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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Happy Home Episode 15-16 Recap

Happy Home Episode 15-16 Recap By Ninja
Mi Soon's story: Becoming well known even before the cooking variety show airs, Mi Soon is working double time as she tries to to practice cooking with Chul Soo on top of working at the Bong family restaurant.

Despite being mildly jealous that his daughter-in-law is getting all the attention, Daddy Bong nonetheless gives Mi Soon his permission to participate in the TV show. Worried about how popular Mi Soon is getting, Daddy Bong's little sister warns Daddy Bong "The restaurant can't function without Mi Soon so what happens when she gets too busy? Lately there are more and more customers asking for Mi Soon...she will leave eventually."  

Having been warned of her oldest daughter's (Jin Hwa) strange behavior at school lately, Mi Soon has been unable to figure out what's wrong until one night when Jin Hwa pinches the baby on the face. Angry at first when Jin Hwa declares that she pinched the baby on purpose, Mi Soon anger soon turns to pain when her daughter sobs out that she hates the baby because he is going to steal her father away. Horrified by the realization that her precious daughter has found out about her father's affair, Mi Soon tries to explain but Jin Hwa is too traumatized to listen.
Clueless that his wife and daughter are sobbing at home because of him, Man Ho is busy being the caring Casanova at the hospital to Se Ri. The show has been pretty unclear about why Se Ri is at the hospital other than that she is unwell and has even taken some sleeping pills while depressed. I hope I am wrong but I am wondering if Se Ri is doing all of this as a way to get Man Ho back. 
Hae Won's story: After listening to the baby's heart beat it seems that Hae Won has made the difficult decision to keep her pregnancy going.
Speechless when she finds out that Kang Min actually dislikes kids, Hae Won mutters to her baby "No matter what...DON'T be like your father."
Back to our leads! Shocked by the realization that she has been spending the last 13 years with two very scary individuals our heroine runs out of her house with no where to go. Stretched to the breaking point, Hae Ryung meets our hero who was just reminding himself to not think about her a moment before. All of his resolution melting away the second a teary Hae Ryung begs "Help me please..." Ji Gun looks at Hae Ryung with concern as he takes her away.
After leading Hae Ryung to the home his father is house sitting for a friend, Ji Gun is alarmed to realize that Hae Ryung has developed a fever. Staring at Hae Ryung's sleeping face, Ji Gun confesses "Should I tell you a secret? There are people who should never meet in this life. The sort of person that even if you could brazenly look them in the eye, you would never be able to smile together. A person that every time I look at them I feel like my heart is sliced open...because I have done so much wrong against them. But no matter how I try to avoid it, I still can see that person. I can't do anything for that person...even as I sit right next to them...there is nothing I can do."
At first embarrassed when she wakes up to find herself in a strange place and by the memory of her asking Ji Gun for help the night before, Hae Ryung is quickly at ease when she finds Ji Gun standing hopelessly in the kitchen trying to cook her breakfast. Further relieved when Ji Gun puts her to work at his father's medical office without asking any questions, Hae Ryung allows herself to forget all her troubles for a short while.
Guessing right away from the way his son can't seem to take his eyes off Hae Ryung, it doesn't take much for Daddy Seo to figure out Hae Ryung must be the lady Ji Gun has a crush on. Immensely satisfied with Hae Ryung, Daddy Seo decides to free his son from his one side crush and tells Hae Ryung frankly that Jin Gun likes her.
Daddy Seo has no clue that Hae Ryung is married. 
Blissfully clueless that his own father has just confessed for him, Ji Gun is busy back at the city having a very unpleasant dinner with Hyun Ki. Suspicious that his wife is with Ji Gun, Hyun Ki follows him to a hotel and barges into the room all ready to confront Hae Ryung only to be stunned when Kang Min walks out instead.
Ji Gun actually noticed Hyun Ki following him so that's why he paid Kang Min a visit. 
Frantic when he gets home to find Hae Ryung gone, Ji Gun searches everywhere and finally finds her walking in the dark. Much calmer now that Hae Ryung is in his sight again, Ji Gun is content to just follow her from a short distance away.

