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Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #76

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Friday Drama Round Up #76
Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi (Japanese Drama) 
New J-romance! Haven't had time to check this one out but I am always excited for new J-romances so let's hope this one will be a winner. 

Love Song (Japanese Drama) 
Looks like the drama god is extra gracious this week by giving us two J-romances. The story follows the journey of our heroine conquering her stuttering problem with the help of our therapist hero ...who of course also harbors a secret heart ache. Judging by episode one, this show's pacing is kinda slow but heartwarming nonetheless. 
Love at Seventeen (Taiwanese Drama) 
Episode one was off to a great start so I am really hoping this one will be a winner! 

First Impression: HERE
Monster (Korean Drama)
I am sad to report that while I liked the first two episodes of Monster, episode 3-4 were pretty lackluster. This show is a revenge drama with lots of corporate intrigue and more villains than you can keep straight. While the first two episodes with the younger casts were fast paced and pull you right in with the backstory the show lost all that once the adult casts step in. Instead, what we got was corporate intrigue that looks strangely more like a spy story with lots of plot holes. I wish I could say I am patient enough to give it another week but there are just too many other shows to check out for me to stick with this one. 
Descendants of the Sun (Korean Drama) 
Yeah! This one just ended so I can finally marathon through it. With the military premise I was too chicken to watch it unless I can make sure the ending was not going to make my eye lid puffy for days.
Doctor Car (Japanese Drama) 
I thought this one was going to be another feel good medical drama...boy, was I wrong. The heroine is certainly someone who has all the passion of a good doctor but her boss' (hero, who sure seems more like the villain right now) determination to judge human lives on the bases of money is making her life very difficult. I think Doctor Car will still turn out to be a feel good medical drama in the end but I really wasn't expecting the hero to be a scary psychopath sort of character. 

Oldies but Goodies
Code Blue (Japanese Drama, 11 Episodes) 
To sooth my wounded expectation after watching Doctor Car, I started to think about Tomohisa Yamashita's medical drama Code Blue. 
I will just be perfectly honest that I watched this one completely for Tomohisa Yamashita but if you are in a mood for a "let's go save lives!" sort of medical drama then this one is still a good choice. As far as the plot was concerned I found Code Blue to be your fairly standard fare about a group of young doctors who had to go through lots of trials to become true doctors. The basic premise of Doctor Car and Code Blue is actually pretty similar. In Code Blue the idea is to have a group of doctor working with a helicopter to get to the patients as fast as possible while in Doctor Car...well the doctors are in a car obviously.  


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