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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Go Goal Fighting! Episode 1-5 First Impression

Go Goal Fighting! Episode 1-5 First Impression By Ninja
Drama: Go Goal Fighting (旋風十一人)
Episodes: 35

Synopsis: Hu Ge plays a rather unconventional coach that successfully turns a second rate high school soccer team into one that could compete with the best of the best. 

Ninja's First Impression
I will freely admit that I really didn't expect too much from this show, but since Hu Ge is the lead I felt the utmost duty to at least check the first few episodes out. After watching five episodes in one shot I am happy to report that while Go Goal Fighting is no master piece by any means I found it to be an extremely easy watch thanks to the fun story line and... the super good looking cast! 
Through a chance meeting with a high school principle (Zhong Yan), our hero Mu Qi finds himself the new coach of a rather pitiful soccer team. Made up a group of young man who loves soccer but is beset by poor performance, the team members has a difficult time accepting Mu Qi's cocky mannerism. However, knowing full well that their team is in danger of being axed, most of the boys decide to give their new coach a chance. 
A brand new intern at the school, our heroine Pei Duo is deemed as the ideal coach assistant candidate due to her Taekwondo background. Dismayed to realize the new coach is none other than the jerk she had an unpleasant run in a short while ago, Pei Duo is frustrated by Mu Qi's seemingly unconventional way of training the soccer team especially since he seems to have the habit of playing on his phone during the important moments of the team's soccer match. 

The two leads have pretty good chemistry so it should be fun when the romance starts between the two. 
Much to everyone's surprise, Mu Qi's strange way of coaching actually starts to produce great results and for the first time the boys dare to imagine that they could be winners. 
While Mu Qi is starting to earn the boys trust there are a few people who is determined to kick him out of the school as possible. As Zhong Yan's (principle) ex-boyfriend, teacher Lu Jie is extremely jealous of Mu Qi when he finds out that Zhong Yan has her eye on the new soccer coach and vows to find any means to get Mu Qi out of the school. 

Thus far, Lu Jie is content to just find little ways to make Mu Qi's life harder but judging by the show's hint of Mu Qi's mysterious past I am assuming Lu Jie will soon dig those past up to use them against him.  
 The one thing I thought the show has done really well is balancing the adults' story line along with those of the boys. I was initially afraid that with such a large cast either the adults would get ignored or the soccer team members might just be decorations but I have been pleased so far with the writer's ability to jump between the various characters without feeling like the story is all over the place. 
All in all, a great show to check out if you are in the mood for some Hu Ge and a motivating story of a bunch of kids achieving the impossible. 


  1. Not any drama can be a masterpiece anymore after watching Nirvana in Fire. I like Hu Ge and Maggie Jiang so I will wait to marathon when it completes airing. One more reason to watch is that two leads actually dated back when they were filming and Hu Ge said he can be himself while filming this drama.

  2. Do you know where to watch with subs?