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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy Home Episode 11-12 Recap

Happy Home Episode 11-12 Recap by Ninja
Stubbornly insisting on her decision to raise Se Ri's baby as her own despite her in-law's worry that she would live to regret it, Mi Soon finally convinces Daddy Bong to part with some of his savings to Se Ri so she could start a new life. Freely admitting her fear of losing her family to a very angry Se Ri, Mi Soon calmly asks her "Think about what is best for your baby." 

Realizing that every member of the Bong family is siding with Mi Soon, Se Ri hangs her last hope on Man Ho but is stunned when even he has decided to abandon her. Once Mi Soon points out there is no way Man Ho can survive on his own without being able to work in his father's restaurant, it wasn't hard for Man Ho to choose between his wife and Se Ri.  
Giving up on the cowardly Man Ho after he ignores all her pleadings, Se Ri finally makes the difficult decision to give her baby to Mi Soon. Completely honest with Se Ri, Mi Soon tells her "I can't promise you that I will treat him the same as my two daughters or that I won't resent him. But can guarantee that mother and father (her in-laws) will be watching me very closely." Satisfied with Mi Soon's honesty, Se Ri promises to move out when she finds a new place to live. 
On Hae Won's front, the poor girl finally figures out that she is pregnant and is completely flustered by this very unwelcoming news. 
Dismayed to hear from the evil Madam Jang that Hae Ryung has been kicked out of the house because of the rumor and that she has no intention of accepting a stained daughter-in-law back into her household, Ji Gun can't help but worry about Hae Ryung. 
Rushing out when he gets a phone call from Hae Ryung, Ji Gun is exasperated when Hae Ryung keeps apologizing for the rumor and the trouble it has caused him. Grabbing Hae Ryung by the shoulder, Ji Gun asks "Do you like me? When our eyes meet, does you mind go blank?" Smiling when a flustered Hae Ryung can hardily get a reply out, Ji Gun continues "Nothing right! So we are just friends who talk and comfort one another. Things that you would even do with a stranger. That's it right? So, put your head up and talk loudly because you have done nothing wrong. Live like that okay." 
Strolling with Hae Ryung after he has successfully cheered her up, Ji Gun's own mind is no where as peaceful as Hae Ryung's. Looking at Hae Ryung's reflection, Ji Gun can't help but thinks back to the question his ex-brother-in-law asked him "Losing sleeping because you are worried about her? Missing her even if she is right in front of you? Does your heart beat wildly when she gets close?" Unable to deny the truth anymore as he looks at Hae Ryung's smiling face walking towards him, Ji Gun answers within himself "Yes, I like ...that woman." 
Confident that Hyun Ki will eventually throw Hae Ryung away in disgust if he can be convinced of his wife's infidelity, a very "helpful" Young Eun calls and informs him "Your wife met with Dr. Seo (Ji Gun) today. Not at the hospital or the cooking class but in a lovely park." Curtly turning down Young Eun's offer to provide him with pictures of his wife's park outing with Ji Gun, Hyun Ki pretends disinterest as he hangs up the phone but then immediately calls Hae Ryung to check her whereabouts. 
Unable to suppress her excitement anymore about her pregnancy dream, Mama Bong is overjoyed when she discovers that Hae Ryung's period is late. Not noticing her daughter's mixed expression at the prospect of being pregnant, Mama Bong drags Hae Ryung off to the hospital to confirm the good news.  
Stunned as the doctor informs the mother and daughter the sad news that Hae Ryung is not pregnant but is missing her period because she is suffering from premature menopause, Hae Ryung quickly calls her regular doctor. Shocked to find out that her mother-in-law apparently had told her doctor to keep quiet out of concern for her, Hae Ryung cries silently as she tries to accept the fact that she will never give birth to another child. 

Not wanting to break down in front of Hae Ryung, Mama Bong had made a quick excuse to part ways from her and soon finds herself sobbing uncontrollably on the bus as she thinks about the pain her precious daughter is dealing with. 
Unable to stop worrying about what Hae Ryung's inability to have children anymore would mean to her marriage, Mama Bong shows up at Madam Jang's house to plead for her understanding. As always, Madam Jang puts on her perpetually graceful mask and assures Mama Bong that her love for Hae Ryung remains unchanged even if her daughter-in-law can't give her son more children. 

Putting on a different mask the moment Hyun Ki walks in the door, Mama Bong complains to her son about the audacity of Mama Bong to plead for her barren daughter. Not moved by Madam Jang's "sickness" that is apparently brought on by the hospital rumors and her repeated suggestion of divorce, Hyun Ki firmly tells her mother that he has no intention of separating from Hae Ryung.  
Showing up at Hae Ryung's house personally to take her home, Hyun Ki plays the perfect son-in-law and has Mama Bong beaming with happiness as she falsely believes that her daughter is lucky to have married a man that loves her enough to not care about his lack of offspring. 

Shedding the image of a blissful happy couple the moment they leave the Bong household, Hae Ryung has an honest talk with Hyun Ki and admits "You are right. I can't walk away when I think about the disappointment it would bring to my mom if I get a divorce. I also can't ignore the mother-in-law who hid the truth of my condition out of consideration for my feelings. However, in all of my reasons to go back...you are not in it. So if you can accept that then I will go back with you." 

