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Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #70

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Friday Drama Round Up #70 By Ninja 
 Happy Home (Korean Drama, New)

I did a happy dance when I realize two of my favorite actors, Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo are the leads in this K-family drama. After checking out the first two episodes I have a really good feeling about this one and can't wait to watch the next episode. 

Synopsis: Held up as the symbol of the daughter who married right, Hae Ryung's life seems glamorous as the wife of a successful husband and a famous mother-in-law...on the surface. His curiosity piqued as he keeps running into the strange woman who seems to lie every time she is on the phone, our hero (Lee Sang Woo) finally remembers why the heroine seem so familiar when he sees her sobbing at the hospital. 

I am planning to do a first impression on this one soon! 

Please Come Back, Mister (Korean Drama)

Rain is HILARIOUS in this show. Who knew it would be so much fun watching Rain ogling his own body... 
My poor heart melts a little more for the romance in Decedents of the Sun but boy is Please Come Back, Mister holding it's own with the laugh out loud comedy. 
Choco Bank (Web Drama, Finished)

This one makes the second web drama I actually finished watching. Due to the shortness of the show (6 episodes at about 15 minutes each) the plot does feel a bit rushed but overall a super cute web drama. 
ps. The actor that plays the hero has the "melt you into a puddle" sort of stare. 

The Love Song (Taiwanese Drama, Daily)

We are only 7 episodes in on this T-daily but so far the show has been a lot of fun. 

Far Away Love (Chinese Drama, New)

This one is Park Hae Jin's newest C-drama. The plot is not the most refreshing sounding with a poor heroine who ends up meeting a cold (only because he has been hurt) and rich hero. The only minor twist is probably that the heroine has a fifteen year old son (nephew actually) that she has been raising since her sister disappeared ...which of course is somehow linked to the big heartbreak our hero is harboring.  So I am guessing the sister was the hero's ex-girlfriend but maybe he is not the father to the 15 year old teen? 
Nie Xiao Qian (Taiwanese Drama)

My hope in this one is flaring up after checking out the vastly improved episode 2. I am still not sure enough about it to put it on my watch list but I will at least give it a few more episodes before I decide. 
I Have A Lover (Korean Drama, Finished)

A very satisfying wrap up for this one...in fact probably one of the best in the K-family category I have seen. 

Final recap: HERE
Dame na Watashi ni (Japanese Drama)

This super cute J-drama still has two more weeks to go (ep 8 aired this week) but I am simply loving the romance in this one. 

Princess Jieyou (Chinese Drama, Finished)

Thanks to a reader's recommendation...and after making sure the ending is the kind I can handle, I checked this one out and so far (ep 8.) I am really enjoying it. I am a tad bit worried that we are about to go into the court intrigue territory but hopefully athe show won't lose the fun. 

Oldies but Goodies 
 My Own Swordsman  (武林外傳, 2006)

For those of you who like Wuxia dramas or grew up reading Wuxia novels this one is a gem. A comedy through and through, My Own Swordsman pretty much makes fun of every single Wuxia cliché out there. Those who are truly well versed in the Wuxia genre (I am not) you should be able to pick up some of the characters that are based on various Wuxia classics. 

Synopsis: Owner of a tavern in a small town, our heroine's code in life is to make money and keep out of trouble...but things gets complicated when trouble keeps showing up and staying.  
At 80 episodes total, My Own Swordsman is more like a K-daily with more comedy than perhaps romance...but the love story between the two leads are a lot of fun. 
What makes this show a true gem though is that besides delivering great comedy the heart warming story pulls you right in and makes you crave for more. 

I believe this one can be found on Youtube but it might be too old for English sub to be found. 


  1. Princess Jieyou : Do you mean that it has a happy ending. I love Chinese (good) dramas but cannot handle sad ending...

    1. Yap...you didn't hear it from me though.