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Monday, March 28, 2016

Refresh Man Episode 4 Recap

Refresh Man Episode 4 Recap By Ninja
In the middle of awkwardly accepting her co-worker's compliments for her surprising success in signing the soap contract, Yu Tang is dismayed when an urgent phone call summons her home. Horrified when she goes home to find a long time neighbor demanding that her father repay the $100,000 NT he borrowed, Yu Tang is shocked to realize that they might very well lose their family's restaurant.

Walking into the Zhong household once the debt collector left, Wen Kai pretends ignorance of the whole thing and drags Yu Tang off with the excuse of taking her back to work.

Decisively taking Yu Tang to their old standby ice shop when he notices how preoccupied she is, Wen Kai confronts Yu Tang about her rather unwise decision of using her own $100,000 NT savings to save the soap contract. Teary and angry at the same time when Wen Kai reminds her "You can save those people at Department 3 this time but you can't save them forever." Yu Tang yells back "I am not so charitable of a person. I used that $100,000 to buy myself time to stay at the company because I don't want to lose to you!"

Dejected when Wen Kai dryly remarks "Well, eat your winner ice then, because that was a whole lot of money to spend for your pride." Yu Tang admits "No matter what I was like during my school days, I can't deny the fact that I am a loser now. I try so hard but in the end I am still a loser." Too lost in her private pity party, Yu Tang doesn't notice the pained look on Wen Kai's expression as he stares at her.
Jia Yin (heroine's co-worker that was only focused about her baby before) finally comes back to work and is pleasantly surprised when everyone tells her about Yu Tang's accomplishment. Suspicious when she sees the news about MUSE Cosmetic's recent $100,000 donation worth of soap to the orphanage, Jia Yin is appalled when Wen Kai ignores Yu Tang's glare and spills the beans about Yu Tang's self sacrifice.

Back in his office, Wen Kai stares at the pink meeple (that represent Yu Tang) and is almost gleeful as he tells Elsa now that Jia Yin knows how much Yu Tang has sacrificed just to save her job (which will also allow Jia Yin to keep her baby's custody) someone as skilled as Jia Yin will surly step up to become Yu Tang's teammate.
Rushing home after work, Yu Tang is all ready to go beg their family neighbor for an extension on their debt when Daddy Zhong calmly informs her that Wen Kai has paid off the $100,000 NT debt and is thus their new creditor.

Leery of Wen Kai's intention, Yu Tang presses him for what he wants from her family. Alarmed when Wen Kai starts talking about turning her family restaurant into his private spa, Yu Tang proclaims her resolution to a rather doubtful Wen Kai that she will find a way to pay him back.
After a sleepless night, Yu Tang shows up at Wen Kai's house bright and early the next morning. Sneering at Yu Tang's suggestion of giving him a monthly payment from her paltry salary, Wen Kai starts to complain about how difficult it is now days to find a reliable housemaid. Her eyes lighting up at Wen Kai's words, Yu Tang immediately promises Wen Kai that she will be his housemaid and do everything he wants 24/7.

Satisfied that Yu Tang walked into his trap so easily, Wen Kai hands Yu Tang a puzzle piece and tells her that once she can get 500 pieces of puzzle from him then her debt will be paid off. Determined to save her family restaurant, Yu Tang works tirelessly to do everything Wen Kai commands...even if he proves to be a difficult master to please.
True to Wen Kai's prediction, Yu Tang does take the big assignment he gave to Department 3 AND Jia Yin also steps up to help Yu Tang accomplish the seemingly impossible task. Keeping silent, the rest of Yu Tang's co-workers remain glued to their seat when You Rul (the self proclaimed ladies man and heroine's not really "ex-boyfriend") jumps up to join Yu Tang and Jia Yin on their last minute decision to go pass out soap surveys on the street. 
However, judging by the forlorn expression on those left sitting idle in the office while the three hardworking workers march out with surveys in hand, Yu Tang might eventually be able to motivate more people. 
Resigned to her fate, Yu Tang shows up on an early Saturday morning to clean Wen Kai's house. Following Yu Tang's every move, Wen Kai even pulls out a magnify glass to make sure Yu Tang has cleaned the window properly.

Ready to leave once she has finished all the cleaning, Yu Tang is speechless when Wen Kai orders her to read the books on his shelf and gives him a report after. Unabashed when Yu Tang catches him stealing glances at her when they are suppose to be reading, Wen Kai decides to quiz Yu Tang right then about the book she is reading and smiles triumphantly when Yu Tang is unable to answer his nitpicking questions.

It is sweet that the book Wen Kai made Yu Tang read is a motivation book about how someone should keep going even after a setback. 
Huffy when Yu Tang insists on putting a flowered patterned sheet on his bed, Wen Kai soon gets into a tug of war with Yu Tang. Losing her footing during the tug of war, Yu Tang yelps when she starts to fall. Catching Yu Tang in his arm, Wen Kai loses his balance as well and ends up falling into his bed with Yu Tang on top of him.

