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Monday, March 14, 2016

Refresh Man Episode 2 Recap & Second Impression

Refresh Man Episode 2 Recap By Ninja
Holding the pink meeple that is suppose to represent Yu Tang, Wen Kai grins as he systematically lists off all the characteristic traits of every employee in the infamous Department 3. Turns out, quite a few of the employees were actually the ace of MUSE Cosmetic once upon a time but because of one reason or another have all decided to quietly "live out their days" in Department 3. 

Seemingly confident with whatever plan he has built around Yu Tang demotion, Wen Kai smiles as he tells the pink meeple "You got some skills if you can survive this...if not... " 

Still holding onto a glimmer of hope that her secretarial skill might still be appreciated, Yu Tang rushes into a meeting to delivery her "specialty" milk tea for a familiar VIP...only to get chased out when Elsa proves once and for all that her skills cannot be matched. 

Dejected as she comes to the realization that her old glamorous life of being the senior secretary is truly past her, Yu Tang is finally resigned to her reassignment to the sales department. 
Unable to bring herself to tell her father and brother about her demotion, Yu Tang laughs uncomfortable when her brother congratulates her on becoming the head secretary and insists that she treats the family to an expensive restaurant. 

Falling asleep that night still wondering how to break the disappointing truth to her family, Yu Tang is rudely awaken the next morning when Wen Kai shows up with a microphone to announce her embarrassing demotion for all her neighbors to hear. Furious that Wen Kai is childishly doing the exact thing she did to him back during their school days, Yu Tang chases after Wen Kai until he pulls her into the ice shop that they used to frequent. 
Sitting in the familiar ice shop where Yu Tang used to triumphant over him after every school tests and he had to buy her a bowl of ice as par their tradition, Wen Kai finally gets to eat his own winner ice treat when Yu Tang admit to the shop owner that she is just a lowly sales grunt while Wen Kai is the mighty CEO of her company. 

Determined that she will have Wen Kai under her foot one day, Yu Tang storms off to arm herself with new clothes that will help her blaze a new path as a saleswoman...only to go home after her shopping spree to find that Wen Kai had invited himself along for her "celebration dinner" with her family. 

After worrying needlessly that Wen Kai will oust her secret during dinner, Yu Tang is speechless when her family informs her that thanks to Wen Kai's early morning neighborhood announcement they have already found out about Yu Tang's recent "career change."  
Ecstatic when she receives her very first client to work with, Yu Tang goes out to the business meeting full of hope. Stunned when the client stoically informs her that they are ending their long time contract and will no longer be carrying the Mei Mei product line from MUSE cosmetic, a dazed Yu Tang walks away without any clue of how she somehow ended up losing such an important client.

Dismayed when she literally runs into Wen Kai, Yu Tang assumes he has shown up to jeer at her defeat but surprisingly Wen Kai just touches her face in a comforting manner. Moved by Wen Kai's action, Yu Tang nods obediently when Wen Kai urges her to head back to the company since he will be holding a meeting with her department in twenty minutes. Enjoying himself immensely as he looks at Yu Tang's shocked expression when she realizes he has no intention of giving her a ride, Wen Kai simply reminds her "What's a salesperson's legs for. You better not be late!" 
True to his words, Yu Tang races back to the office just in time to see Wen Kai handing a major project over to her department and his ominous words of "get this done to my satisfactions in three month...or the resignation paper with be the last thing you will be signing your name on." 

