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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Happy Home Episode 13-14 Recap

Happy Home Episode 13-14 Recap by Ninja
Hae Wan's story: Despondent after a trip to the hospital to confirm that she really is pregnant, Hae Won explodes in anger when she meets the still clueless Kang Min by accident. With nary a worry in the world other than the fact that his father has cut off his credit card once again, Kang Min is completely puzzled when Hae Won starts venting her frustration by hitting him. 

Mi Soon's Story: Overjoyed when one of the top producer in the variety show biz suddenly decides to not feature his competitor's restaurant but his instead, Daddy Bong's mind is filled with glorious vision for himself and his restaurant. However, while the show did bring a hoard of new business for the restaurant but instead of Daddy Bong becoming famous Mi Soon is the one that got all the attention. 
Utterly surprised when the producer invites her AND Chul Soo to join a cooking show, Mi Soon is rather stunned that her trademark tamper is actually the thing that makes her cool in the audiences' eyes. 

Falling asleep after not getting any answers from Chul Soo about his mysterious background, Mi Soon is sadly unaware when Chul Soo took of his jacket to shield her from the sun. 

Dang, I am totally on the boat for noona romance between Chul Soo and Mi Soon now!!
Finally to our leads! Pushing Young Eun off after she forced a kiss on him...again, Hyun Gun whips around when Young Eun dryly informs him that his wife is with Ji Gun. 

Surprised when Ji Gun suddenly runs towards her and drags her inside, Hae Ryung looks at him a bit doubtfully when he makes a quick excuse that he heard something outside and was afraid that it might be a ghost. Remembering why she followed him, Hae Ryung asks Ji Gun if he had accepted her husband's job offer because of her. Looking at Ji Gun doubtfully again when he cheerfully insists that he had always planned to accept the job anyway, Hae Ryung is soon distracted when Hyun Ki walks through the door. 
His eyes following Hae Ryung as Hyun Ki takes her away, Ji Gun's expression turns sullen when Young Eun shows up and quietly says "That couple has never been happy since their child's death. Bong Hae Ryung feels that it was her fault that her son died so no matter what happens she just takes it like a fool, again then again. Why don't you rescue this woman? She is not someone that can free herself...whether the place is hell or a fiery furnace." 
Unable to stop thinking about Young Eun's words or her affair with Hyun Ki, Ji Gun is in no mood to be civil to Hyun Ki the next day. Not amused at all when Ji Gun trips him and freely admits that he did it out of anger, Hyun Ki confronts Ji Gun and asks "Are you trying to pass judgment on me? Or do you like my wife? I am that woman's husband so what makes you act like you have a right?" Perhaps not knowing the answer himself, Ji Gun simply replies "True, I wonder why I am acting like this. Let's not meet again." 
Foolishly believing that Young Eun is studying overseas, Hae Ryung's trust is dashed to pieces once again when she sees her husband getting up in the middle of the night to meet with his mistress. 

To be fair, Hyun Ki is actually trying very hard to break things off with Young Eun and has repeatedly told her to get lost...without much success obviously. 
After absorbing the fact that Young Eun is still in town, a few more puzzles quickly fall into place for Hae Ryung...such as the reason why Ji Gun's strange behavior the other night. Too flustered when Hae Ryung pointedly asks him "The other night when you drag me away...was there something I shouldn't see?" Ji Gun looks at her with a rather helpless expression. Laughing in self derision, Hae Ryung answers her own question "I know the answer just by looking at your expression. I knew about those two people's relationship but I was told that she left to study overseas and I believed it ...like a fool." 

Going home in a taxi, Hae Ryung soon finds out that she was a much bigger fool than she ever imagined possible. Her eyes widening in disbelief as she watches her mother-in-law talks to Young Eun right outside of the house, her whole life seems like a big lie as she remembers Madam Jang complaining that very morning of the fact that Young Eun has not contacted her even once since she left the country.
Ignorant of everything his wife has found out Hyun Ki is too busy being huffy about Hae Ryung's latest meeting with Ji Gun to notice the frozen expression on Hae Ryung's face. Determined to make sure Hae Ryung stay in her proper place as his wife, Hyun Ki coldly informs her "Today, Doctor Seo Ji Gun had a very important meeting but he left after one phone call from you. Remember your promise." Looking at Hyun Ki who after everything he has done still feel no qualms after sitting on his high horse and reminding her about their promise to stay married, Hae Ryung replies "Of course, promises need to be kept. There are nothing more important than trust between a married couple." Completely missing the irony of their conversation, Hyun Ki haughtily replies "I will trust you one time." 

Pushed to the breaking point especially with Ji Gun's words of "Of all of your reasons (to stay in the marriage) none of them have you in it." refusing to leave her head, Hae Ryung breaks down in tears as she pleads with her son's picture for his forgiveness and confesses that she wants so badly to laugh and stop pretending. 
Dismayed when he shows up for a dinner date with Hae Ryung to find Young Eun sitting there, Hyun Ki's expression turns even darker when Hae Ryung assures him that she invited Young Eun as well. Quite happy to answer any question Hae Ryung has, Young Eun ignores Hyun Ki's displeasure and tells Hae Ryung everything she wanted to know. 