Shocked to find themselves in a rather suggestive position, both of our leads remain unmoved until Elsa walks through the bedroom door. Elsa had a urgent document for Wen Kai to sign and when Wen Kai didn't pick up his phone she ends up letting herself into his house. 
Scrambling off the bed together, Yu Tang tries to explain the whole thing to Elsa but soon gets distracted when Wen Kai childishly grabs the three puzzle pieces that Yu Tang accidentally lost on the bed as a revenge for her attempt to put flower bed sheet in his room. Filled with dismay as she watches her usual cool boss exposing his juvenile side as Wen Kai continues to bicker with Yu Tang, Elsa quickly offers to give Yu Tang a ride back home.
Embarrassed when Elsa nonchalantly expresses her surprise in finding Yu Tang at Wen Kai's house, Yu Tang quickly explains that she is only working as a housemaid to pay off her debt to Wen Kai.

Annoyed when she gets a text from Wen Kai demanding that she accompanies him on a shopping trip for new bed sheets when she is still sitting in Elsa's car, Yu Tang quickly capitulates once he offers to give her three puzzle pieces for her trouble. 
 Struggling with all the shopping begs on her arms, Yu Tang complains loudly to Wen Kai that he is letting a woman carry everything while he himself is enjoying eating ice cream. Turning around at Yu Tang's words, Wen Kai offers his half eaten ice cream to her and utters the exact same words a young Yu Tang once said to him years ago "Here, this is your favorite flavor. Do you want a bite?" 

In a flash back we see that back in their school days, Wen Kai was the one that had to carry all the begs while Yu Tang was the one that was eating the ice cream. 
Knowing full well how difficult it would be to convince the famously tough CEO to sign a contract with her company especially since all the other department has tried and failed, Yu Tang decides to attempt to connect with CEO's secretary first. Unfortunately for Yu Tang, even the CEO's secretary proves to be a challenging person to meet. Undaunted, Yu Tang tries to bribe the front receptionists with the Mei Mei soaps by telling the two women how her own skin has benefited from using the soap. Turning around when a male voice suddenly sounds "I can testify to what she is saying", Yu Tang is pleasantly surprised to see the smiling man standing in front of her. 

Ninja's Thoughts
So our male second lead finally shows up! According to the show's character sketch, Secretary Wang Zihi Yu (the second male lead) is one of the best secretary there is but unbeknownst to everyone he is actually the CEO's son. Ha, I can't wait to see our hero's jealous side once he realizes he has a competitor for Yu Tang's affection. 
As much as I am shipping our two leads, I do feel a little bad for Elsa who obviously has a crush on our hero and is finally gathering up her courage to expose her feeling just a little bit when she asks Wen Kai to having dinner with her on her birthday. Thus far Elsa seems to be a nice girl so it is hard to think of the heart break that must be waiting for her since Wen Kai only considers her as a very capable secretary. 
Still, I am LOVING the chemistry between our two leads, so as much as I feel bad for both of the second leads I can't wait to see more of our two leads' cute...if not somewhat childish bickering. 


  1. Been refreshing nonstop since yesterday,thanks for the recap
    Also if you can tell me of the name of the shaved ice, Google couldn't link tw shaved ice with egg..so I'm wondering if it's only their thing.
    Also I find myself screening internally, the CEO is acting childishly instead of being her mentor and guide her to achieve her full potential.
    I can't stop thinking that if it wasn't Aaron playing him, we wouldn't have overlooked / romancized his actions
    I'm sticking bcuz of the insane chemistry and obviously bcuz of Aaron but I also having whiplash from remembering She Was Pretty, it kept bothering me that the lead didn't apologize for his earlier actions (bulling). And no I can't research it bcuz of the bitter taste he left behind also the story Was better after he fell for her.

    1. Can't Rewatch it, damn autocorrect

    2. Agreed ! The way he treated her was not so effective. It's clear that he wants her to develop and to bring out her best. He strongly believes in her potential. The point is he doesn't directly express it. He teased her and sometimes ignored her as if he didn't care but actually he did care. He said he had a training session for her but it wasn't fully a training. It was indirect lesson and his childish revenge in combined. I thought that his feelings are mixing. He wants to spend time with her and to take care of her. He would love to see her firmly stands on her feet. Yet again, he doesn't want her to know all this and doesn't want to let her pass through easily. That's the way things go right now.

    3. @minaboom the shaved ice is called egg shave ice. They put condensed milk and raw egg on it. Looks like they add red bean to it as well.

  2. Haha, I've also been refreshing your page! I haven't actually watched any of the episodes because I have so much going on now and wanted to let a few more episodes come out before starting, so this is sort of like a compromise for me :) . Eep, this looked like such a good episode! I can't wait to read about the next one and to eventually watch all of them~

    Thanks for the recap!