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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Witch's Castle Episode 9-39 Catch Up

Witch's Castle Episode 9-39 Catch Up By Ninja

  • Blaming Dan Byul (heroine) for her son's death, Mama Yang wants nothing to do with Dan Byul.
  • Despite Mama Yang's repeated refusal to accept help from Dan Byul things eventually becomes desperate for Mama Yang when her jerky ex-husband sells her house off and she is forced to move into Dan Byul house or let her sick grandson live in the bath houses. 
  • Living with Dan Byul under the same roof, Mama Yang could no longer ignore all the sacrifices Dan Byul has been making for her family and the resentment in her heart slowly melts away. 
  • Overjoyed as Mama Yang begins to treat her like a family member, Dan Byul is convinced that life is perfect... if she can figure out her work problems. 

  • Thanks to her sister-in-law's "help", Dan Byul finds herself hired by a big food corporation as a recipe developer. 
  • Still suffering from her childhood trauma of causing a house fire that killed her parents, Dan Byul is unable to turn on the stove without being paralyzed with terror. Convincing President Moon (female second lead's father and hero's boss) to hire her best friend as well, Dan Byul was able to hide her fear of fire for the time being. 

  • After several very unpleasant run ins with Dan Byul, our hero Gang Hyun is dismayed when he realizes the "talent" his boss has been touting is non other than the crazy woman he has encountered several times. 
  • Back from her self exile after her long time crush Joon Young (Dan Byul's husband) died, Hee Jae starts to work at her father's company and soon starts to develop feelings towards our hero. 
  • Furious to see Dan Byul showing up at her father's company, Hee Jae begins to do everything she can to kick Dan Byul out. 

  • Caught between two superiors (Gang Hyun and Hee Jae) who would really prefer if she disappears, Dan Byul's work life as a recipe developing intern seems to be an uphill battle everyday. 
  • Suspicious that Dan Byul is lying about her cooking ability, Gang Hyun tries to get her to cook right in front him and of course gets even more doubtful when Dan Byul couldn't bring herself to turn on the stove. 

  • Despite how cautious Dan Byul has been to hide her fear of fire, Hee Jae eventually was able to use one of Dan Byul's resentful co-worker to force Dan Byul into cooking in front of everyone. 
  • Reaching out a shaking hand towards the stove, Dan Byul's brave attempt fails spectacularly as she screams in fear then faints. 
  • Springing into action, Gang Hyun picks Dan Byul up in his arms and rushes her to the hospital. 
  • Finding his attitude towards Dan Byul softening as he realizes the traumatic life she has led, our always aloof hero voluntarily tries to help Dan Byul overcome her fear of fire. By episode 39 our heroine still hasn't overcome her fear yet though.  

  • Completely in love with Gang Hyun, Hee Jae (2nd female lead) is determined to marry Gang Hyun no matter how firmly he refuses her.
  • Worn down by Hee Jae's determination AND his boss' (President Moon, Hee Jae's father) desire to have him as his son-in-law, Gang Hyun finally agrees to date Hee Jae.
  • Knowing full well that Gang Hyun hasn't fallen in love with her yet, Hee Jae gets increasingly alarmed as she notices Gang Hyun's propensity to show up as Dan Byul's knight in the shinning armor whenever our heroine is in trouble. 
  • Her anger and fear building, Hee Jae vows to herself that she will not lose yet another man to Dan Byul. (Dan Byul's husband was Hee Jae's crush.)

  • As one who is convinced that love is simply an illogical AND troublesome emotion, Gang Hyun keeps finding ways to justify his budding feelings towards Dan Byul...until it refuses to be ignored. 
  • Staring at a sleeping Dan Byul, Gang Hyun whispers "Oh Dan Byul, who are you that you are swaying me?"
  • Of course, Hee Jae shows up just in time to hear Gang Hyun's confession. 

  • Crazy with jealousy, Hee Jae resorts to her trusty sleeping pill AND alcohol to escape from her pain. 
  • Meanwhile, Dan Byul wakes up to see Gang Hyun walking into his office and grabs him to demand a reason for moving her whole department. Pushed to the brink by his own feelings, Gang Hyun finally explodes "Because I am too messed up! My mind is a mess all day because of you. Because of Oh Dan Byul." Gang Hyun was hoping that by moving Dan Byul out of sight his feelings AND Hee Jae's jealousy would end. 

  • Whatever courage our hero might have gained from his almost confession the night before quickly disappears when he is called to the hospital to visit Hee Jae. Making up his mind as he sits by Hee Jae's bedside, Gang Hyun decides to put his illogical emotions towards Dan Byul away. 
  • After a restless night trying to figure out what Gang Hyun's outburst could possibly mean, Dan Byul gets her answer when Gang Hyun pulls her aside for a quick talk.
  • Apologizing to Dan Byul for his words the night before, Gang Hyun assures her that he just temporarily mistaken his pity for her as something more. Simply glad that Gang Hyun has promised that he will not move her department anymore, Dan Byul makes her own assurance to Gang Hyun that she knows very well that someone like him will not have any feelings towards someone like her. 
  • As much as Dan Byul believe that her heart has completely died with her husband, it is obvious that without Dan Byul's knowing it she is starting to feel just a tiny bit of something for our hero. 

  • Determined to keep his distance from Dan Byul, Gang Hyun forces himself to ignore her ...even when it gets really difficult when he sees her in need. 

  • Wanting to stop Hee Jae's insecurities towards him and her bullying of Dan Byul because of it, Gang Hyun tells an overjoyed Hee Jae that he is willing to hold an engagement ceremony with her. 
  • Showing up at President Moon's house for dinner as the future son-in-law, Gang Hyun seems quite adjusted to the path he has chosen for himself...until he gets a text from Dan Byul informing him that she is going to deliver some papers to their Chinese customer. 
  • Jumping up when he realizes Dan Byul is going to Chinese customer's hotel room, Gang Hyun rushes off after a quick excuse to President Moon. 
  • Completely ignorant of the danger she has just placed herself in, Dan Byul panics when the Chinese client opens the door in a bathrobe and starts to drag her inside. Frantically yelling for help while trying to free herself, Dan Byul is stunned when Gang Hyun suddenly shows up and punches the Chinese man. 
Why I Like Witch's Castle Thus Far:
 One of the biggest reason I am really enjoying Witch's Castle despite its rather slow start on the two leads' romance is that the side characters are pretty great on their own. The heroine's mother-in-law's late life romance is especially cute and awesome. 

As a woman who has almost lost all hope of living after the death of her precious son then the betrayal of her husband, Mama Yang has gone from living the life a rich madam to a taxi driver. Meeting her old classmate by accident, Mama Yang has no clue that President Moon is rich and instead thinks that he is just a salesman making a modest living.  This particular plot line is a whole lot of fun and the two veteran actors obviously do an bang up job with it.  
My only annoyance with this show is the crazy female second lead...but then I count myself extremely lucky if I could only find one annoying character in a K-daily. 
Plus who am I kidding. One look at our hero's heart melting expression I think I can put up with one measly annoying character. 


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