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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Nia Xiao Qian Episode 2 Recap & Second Impression

Nia Xiao Qian Episode 2 Recap By Ninja
I really wasn't planning on recapping this show but since episode 2 was such a marked improvement from the first episode I thought I should at least do a second impression.

Still under the impression that Xiao Qian is just some confused patient, Cheng Xi is even more convinced of his mistaken assumption when a nurse informs him of a Chinese opera singer's disappearance in the hospital.

Dragging Xiao Qian into an empty doctor's room to check her vitals, Cheng Xi becomes nervous when he can't find her heart beat. Unable to figure out what is wrong with Xiao Qian from her vitals, Cheng Xi decides to use another route ... by trying to get her to pee in a cup. Speechless, Xiao Qian tells Cheng Xi that she can't do what he asks because well, ghost can't urinate. Disregarding Xiao Qian's assertion that she is a ghost, Cheng Xi just keeps trying to get her to try "even just a little bit."

Huffy that Cheng Xi is insisting on asking her to do the impossible, Xiao Qian runs away and bumps straight into Yan Qi. (The monk that locked Xiao Qian in a box for 500 years.)

In no mood to listen to Yan Qi's apology, Xiao Qian attacks Yan Qi right away...and ends up tying him up. I am thinking Yan Zi probably could've won but he was distracted trying to apologize to Xiao Qian. P

romising revenge, Xiao Qian takes a tied up Yan Qi away on a wheel chair. Trying hard to ignore all the strange glances everyone is giving him since Xiao Qian can't be seen, a mildly embarrassed Yan Qi explains "I am trying to do an experiment."
Feeling much better after her first act of "revenge", Xiao Qian ignores Yan Qi's warning about the grim reapers' presence in the hospital and skips away happily. Walking straight into the grim reapers, it finally dawns on Xiao Qian that she is in big trouble as the two reapers start to haul her away.

Fortunately, Yan Qi shows up in time and saves our heroine by distracting the grim reapers with an illusion of beer.
Begrudgingly thanking Yan Qi for saving her, Xiao Qian maintains that she still doesn't trust Yan Qi at all.
Puzzled by Xiao Qian's insistence that she've found the scholar he cruelly separated her from 500 years ago, Yan Qi looks at Cheng Xi thoughtfully and jumps up with surprise when Cheng Xi starts to recite a familiar chant.

Yan Qi had assumed that after so many years there would be no way to find the scholar since he probably would've reincarnated several times by now. But it looks like Yan Qi has finally figured out that the scholar has been around him the whole time.

By the way, the big villain (the one Yan Qi was about to duel with before he locked Xiao Qian in the box) had only made a few appearance up to this point but there is some clues that he is planning something nasty and is using a web gaming site to do harm to anyone that uses it. 
Surprised when she comes across a woman dressed like her, Xiao Qian realizes the woman is none other than the Chinese Opera singer, Mei Xian everyone has been searching for. At first Xiao Qian had assumed Mei Xian is a ghost like her, but soon Xiao Qian finds out that Mei Xian's body is simply in a coma and her soul is out wondering around. Convinced that her father has never loved her and only wants to use her for money, Mei Xian has no intention of going back to her body but instead wants to die.

Obviously not the brightest bulb, Cheng Xi still thinks Xiao Qian is the missing woman and soon Mei Xian's angry father is demanding to know where Cheng Xi has hidden his daughter. Confused when no one seems to believe him even as he is pointing right at Xiao Qian, a very confused Cheng Xi is dragged off to the police station.
Panicking to see Cheng Xi being taken away by the police, Xiao Qian ignores her own safety and chases the police car to tell Cheng Xi where he could find Mei Xian's physical body. Stunned to see Xiao Qian pounding at the car window WHILE the car is driving on the road, the truth FINALLY dawns on Cheng Xi that Xiao Qian is a ghost.

Chasing Cheng Xi all the way to the police station, Xiao Qian barely has time to tell Cheng Xi where to find Mei Xian before she collapsed from the affect of being in the sun.
Fortunately for Xiao Qian, Yan Qi had chased after her and rescued her just in time. Ignoring Xiao Qian's pitiful pleading, Yan Qi locks her in a commercial sized freezer so she would be able to have a safe place to recover for three days. If you remember, Xiao Qian gets claustrophobic but the freezer was the only way to help her then. 
Getting over his initial astonishment, Cheng Xi is moved as he thinks back to how desperate Xiao Qian has been to help him and mutters to himself "That's the first time someone has done so much for me. I guess if that's what a ghost is like then that might not be such a bad thing..."

Proving that the bathroom is THE place to think about woman matters, Yan Qi is also sitting in his tub trying to remind himself that his heart should stay unemotional. As a monk Yan Qi believes that he should only have the greater good in mind and not allow his heart to be involved in personal feelings.
Released from the police station once Mei Xian is found, Cheng Xi tries to comfort the woman's grieving father as he recounts how carefully he has been saving all the money his daughter makes. Crying as she realizes how much her father actually loves her, Mei Xian tries to go back to her body but is blocked from doing so. Luckily, Yan Qi shows up to help Mei Xian accomplish what she couldn't do by herself.
Fully recovered after spending three days in the freezer, a thoroughly excited Xiao Qian goes shopping with Yan Qi for some much needed clothes.

Second Impression
Boy, what a vast improvement over last week's episode. While episode one was severely disappointing in terms of acting, story pacing and comical timing, episode two was a dramatic turn around on all those areas. If the rest of the show could keep up what they were able to deliver in this episode then I think Nia Xiao Qian could actually be one worthy of following. 

My current issue that still remains is "Who is the hero?!" Nia Xiao Qian is a classic and the heroine's true love is of course the scholar, Cheng Xi...BUT Cheng Xi's character here sure look pretty lackluster besides Yan Qi's character. 
 I am assuming the writer has done this purposefully so that as the audience we would sway between the two male leads...but that's so frustrating!! Anyhow, for now as much as I feel like I am probably getting on a sinking boat, I am cheering for the monk to get the girl...with the secret hope that the writer might just grant my wish due to popular demand.  

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  1. thanks for the second impression! I'm waiting to watch this after a few more episodes come out. From your impressions, I think it seems pretty good so far!