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Monday, March 21, 2016

Refresh Man Episode 3 Recap

Refresh Man Episode 3 Recap By Ninja
Rushing with Jia Yin (heroine's co-worker, the one that is constantly focused on her baby) to the hospital, Yu Tang looks at her co-worker with concern when she realizes that Jia Yin not only have to worry about her very sick baby but her abusive ex-husband is threatening to take her child from her.

Her compassion going into overdrive when Jia Yin worries that she will lose her baby for sure if she loses her job, Yu Tang promises Jia Yin that she will do everything she can to save the Mei Mei (the soap product) contract and ensure everyone at Department 3 can keep their job.  

Barred from seeing her client to plea her case, Yu Tang is caught red handed by Wen Kai when she tries to sneak past her client's secretary. Outraged when she finds out that Wen Kai had just met with the client she so desperately wanted to see without bothering to put in a good word for her department, Yu Tang jumps in front of Wen Kai's car to stop him from driving off. 
Jumping out of the car in fear when he sees Yu Tang laying unconsciously on the ground, Wen Kai yells at Elsa to call for an ambulance then he looks back to see Yu Tang glaring at him. Furious that Yu Tang had scared him so badly, Wen Kai angrily warns Yu Tang "Don't you try something like this again!"

No less furious than Wen Kai, Yu Tang yells out a few choice words at him before she limps away leaving Wen Kai staring after her with concern. 

So up to this point it looks like Elsa actually feels pretty bad for Yu Tang and is trying to help her out whenever she can BUT this near accident is probably the point where Elsa is starting to realize Wen Kai doesn't "dislike" Yu Tang as much as he is claiming.  
Still feeling angry and desperate to find a way to save her department that night, a very drunk Yu Tang shows up at Wen Kai's house and ends up throwing up on him. Forcing Yu Tang to sober up by dragging her to the shower fully clothed, Wen Kai leans close to a struggling Yu Tang and whispers "What did you think I was going to do? I simply wanted to wash off the stuff some drunk threw up on me." SO Sexy! 
Shyly accepting the clothes a half naked Wen Kai hands to her, Yu Tang curses her best friend for encouraging her drunken self to just show up at Wen Kai's house. 
Grumpy when Wen Kai hands her a large band-aid, Yu Tang refuses to cooperate and promptly gets threatened by Wen Kai to stop arguing or he will make it so she can't talk. Belligerent, Yu Tang retorts back "You are using your hand and feet to hold me down so how are you going to stop my mouth?!" Flustered when Wen Kai smiles and starts to lean towards her in answer, Yu Tang widens her eyes in surprise when Wen Kai replies "Isn't your knee all scraped up?" Poor Yu Tang, the girl must be getting so confused from all the mixed signals Wen Kai is giving. 
Excited when Wen Kai offers to personally train her on sales, Yu Tang is soon severely disappointed as Wen Kai orders her to clean his pool (as a payback for their school days again) and demands that she sells the soap product on the street for twice the price than its normal rate. 
Hiding from the police that has been chasing them for illegally selling the soap bars on the street, Yu Tang's heart skips a beat when Wen Kai pulls her into an embrace during the chaos. 
Unable to sell the soaps at the high price Wen Kai demands no matter how hard she tries, Yu Tang finally decides to listen to her co-worker's (You Rul, the playboy) advise and resorts to using her sex appeal to get a group of rich guys to buy her soap. 

Distracted once he realizes Yu Tang is sitting with a bunch of guys in the same restaurant as him, Wen Kai explodes when he sees one of the man trying to get a kiss from a reluctant Yu Tang. 
Tearing up as a furious Wen Kai accuses her of selling her body, Yu Tang yells "I am fed up with you! It's just 100,000 N.T. right?! (That's the fee she will have to pay if she resigns from the company) I am done playing your game!" before she storms off. 

Despite her angry words the night before, the next morning Yu Tang makes the difficult decision to save Department 3 no matter what and pulls out $100,000 N.T from her bank. 

