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Monday, February 8, 2016

Ninja's Chinese New Year Goal

11:32 AM Posted by ninja 6 comments
Happy Chinese New Year!!! 

To be honest, I am actually feeling a bit lost with all the T-drama taking a break for the Chinese New Year festivities...but then I guess it gives me time to start thinking about what my new year's goal ought to be. 

Other than my usual yearly goal to eat better, exercise, be better to my family I have been trying to decide if 2016 is the year I should finally get started on learning Korean. The problem is of course that I do terribly with memorization and pretty much zone out whenever grammar is mentioned...so...I have decided to start out really small by just picking out some vocabulary from K-drama's OST twice a month and hopefully as I listen to the songs the vocabulary will stick in my mind. 

So, with that in mind, would any of you out there want me to post those K-drama song vocab up when I start doing them for myself? 

One additional question. I have noticed a few of the readers who are trying to learn Mandarin. Would those Mandarin learner be interested in future posts of C-drama and T-drama song with useful vocabs listed? 

ps. Do share if you have any tips on language learning! 


  1. Learning a song you love to sing by heart, it is definitely the best to memorise phrases.(i memorise mandarin accent for a word like that)
    In korean the first thing to do is research the structure of the phrase which is similar to japanese... the verb at the end. The tricky thing (terrifyingly complicated) is that korean has like twenty ways of saying the same thing but with different degrees of politeness -_-"
    ...but i'm no expert, i must spend like ten minute to read a phrase.
    지코 (ZICO) - 너는 나 나는 너 (you are me, I am you): loving this song <3

  2. one way I found it easy to memorize the hangul in Korean was taking the romanization of song lyrics to kpop songs and attempting to rewrite it in hangul. Of course, you shouldn't pick a song that has many repeated lyrics... so I would recommend a nice ballad or drama OST :)

  3. I would love your last suggestion. I've been trying to learn Mandarin as I'll be visiting China this summer.

  4. Downloading apps on the cellphone are the best way to learn Korean! I ve been using the Tengugo Hangul is really good... I learned how to read hangul, it was easy and fun at the same time...

  5. Learning a language is a great goal!

  6. Yes, i have been trying to learn mandarin on and off for the past couple of years . Suddenly Bromance happened.
    And now i am trying to learn as much as i can because Megan and Chu He made me fall in love with mandarin, at last. That is so shocking for me, because i never realised why it felt a chore to open a mandarin book or app for the past few years. Bromance really changed the way i look at mandarin language. And i have been watching C-dramas and T-dramas for decades. Since i was a kid(eng subbed of course)
    Anyway, one of the ways i am planning on doing is learning through songs with subs. Though somebody once told me that it wont teach me the proper pronounciation, its a start. Especially since i like Bii , G.E.M and a few othersingers