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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Happy Home Episode 5-6 Recap

Happy Home Episode 5-6 Recap By Ninja
Resorting to using threats and pity cards to convince her father-in-law to go along with her crazy idea of bringing her husband's mistress home, Mi Soon sobs as she confesses to her parent like in-laws that this is her only chance to not lose her husband. 

Convinced that Mi Soon had dragged Se Ri home to torture her, Man Ho (Mi Soon's husband and heroine's twin brother) uses every chance to place himself as his mistress' protector ...much to his own family's frustration. 

Waking up in the middle of the night to find her husband playing knight in the shining armor to Se Ri yet again, Mi Soon's cries when Man Ho yells out his resentment that Mi Soon is not even a woman to him. Stoically recounting the hunger and pain she've had to endure in order to work at Man Ho's family restaurant, Mi Soon gently puts her husband's hand on her chest and reminds him that she is a woman too. 
The next morning, the whole Bong family is in an uproar when Daddy Bong's discovers that someone has defaced his "precious plastic figure" (fashioned in his image). Furious when his brother finds some evidence that points to Se Ri as the perpetrator, an angry Daddy Bong order Se Ri to move out of his house. 

Convinced Mi Soon must be the one that set the whole thing upto get rid of her, Se Ri swears that she will find the evidence to prove her own innocence. 
As luck would have it, Se Ri actually ends up finding a car surveillance tape that recorded the image of the real perpetrator and calls a family meeting for them to watch the recording together. Shocked when Mi Soon grabs the recording and confesses that she is the one that defaced the plastic figure, Daddy Bong shuts himself in his room without saying anything.

Later that night as Daddy Bong visits Mi Soon who is laboring in the restaurant kitchen alone, we find out that Daddy Bong actually defaced the figure himself because of his desire to protect his precious daughter-in-law.  
Time for our leads! Proving that the world is way too small, Ji Gun is stunned when Hae Ryung turns out to be his teacher when he joins a cooking class so he can stop surviving on instant noodles. Glad to run into the friendly guy who keeps showing up when she is in need, Hae Ryun helps Jin Gun to shop for some much needed kitchen supplies. 
Speechless at their propensity to run into each other at every turn when they meet each at the police station, both of our leads shake their head at the ridiculous situation when they figure out that Hae Ryung's sister (Hae Won) had accidentally slept with Ji Gun's ex-brother-in-law (Lee Kang Min). 

Kang Min is actually Hae Won's new boss, but Hae Won dislikes Kang Min on sight not only because he took the promotion that was supposed to be hers but Kang Min only got the job because of his family background. Hae Won was ready to just forget the whole drunken mistake but Kang Min had hauled her to the police station after accusing her of forcing herself on him. Thanks to the elevator surveillance camera, the police was able to show Hae Won and Kang Min very clearly that judging by the passionate kissing there didn't seem to be much "forcing" on either party. 
After several confirmation with the doctors that there is no chance Hae Ryung can get pregnant anymore, Madam Jang starts to plan carefully for a way to get rid of her barren daughter-in-law without any negative publicity on herself and her son. Displeased when she finds out that her precious son is sleeping with her secretary, Madam Jang orders Young Eun (her secretary) to find a way to divorce Hae Ryung but also makes it very clear to Young Eun that she can never be her daughter-in-law. 

Thoughtful when she sees Ji Gun bidding Hae Ryung goodbye in front of the house, Young Eun suggests to Madam Jang of the possibility of divorcing Hae Ryung by accusing her of having an affair. 
Completely ignorant of the devious plot her mother-in-law is planning against her, Hae Ryung is overjoyed when Madam Jang sends her on a date with her husband. Happily telling Hyun Ki (husband) how nice his mother has been to her lately, Hae Ryung seems determined to rekindle the love in her marriage even if is obvious Hyun Ki is only placating her. 
Hae Ryung's dream of a happy marriage is burst in the most cruel way when she catches Young Eun kissing her husband. Stumbling into the bathroom, Hae Ryung muffles her sobs as she realizes her husband has been having an affair with her mother-in-law secretary right in front of her all along. 
While Hae Ryung's world is falling apart, Hyun Ki is busy dallying with his mistress AND making our hero very angry. Eyeing Ji Gun to become the director of a new hospital project his company is pushing through, Hyun Ki resorts to his old tactic and announces Ji Gun's name to the press knowing full well that it would anger him. 

Sick of Hyun Ki's repeated attempt to force him into positions he dislikes, Ji Gun decides to punch Hyun Ki right in front of a reporter to prove once and for all that he has no intention of working for Hyun Ki's company. 
Horrified when he sees Hae Ryung standing in the middle of the road in a daze, Ji Gun drags Hae Ryung to safety and fusses over her when he realizes her ankle is hurt. Taking Hae Ryung back to her house, Ji Gun's doctor side comes out in full force and he insists on taking a look at Hae Ryung's swollen ankle. 

Surprised when he looks up to find a very displeased Hyun Ki standing in front of him, Ji Gun looks at Hae Ryung with dismay when Hyun Ki asks "Why are you standing in front of my house with my wife?" Reaching out a possessive hand towards Hae Ryung, it is Hyun Ki's turn to be surprised when his wife swipes his hand aside and says "Don't touch me." 

Ninja's Thoughts 
Oooo... Looks like we are going to have a cat fight coming up. I really didn't expect the whole affair to come out so soon but I am very glad our heroine is finally not being played like a fool anymore. It was always so painful to watch Hae Ryung being a puppet to everyone around her so it is such a relief to see her fighting spirit finally coming out in full force. 

I am a bit puzzled by Hyun Ki's character...but in a good way I think. Hyun Ki is not your usual jerky husband who is cheating on his wife. Deep down I think Hyun Ki actually still loves Hae Ryung and he certainly doesn't seem to have any intention of replacing her with Se Ri. I am dying to understand why Hyun Ki wiped his mouth in such a distasteful manner when Se Ri kissed him in his study. Taking a wild guess by Hyun Ki's words, his home (the one he shares with his wife) seems to be almost sacred to him and his affair with Se Ri is a dirty deed that needs to be kept separate from his home. I do almost feel a sense of pity for Se Ri since it is obvious Hyun Ki expects her to behave like a useful tool that should know her place. 
So far I am likeing how the two leads' story is going. Hae Ryung's little sister's bickering romance also seems quite promising. The heroine's twin brother's messy affair though is kinda painful to watch even if one can't help but wait eagerly for the day Man Ho's wife would kick her husband to the curb. At least that's my hope. I am really hoping the writer is not going to try to save Mi Soon and Man Ho's marriage because Man Ho seems totally unsavable in my book.  


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