Ignorant of what Yu Tang is planning, Wen Kai is uncharacteristically distracted at work as the image of Yu Tang's tearful face refuses to leave his mind. Giving up all pretense of working, Wen Kai rushes off to find Yu Tang personally in order to figure out if Yu Tang really is going to quit her job like she claimed. 
Surprised when a triumphant Yu Tang shows up for work with the soap contract in hand, Wen Kai is thoughtful once he finds out from their client that an extremely large order of $100,000 N.T worth of soap has just been placed and that was the reason Yu Tang was able to successful obtain the contract. 

Ninja's Thoughts
 Ooooo! I am feeling it!!! This episode hit all the right spots and the chemistry between the two leads were simply awesome! 

It does make me wonder if Wen Kai himself is aware of his own feelings towards Yu Tang. Before episode three I thought for sure Wen Kai came back with a concrete plan to get the girl but now I am not so sure. Our hero obviously have some big grandiose plan to make Yu Tang into some sales ace at work but I am starting to wonder if the poor guy is unaware of his own feelings towards her. 
As much I liked the interaction between the two leads in this episode I do feel Yu Tang's readiness to spend $100,000 N.T to save her department illogical. The writer has made it plain repeatedly that none of Yu Tang's co-worker seem to care about her nor the company so why would Yu Tang go to such an extent for them? Now, we could argue that she felt so bad for Jia Yin that she was willing to empty her savings, but like her co-worker pointed out, saving the soap contract was only a temporary fix since Wen Kai had given them a much bigger...if not impossible challenge of securing a big department store contract so in the end all of them would probably get axed anyway. Oh, well. I guess all this was a set up for next week so I will just roll with it. 
In the next week's preview, Yu Tang will find out that her father had some how incurred $100,000 NT worth of debt and their family restaurant will be forced to close if they can't pay it off. Surprised when her father announce that his debt has been paid off, Yu Tang turns around in dismay as Wen Kai shows up as their new creditor. 


  1. thank you so much for recapping this and other dramas. I always appreciate your perspective on the plot points.

    A tiny detail -- if Wen Kai has loaned Yu Tang's family money, then he's their new creditor, and *they* are the debtors....

    1. Ha, I totally got that turned around. I went back and fixed it. Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for the recap! Did she draw the 100,000 NT from her own bank account, or one that she shares with her father? I'm wondering if that debt that Wen Kai pays off is actually because of her.. Aah, poor Yu Tang! I hope she ends up kicking butt in sales soon.

    1. I am pretty sure it's from her own bank account.

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  4. I think he is aware of his feelings on some level. He said in the one episode in the ice shop that " I chased her for 10 years , now she is chasing me." The very fact that he is so focused on repaying every petty thing she ever did to him shows how much he cares about her. Someone who didn't care would have simply let it go with time but he is still so obsessed with her and their past. He clearly never let go of his feelings. I think he's purposely repaying it all back so they can be on equal footing. He bettered him self and rose to a level worthy of her but then he comes back and sees the once great Yu Tang is just a secretary and a refresh man. He is pushing her to be the best because he knows she can be the best

  5. I hope the second male lead comes soon and helps her learn about sales- right now, I feel like Wen Kai's methods are a bit harsh and not really teaching her anything.. Plus, jealousy scenes would be awesome heh heh

  6. He made an attempt at some levels to help her out. Actually, he wanted her to learn the basis of sale but at first, he let her try everything she has under sleeve. Then, at the point where she has no way to go, he will take a shot. While He threw Mei Mei case to dept.3, he knew right from the start that the one who took responsibility was YT. Again, he also knew that the case was too tough for newbie. Yet, he want her to go as far as she can to fail and to realize what kind of competence she need to survive the situation. IMO, he thought it all over about the way to help her out. Things would be like this...YT cannot meet the deadline so that he come up with solution. Then, he spend his quality time (yess that training) with her on the street. End of the story. On the contrary, situation turned upside down. He didn't actually think that she would go that far. So, he make a move with the new plan.