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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi Episode 1 & 2 First Impression

Drama: Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi (욱씨남정기)
Airs: Fridays & Saturdays 

Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi Episode 1 & 2 Overview: 
Our hero Nam Jung Gi (Yoon Sang Hyun) is a tough guy who takes no garbage from anyone at work...in his imagination. In reality, Jung Gi is the ultra nice guy that does everything at work and smiles good naturally when his junior gets promoted to be his superior. 

As one who always believes lying low is the best way to survive the cut throat work place, Jung Gi's big chance shows up suddenly when he is promoted by his boss and given the responsibility to oversee a VERY important contract. 
Determined to succeed at signing the big contract no matter what, Jung Gi listens intently as his boss and co-worker tells him about the infamous Manager Ok (Lee Yo Won) they are about to meet with. Completely unaware that THE Manager Ok Da Jung is riding in the same elevator as them, Jung Gi listens with amazement as his co-worker lists Manager Ok's well known bad temper and two divorce record as the proof that the woman they are about to meet is one scary character. 

Stunned once they realize the woman that they so casually asked to make them coffee just moments ago is the very person they have been bad mouthing about, the three men listens as Da Jung corrects them that she has been divorced three times not two. Completely flustered by Da Jung's piercing gaze, Jung Gi makes a mess of the presentation especially when everything that could go wrong went wrong. 
Convinced that she is just wasting her time with Jung Gi's company, Da Jung announces that she won't be signing the contract after all and starts to walk out of the meeting. Desperate to save the cosmetic product he had worked so hard to develop, Jung Gi rushes towards Da Jung and accidentally rips her blouse when his shirt button somehow gets hooked on her. Furious, when Jung Gi has the guts to show up in front of her again with a replacement blouse as his apology, Da Jung tells him "An eye for an eye..." right before she rips open HIS shirt in the company lobby. 
That night, Da Jung finally calms down enough to test out Jung Gi's cosmetic cream and is thoughtful when she realizes that the cream is actually quite good. A woman of action, Da Jung calls Jung Gi and invites him to her hotel room so he can give his presentation again. 

Remembering the rumor his co-worker told him about Da Jung's insatiable need for men and her habit of asking them to meet her at the hotel, Jung Gi holds to the thought of his duty to provide for his only son and goes to the hotel prepared to sacrifice himself. Jung Gi's wild imagination is confirmed when Da Jung opens her hotel room door in a bath robe and a resigned Jung Gi obediently starts to take off his clothes. 
Astonished when she turns around to see Jung Gi wearing only his underwear, an enraged Da Jung knees Jung Gi in the groin and throws him out of her hotel room. 
After being fired THEN rehired once his boss realizes the office literally spirals into chaos without him, Jung Gi thought the whole mess with Da Jung is a thing of the past...until he knocks on his new neighbor's door to reclaim his son's bicycle to find Da Jung staring at him. 

Forgetting his promise to his son just a moment ago of "teaching their new neighbor a lesson", a dejected Jung Gi goes home empty handed after Da Jung flat out refuses to return the bicycle until Jung Gi pays for the damage the illegally parked bicycle had caused her. One of the employee from the moving company had tripped over the bicycle and Da Jung had to pay a large sum of compensation. 
Already depressed to have Da Jung as his neighbor, Jung Gi's work life is messed up again by her when Da Jung forcefully tears up the contract between their two companies. 

Da Jung was actually being nice (in her own way) here since the contract her boss was asking Jung Gi's company to sign would end up commandeering Jung Gi's hard work and make it Da Jung's company's instead.  Jung Gi and his boss was ready to sign the contract knowing how unfair it was but they felt like they had no choice since Da Jung's company was so much bigger than theirs. 
After working himself to the bone, Jung Gi finally saves enough money to ransom his son's bike back. Overjoyed to have finished the last of his business with Da Jung, Jung Gi vows to stay clear of her... that is until he finds out that he had somehow vandalized Da Jung's car when he was drunk.  

Having no memory whatsoever of what happened when he was drunk, Jung Gi decides to ignore Da Jung's accusing glares AND the incriminating photo of his dark silhouette that Da Jung is posting all over their apartment building.  
Feeling guilty despite his decision to deny until his last breath that he was the vandal, Jung Gi's worst nightmare becomes reality when his boss introduces Da Jung as their company's new director. 

Ninja's First Impression
Hmm... Episode one was kinda slow but thankfully episode two showed enough promise that I am planning to check out the next two episodes. 

I think the reason episode one felt slow despite the many comedic moment the show placed through out was that the first hour focused on setting the two leads up in their respective stereotypes. The hero was simply frustrating to watch while the heroine was just a walking time bomb. However, by the second episode we can see hints that both leads are much more than their stereotypes with the hero's tenacity to survive and the heroine's surprising sense of justice. 
 My absolute favorite part is probably the strange relationship between the heroine and Jung Gi's son, Woo Joo. Relenting just a tiny bit when she saw the little boy's yearning as he watches all the other kids riding their bikes, Da Jung allows Woo Joo to ride his bike too...for 15 minutes. Da Jung was business like as she times Woo Joo for exactly 15 minutes but surprisingly the little boy doesn't seem to mind. 
As a viewer my first thought was "How can she stand to watch the little boy so disappointed?!" but then as the two interact more and more in their strangely logical manner I started to find their relationship very cute. 
Anyhow, there are certainly some kinks I think the show will have to work out, but I have always like Lee Yo Won and Yoon Sang Hyun's acting so I have high hopes that this show will figure itself out eventually. 

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  1. Could you please continue recapping this amazing drama? I would really appriciate it!! The first and second episode wasn't that great but I promise the next few episode was good!