing outside of the door. At first ready to leave the moment she realizes that Vivienne is the one talking to her daughter but Mama Hao's attention is caught as Vivienne's words quickly proves that she really does love Justin with all her heart. 
Eagerly waiting at home for his sister, Justin thank Sheng Nan gratefully when she informs him that their plan to change Mama Hao's opinion about Vivienne was a success. Knowing his dad's help is the crucial key to win over Mama Hao once and for all, Justin turns to Daddy Hao expectantly.   
Grumbling the whole time that he wouldn't have dressed up so ridiculously if it wasn't to help his son out, Daddy Hao allows Sheng Nan to drag him out with a bouquet of flower in hand. Meanwhile, Mama Cai has been harboring a growing suspicion that her husband might be having an affair for some time and finally decides to follow Daddy Cai when he rushes out after a suspicious phone call. 

Stunned expression all around when Mama Hao and Daddy Cai are caught in a dubious meeting, Sheng Nan and Vivienne have no choice but to rush after their upset parents. 
Rushing home after realizing his perfect plan has gone terribly wrong, Justin arrives just in time to see his mother signing the divorce paper. 

While Justin's parents are storming off after declaring war on each other, things are not looking good over at Vivienne's either. On his knees, Daddy Cai is trying to convince his wife that nothing strange was going on between him and Mama Hao. Finally piecing together that Mama Hao is actually Daddy Cai's first love, Mama Cai and Vivienne reacts strongly when Daddy Cai's receives a text on his phone. 
Under the threat of violence, Daddy Cai hesitantly hands over the phone to his wife and daughter. Their eyes widen in shock, Vivienne and Mama Cai both gasp in disbelief as they read the text "My husband wants to divorce me. Considering our relationship before...can you help me?" 
Speechless after watching her mother chasing her own father around with a wooden stick, Vivienne readily agrees to wait outside of her house to meet with Sheng Nan to figure out the messy situation they have found themselves in. However, instead of Sheng Nan, Justin is the one that walks through the house gate. 

Sigh...as much as I keep saying what Qian Yao did to Vivienne was unforgivable I still felt pretty sad when Sheng Nan said her feelings towards Qian Yao has never changed even after knowing the truth about him. 

However, one thing in Sheng Nan's little speech that made a lot of sense is that no matter what Qian Yao says, in the end he chose to have his revenge because he knew right from the beginning there was no way Sheng Nan would still be with him once he hurts her best friend. So, as much as it was a bit sad to see Sheng Nan's long time crush end so badly, Sheng Nan deserves to find a guy who would put her above all else. 
 Ah, well. Men come and go but a girl can always count on her best friend! I really like this scene where Sheng Nan finds a gift from Vivienne on her desk with a stick note that reads "Break ups it's not a big deal for a woman as long as she has her best friend." 
Still, now that our heroine has finally gotten her best friend back...it would be nice if she gets her man back too. 


  1. When everything seems good again but another dilemma appears...Poor Vivienne and Justin.

  2. good recap and mostly, i love the last scene, what if... that was such a sweet scene.