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Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #78

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #78
Master of Revenge or God of Noodles (Korean Drama, New)
Chun Jung Myung's new revenge drama. Kim Sung Joo plays the super villain in tn this one and boy, is he scary. This one is still in the backstory setting up stage but all the main characters have been quite intriguing thus far. 
Entertainer (Korean Drama)
I am happy to report that episode three & four were a marked improvement over the first two episodes! If you haven't checked this out one yet then be patient through the Jerry Maguire first episode and give it until episode three before you make a decision on Entertainer. 
Marriage Contract (Korean Drama, Just ended)
I am ashamed to admit that I bailed on this one pretty soon after I realized this might be a sob feast sort of story BUT Mama Ninja stuck with it and loved it so for those who don't might a little tears you might be ready to jump in. 
Magical Space Time (Chinese Drama, New)
Ruby Lin and Jia Nai Liang's new time travel romance drama. I checked out the first two episode and was pleasantly surprised by the show's comedic vibe despite it's rather tragic backstory. I can't quite declare this one a winner yet until I watched a few more episodes, but it does seem fairly promising. 
Road to the North (Chinese Drama, Pretty New)
Hawick Lau's latest revenge romance. Planning to check this one out soon...just for Hawick Lau. 
Omukae Desu (Japanese Drama, New)
A wacky new J-drama about a high school's boy's second job as Death's helper. With his new found ability of seeing spirits, our hero allows himself to be possessed in order to let the spirits finish their last wishes before they depart from this world. 

Judging by the first episode, Omukae Desu is a fun show with plenty of heart warming stories. 
Love at Seventeen (Taiwanese Drama)
Our two leads finally meet again after being apart for 13 years! Can't wait for this week's new episode. 

Up Coming Drama:
So it looks like Taiwan will be coming out with a remake of Ariel Lin and Joe Chen's It Started With a Kiss (based on a Japanese manga Itzaura na Kiss). I personally consider this to be a very brave attempt since the Ariel Lin and Joe Chen's version was quite beloved by many so the bar is going to be set quite high. 
Dino Lee (Singer/actor) will be playing the hero while Esther Wu (show host/actress) is playing the heroine's role. This drama will be the first time Dinao Lee and Esther Wu are in a leading role so it will be interesting to see how they do. FYI, back when Ariel Lin and Joe Chen did It Started With A Kiss they were pretty new as well. I guess using up coming new comers is becoming a tradition for this show.  
The New It Started With a Kiss started filming on April 21st and it's schedule to air this year. 


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  2. Oh Ninja - I've been a Hawick Lau fan ever since I saw Seal it with a kiss. Oh my goodness but he was a super hot villain!! So I hope you'll do a recap of Road to North. Something about revenge drama that appeals to my psyche. It's such an interesting and and to some extent a foreign concept to me, given that my core beliefs is about forgiveness and letting go. What induces a person to take revenge because the reality and motivation for revenge is that you want to see the person who's wronged you, suffer.

    Anyhow, will check it out but waiting for the english subtitles. I'm so chinese useless!!

  3. Hi Ninja, I know you don't like sob-fests but Marriage Contract is a good show. I don't like sob-fests myself but found myself following the show nonetheless. It is well written and the usual fatal disease trope is portrayed in a realistic and HOPEFUL angle. This show simultaneously is tragic and yet hopeful at the same time. Let's just say you don't go away from this show feeling like it's the end of the world :-)