We are not shown Hyun Ki's answer but obviously he doesn't really care why Hae Ryung stays in the marriage as long as she does end up staying so back to that suffocating house Hae Ryung goes. It does drive me crazy thought that Hae Ryung believes her mother-in-law has any love or concern for her well being. 
Resorting to copying Hae Ryung and eating ice chips to relieve some of the pant up frustration inside him, Ji Gun denies vehemently when Daddy Seo asks "So I hear that you have found someone you like? Your (ex)brother-in-law tells me that the woman is really bad tempered and ugly so I have to oppose unconditionally." 

Pretending to accept Ji Gun's protest that no such woman exists, Daddy Seo asks "Is her temper really that bad?" Huffy, Ji Gun replies without thinking "No! She is the nicest person!" Wincing the moment he sees Daddy Seo's "Gotcha" smile, Ji Gun hangs his head in defeat as his father walks away triumphantly. 
Despite being glad that he can use Hae Ryung's welfare to force Ji Gun into accepting his company's job offer, Hyun Ki finds himself somewhat bothered by the knowledge that his own wife is another man's weak spot. Grumpy as he goes along with Hyun Ki's plan to show off their "friendliness" with one another during a party to dispel the hospital rumor, Ji Gun complains "People are going to think I am in a relationship with you. Let's keep our distance okay!" 
In the middle of their usual bantering, Hyun Ki notices Ji Gun's sudden change in expression and turns around to find Hae Ryung walking towards them in a red dress. Surprised when Hyun Ki introduces Ji Gun as the hospital center's new director, Hae Ryung congratulates Ji Gun after a moment of stunned silence. Forcing himself to act normal, Ji Gun keeps his smile in place as Hyun Ki purposefully puts a possessive hand around Hae Ryung's shoulder and walks away with her. 
Rattled when he noticed Young Eun conversing with Ji Gun in the corner, a furious Hyun Ki drags her off when he hears her making thinly veiled comments about their relationship. Bothered by Young Eun's words, Ji Gun follows the duo out of the party and is disconcerted when he sees Young Eun kissing Hyun Ki. 
Turning his head away in dismay from the kissing couple, Ji Gun is horrified to see that Hae Ryung has also walked out of the party in search for him. Racing towards Hae Ryung, Ji Gun spins a very surprised Hae Ryung around so she would not see her own husband kissing another woman. 

Hae Ryung was searching for Ji Gun because she has a suspicion that he had accepted the job to free her from the affair rumor. 

Ninja's Thoughts
Dang! I really wanted Hae Ryung to see her husband with Young Eun together!! But I guess we need to drag this out for another 38 episodes so the plot can't move that fast. 

I do find it interesting that Young Eun seems to have given up on getting back together with Hyun Ki since as he told her "You know doing all this will just push me further from you!" Instead, as Young Eun bitterly explained "If I can't have you, then at the very least I want to make sure your wife doesn't get you either." Sigh...This show really is about the enigma of why women (such as Mi Soon, Se Ri, and Young Eun) hold onto jerks 

Our poor hero's path in love sure is pretty stacked up against him. There are just too many emotional baggage in front them. As much as Ji Gun's heart has forced him to admit that he has fallen in love with Hae Ryung but he certainly seems resigned that his love will remain a secret one. With Seo Jin's (Heroine's son) death still hovering over him, I am not sure Ji Gun would feel like he would have the right to be loved by Hae Ryung even if she gets a divorce. 

Messy romance aside though, there is one thing I really like about this show that I don't have the time to showcase in the recap: The familial love in the Bong family.
Like when Mama Bong aches for her daughter's pain but could only hide herself a short distance away as Hae Ryung grieves over the babies that she once dreamed of having. 
I also love the fun such as when Daddy Bong have a group facial mask party with his two siblings. 
Or when Hae Ryung's aunt pretends to be sick so she and Mi Soon can get Mama Bong out of trouble with Daddy Bong. 


  1. Loved your recap. Thanks a lot. It helped me a lot to understand better. Keep up the good work.

  2. Facial mask party is for filming taking place in their restaurant this Saturday. Papa Bong is really anticipating to be on TV show all thanks to flower boy Chul Soo who has been working as apprentice in the Kitchen. I wonder what will be the chemistry between Mi Soon and Chul Soo later. I am not expecting much of romance between them... But who knows? Anything can happen in a drama! XD

  3. Thanks for your recap, personally I do not support a Mi Soon romance with a younger guy again. I think she should go for / be with someone much closer to her age/ slightly older because she is a mature woman and the balance would be that of a mature man. Apart from her kids she should stop raising people and should be appreciated & be discovered by those men. As for HR her decision is likely to finally leave this marriage would rest on finding out about HK and his mom. Their secrets and complete hypocrisy, her support from her family should & would come when they truly see those people real faces as they are too deferential to them and she has been protecting her family from finding out her true situation (filial daughter etc). Once that happens then she can start moving on with her life and then with Ji Gun.