Grumbling that Wen Kai would think to hand such an important case over to their hopeless department, the employees of Department Three quickly comes up with the plan to push all of the responsibilities to the clueless newbies.  
The newbies being Yu Tang and another newest member of Department Three, Chen You Rul. Completely dismayed to see You Rul, Yu Tang is furious when the self proclaimed playboy of MUSE Cosmetic declares himself as Yu Tang's ex-boyfriend. Judging by the displeased expression on Wen Kai's face, could our hero be jealous?? 
Based on the conversation between Yu Tang and You Rul the two actually never dated. Apparently You Rul had only held Yu Tang's hand once when she slipped by accident and that was enough for him to claim having an "intimate" relationship with her. 
Filled with disbelief when her announcement of their biggest client's (of that department) plan to leave is met with little reaction, Yu Tang pleas with her co-worker (Jia Yin) to at least teach her how to change their client's mind. Overhearing Yu Tang's impassioned pleas, Elsa steps in and reminds Jia Yin that since the client was hers originally she better take her work seriously or she will be the first one fired. Elsa's words seem to have some small impact on Jia Yin but unfortunately a phone call soon have Jia Yin rushing to the emergency room when she finds out her baby is feverish. 

Ninja's Second Impression
 It still feel like we are in the setting up stage for this show but I do like the fact that the writer make it pretty obvious right from the start that the hero has been crushing on the heroine for a long time. Knowing the hero's feelings make it a lot easier to look at his childish behaviors towards Yu Tang as comical instead of crossing him off as a jerk. Of course it also helps immensely that the chemistry between the two leads seem pretty promising thus far. 
One thing I am definitely curious about is Yu Tang's past relationship with Wen Kai. In the first episode, it was easy to assume that Yu Tang was just a model student that Wen Kai might've liked but based on episode two, the two leads' were obviously more than just classmates. In fact, according to Yu Tang's family not only did Wen Kai worked for them but they consider him part of their family. Which I guess explains why Yu Tang still seems to have an easy relationship with Wen Kai despite how mean he has been to her. 
By the way, the name of the expensive restaurant Yu Tang went with her family and Wen Kai was hilarious. Printed on the menu, the name of the restaurant is called "Whatever heck place 101". Ha! 


  1. Here are some thoughts and my personal predictions after watching ep.2

    Yes, Yu tang did mistakes. To let Elsa take place is understandable but I don't quite understand why he kick her out of secretary pool. Any idea ? I mean, as far as I see, she do has passion in her work and strives to be the best. Does he want her to stimulate the team 3 ? or She is truly incapable in his eyes. He's just said he didn't pick on her. She is designated to be there in the rough environment. If she survive the situations, she sure has guts. But if there's a problem .... he paused and grinned .... oh what does it mean Wen Kai ?  

    -  Though there's a sign of crush, Wen Kai usually act like a jerk on Yu tang. She is under so much pressure in many aspects. The CEO always picks on her with harsh words and sometimes humiliates her too. His marvelous secretary possesses qualities she can't match (at least for now). She had zero knowledge about "Sale". Suddenly, she is all alone with contract that nearly terminated and new task that need to finish in tree months. With the sentence " put your life on the line to protect the contract", that definitely lead Yu tang life downhill. I guess she desperately do things that she shouldn't do to fulfill Wen Kai's line.

    1. he kicked her out b/c she is no longer motivated about being a secretary... she kinda settled there. the sales 3 team each have something special about them, in the beginning of the ep- he already analyzed each of them. the one thing about yu tang is that she's proactive so he placed her there hoping that she will pull that team together.

      yes he's mean and enjoys teasing her too much but he's going to help her out. we can see in the preview that yu tang's already affecting one of the members of sales 3 (that single mom).

    2. - That makes sense. When I saw extended t-ser, it did make even more sense since he told her that what kind of person he wanted her to be.

      - I noticed that he was kinda confident about his decision not only on Yu tang, but also on other issues. Instead, I must say too much confident. Such attitude might hurt him and someone he loves someday. Things ain't gonna be exactly liked his calculation all the times.

  2. I just want to reply that 隨意鳥地方 actually exist haha it's a Italian cuisine restaurant famous in Taipei:)

    1. i'm amused that pretty much everything there exists. like dr.douxi... i thought they were going to make up some brand up but nope. i guess huge sponsorship?

  3. I just want to reply that 隨意鳥地方 actually exist haha it's a Italian cuisine restaurant famous in Taipei:)