Sneering when she gets the rather unpleasant answer that not only did Hyun Ki knew the truth of Young Eun's so called "study abroad" but Young Eun had actually never stopped working for Madam Jang, Hae Ryung puts the divorce paper on the table and announces to Young Eun "From this moment on, Yoo Hyun Ki...take him." 
Unfortunately for all of Hae Ryung show of bravery, Hyun Ki is not about to let her go without a fight. Knowing full well how important it is to his wife that her mother's heart will not break because of her, Hyun Ki calls his mother-in-law personally and dares Hae Ryung to tell Mama Bong about her decision to get a divorce. 

Crying as she runs away from her mother's happy voice, Hae Ryung comes out to find her evil mother-in-law waiting for her. Not batting an eyelash when Hae Ryung confronts her about Young Eun working for her all this time, Madam Jang goes on the attack and accuses Hae Ryung of fabricating her husband's affair with the intention of getting a divorce so she can be free to to be with Ji Gun. Stunned by how low Madam Jang would go to save face, Hae Ryung numbly walks past Hyun Ki after muttering "You are all so scary." 
Resorting to torturing Kang Min with an intense game of racquetball to stop himself from thinking about Hae Ryung, Ji Gun glares at Kang Min when he complains "You are killing me here. Do you have some trouble or...did you fall in love with someone you can't love?" 
In constant battle with himself as Hae Ryung's unhappiness in her prison like marriage becomes more apparent to him each day, Ji Gun finds himself staring at a cup of ice that night and tells himself "Stop thinking! Stop thinking!" Ji Gun resolutely drowns the cup of ice with beer but even before he can take a sip the sight of Hae Ryung stumbling down the street soon has him rushing towards her. 

Seemingly not surprised at all when Ji Gun has once again shown up when she is in crisis, Hae Ryung looks up with tears running down her face and pleads "Will you please help me." Catching Hae Ryung as her legs buckle under her, it is obvious all of Ji Gun's resolution to concerning Hae Ryung has just melted away into nothing.

Ninja's Thoughts
 Our poor hero. He really is head over heels for someone that he can't love. The writer has stacked up so much against Ji Gun that even if Hyun Ki is out of the picture things still doesn't look good for him. 

I do wonder if by this point Hae Ryung knows about Ji Gun's feelings towards her. One would think after Hyun Ki tells her about all the things Ji Gun has done because of her she would know by now but once I consider our heroine's personality then I am not so sure. 
Unless her life was dramatically different before her son died, then Hae Ryung would've been emotionally abused by Madam Jang for 13 years. Even under the best circumstance and we assume that Madam Jang was an angel before her grandson's death, then Hae Ryung has been living under the guilt her child's death AND the abuse of her Madam Jang for the last five years. Under the circumstance and coupled with the shock of her husband's affair I really can't see Hae Ryung having enough self confidence in herself to think someone like Ji Gun would fall in love with her. 

In the picture above Madam Jang is once again criticizing Hae Ryung for her lack of taste and laments that even if the clothes are nice someone like Hae Ryung wouldn't do it justice. From the very beginning of the show it is obvious that Madam Jang likes to suggest at every chance how unworthy Hae Ryung is for her son and enjoys torturing her in general.
It was glorious to not have Se Ri's presence for the last two episodes but judging by how quickly Mi Soon's husband has reconnected with Se Ri I guess she must be coming back soon. 

Oh, well. That one scene of Chul Soo hanging his jacket to shield Mi Soon from the sun pretty much had me sold on the Chul Soo - Mi Soon pairing...even if this noona romance still seems a bit far fetched. 
To be honest I actually don't even need Mi Soon's character to find a new man as long as she learns that she deserve a lot more than her sorry excuse of a husband...but I guess nothing works better than a new hot romance to teach you that the old one was no good. 


  1. The actor of Chul Soo is sooooo handsome!!! And he is like 20 years old! He did a really good job in One More Happy Ending.

  2. I like how this drama is all about women with incredibly disappointing men in their lives.
    Madam Jang is disappointed in her son's choice of wife.
    Young Eun is disappointed Hyun Ki keeps choosing his wife over her.
    Hae Ryung and Mi Soon are disappointed with their worthless husbands.
    Mi Soon is disappointed with her father-in-law, who exploits her when it's convenient, but doesn't come to her defense.
    Hae Won is disappointed with her baby's father.
    Se Ri is disappointed with Man Ho.
    Hell, even Ji Gun is disappointed in himself.

  3. Out of all the disappointments mentioned above by mutantreptile, I guess we can expect Chul Soo and Mi Soon noona cute romance! Wonder how will it turn out?

  4. How much longer do we have to suffer Hae Ryung in that awful marriage?!

    Surely her parents would prefer her free from those horrible people?

    1. Her parents do not know the true nature of their in-laws because the daughter has been covering up for them. Only when the cover up has been revealed then there is a higher chance of them supporting her decision to leave them.

  5. I wish Hae Ryung would stop covering up for them!