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Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #71

Refreshman (Taiwanese Drama, New)

This one replaced the much beloved Bromance. It's too early to tell, but episode one was a promising enough start that I am looking forward to this Sunday's second episode. 

Pied Piper (Korean Drama, New)

Shin Ha Kyun's new show as a crisis negotiator. The show feels very slick and the story pacing is super fast so check it out if you are in the mood for a crime thriller. Episode one & two first impression: HERE
Marriage Contract (Korean Drama, New)

As much as I think Lee Seo Jin is good looking I have to admit that it seems kinda odd to pair him up with Uee...the 17 years difference in age just seem a bit too much. Still, after checking the first two episodes out the chemistry between the two leads seem to be quite good. 

Synopsis: Uee plays a young widow with a small daughter. Forced into desperation by the huge amount of debt her dead husband had left her with AND the tumor in her head that might kill her soon, the heroine has no choice but to accept her boss' (Lee Seo Jin) offer of a contract marriage. I am assuming the tumor is either a mistake or will be solved somehow because this doesn't feel like it will be a tragic sort of show. 
Mrs. Cop 2 (Korean Drama, New) 

I wasn't too interested in the first season of Mrs. Cop but strangely I am intrigued by Mrs. Cop 2. It seems so horrifying wrong...yet so alluring that Kim Beom is playing the twisted villain in this one. I was pretty surprised the show decided to change out the main character while keeping quite a few of the familiar faces from the original show but I am digging the glamorous look of our ajumma heroine. 
Nie Xiao Qian (Taiwanese Drama)
Judging by the first three episodes I believe Nie Xiao Qian is going with the more episodic format where our ghost heroine will end up helping one patient (alive or dead) each week. The story and the acting has improved quite a bit since the first episode but I am afraid it's still not keeping my interest enough to stay on my watch list. 
 Because of the Love (Chinese Drama, New) 

Jerry Yan's new C-drama. I checked out the very first episode and let me just say this one really challenged my resolution to always finish watching the first hour of a show. I am assuming the writer had some grandiose plan in mind when she chose to make BOTH of the main character super annoying in the very first episode...but alas they were too annoying for me to care anymore. 
The Ladder of Love (Chinese Drama, New)

The new C-modern drama where we will have a whole bunch of characters who all are somehow entangled with one another in some dramatic messy manner. Scared off by the various weepy posters put out by the show I am planning to skip this one. 
 One More Happy Ending (Korean Drama, Just Finished)

Despite getting a bit draggy at the end, One More Happy Ending was definitely a cute drama. It was kinda weird that the "big conflict" between the three main leads wrapped up way early and there were still like four episodes to go before the show ended but I guess the writer wanted plenty of time to showcase what a "happy ending" meant to all of the various characters. And since the secondary characters' stories were actually very intriguing on their own I ended up appreciating the extra time.  
Moorim School (Korean Drama, Just Finished)

Overall I was disappointed that this show spent way too much energy on the baddies and what's more the giant intrigue that the writer had been dragging on for 16 episodes ended in the most anticlimactic way. Moorim School had some good potential and had plenty of charm when it could focus itself on the young cast but unfortunately it simply tried to do too much things at once. Still, I did really enjoy the young romance part of the show and in the end that was what kept me watching until the end.  

Oldies but Goodies
Volleyball Lover (Taiwanese Drama, 2010)

This one is one of those classic story about two best friends who has never though of each other romantically. Annie Chen is the volleyball playing heroine, Godfrey Gao plays her clueless pal that ends up getting pulled into the volleyball team. In the beginning both of our leads will have different people they like but of course they will soon start to realize their friendship is starting to evolve into something more. 
It has been a long time since I watched this one but I remember the show being a light and fun school romance. Each of our leads will have their own romantic entanglement but most of the attention is still placed on our two leads and their relationship development so there is no fear that we have to watch them going through a bunch of wrong relationship. 

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  1. I've been watching One More Happy Ending recently. I like the secondary characters a lot, but I am hitting a point in the show where the story feels bogged down. I think Refreshman looks interesting, and I'm adding it to my list of possibilities.