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Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #72

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #72
Nightmare Teacher (Short drama, Korean, New)
Kinda of a spooky story about a substitute teacher/the demon getting his student to sign their soul away in exchange for something they desperately wanted. Obviously not an uplifting sort of show but surprisingly easy to just keep watching. 
Mrs. Cop 2 (Korean Drama) 
It's just so terrible that Kim Beom plays a psycho in this story because dang, the boy has so much chemistry with the heroine that I almost want to cheer for a noona romance. 
Heavens Promise (Korean Daily)
This one is taking SOOOO long to set up. I am still checking this one out now and then but for a show that is suppose to be a revenge drama the writer is sure taking a long time to get to the revenge part. 
Signal (Korean Drama, Finished) 
This police drama has gotten a lot of good reviews and the tight story certainly merits all the praise. I was pretty afraid that this one would end with tragedy all around but fortunately the show actually ended with several good twists and more importantly on a hopeful note. 
Goodbye Mr. Black (Korean Drama, New)
This one is billing itself as an action revenge drama about our special op hero who enters into a fake marriage to seek revenge on a his best friend that betrayed him. I haven't checked this one out yet but is planning to soon. 
 The Love Song (Taiwanese Daily) 
This T-daily sure took it's sweet time to dive into the heroine's story (16 episodes to be exact). I expected a lot of side stories since it is after all a daily but most writers don't usually spend so much time on secondary characters while leaving the two leads to the wayside. Oh, well. By episode 16 we are finally getting down to the heroine's story so I am hoping the story will pick up its pace now. 
Dame Na Watashi Ni (Japanese Drama, Finished) 
This super cute J-drama just finished this week. I wouldn't call this one addicting but it was certainly extremely cute from beginning to finish. All in all, one of those good romance I wish J-drama would put out more of. 

Ninja's Oldies But Goodies Spot Light 
Still, Marry Me (Korean Drama, 2010, 16 episodes) 

Mrs. Cop 2 made me really crave seeing Kim Beom in less...well pyscho role, so that made me think back to his 2010 noona romance drama Still, Marry Me. 
 It's probably pretty obvious from Still, Marry Me's promo poster that the show is all about three "mature" women's friendship and struggles in their love life. To be honest I don't remember much about the various life crisis the three women went through but hey I do remember one very important thing...
Kim Beom was VERY yummy looking in it. 


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