Lost in her own thoughts as she walks, Hae Ryung's mind is filled with everything Ji Gun has done for her...and all the proof of his feelings for her.
Turning around slowly to look at Ji Gun standing a short distance away, Hae Ryung asks "Do you like me?"

Standing still as Hae Ryung walks towards him and asks again "Do you like me?" Ji Gun finally replies "At first I thought it was just by chance that you keep appearing in front of me. Because I know it can't be, I tried avoiding you but it was useless. Without me knowing, in the end my eyes could only see you. It seems like my heart is dictating me. I am sorry, I like you. I don't have any expectation nor any thought that you would like me. I just want you to be happy. That's it."

Smiling in a self deprecating manner, Ji Gun continues "I have been discovered. Does that mean we can't be friends anymore. That can't be. Can't I just look at you from afar?"
Still apprehensive that Hae Ryung would distance herself from him now that she knows his feeling, Ji Gun's fear is soothed when Hae Ryung bids him good night then tells him "I've lived my life believing that it is alright for me to suffer alone if that would make everyone else happy. I have never thought to ask what went wrong and where it went wrong. But thanks to you, I have realized that I can start thinking about myself. No, more correctly just myself. Thank you, you are a very good friend, a friend that is ridiculously good to me."
Content that Hae Ryung still considers him a friend, Ji Gun smiles and is about to go back to his own room when Hae Ryung's scream sends him running to her.

Already shaken when she walks into her room to find it looking like a thief has gone through it, Hae Ryung is horrified when pictures of Ji Gun and herself that was taken just a short while ago are sent to her phone. Picking up Madam Jang's phone call with a shaking hand, Hae Ryung listens with dismay as her mother-in-law threatens to send those photos to her parents and Ji Gun's hospital if she doesn't quietly get a divorce.

Unable to stand by as Hae Ryung's expression turns to one of terror, Ji Gun grabs the phone just in time to hear Madam Jang's final warning "...unless you want to fall to the bottom with your genius doctor." 
Finally understanding the hell Hae Ryung must have been living in, Ji Gun grabs Hae Ryung by the shoulder and tells her "Leave that house. If you need to then use me. I don't care if I fall to the bottom. Stop caring about what others think, just get out, I beg you."

Breaking down as she looks at Ji Gun's sincere expression, Hae Ryung sobs as Ji Gun pulls her into his arms and lets her cry her heart out.
Waking up in the morning to find Ji Gun sleeping sitting up a few feet from her, Hae Ryung sighs as she remembers Ji Gun's plea the night before for her to leave Madam Jang's house even at the expense of his career.

Leaving the sleeping Ji Gun when Hyun Ki's shows up to personally take her back to their house, Hae Ryung is obviously in no mood to revert back to the obedient wife Hyun Ki wishes her to be. Wincing when Hae Ryung freely admits that she has been staying with Ji Gun, Hyun Ki tries to assure Hae Ryung that he is willing to move out of his mother's house if she so desires. Fed up with both mother and son, especially when Hyun Ki's answer to his mother spying on Hae Ryung is "You should've acted better then," a very cold Hae Ryung asks "What if the person I can't stand living with is you?"
Showing up at her mother-in-law's office, Hae Ryung demands to know why Madam Jang would go so far and act so despicably towards her. Confident that she has Hae Ryung in the palm of her hand now, Madam Jang freely admits that she had planned everything so she could kick Hae Ryung out without having to carry the bad reputation of divorcing her poor daughter-in-law because of Hae Ryung's infertility.
Feeling unsettled by Hae Ryung's talk of divorce, Hyun Ki pays Ji Gun a visit to thank him "for taking care of my wife". Impatient with Hyun Ki's insistence that Hae Ryung will go back to her place as his wife, Ji Gun tells Hyun Ki "Is it because of me? Was your pride hurt because of me and that's why you are holding onto her? Let that woman go. What do I need to do? Do you need me to kneel down? If that will work then I will kneel." Barely containing his fury, Hyun Ki yanks Ji Gun up before he could kneel down and declares "She and I will go back to our places. We will be a couple for all to envy once again. So get away from my wife." Unimpressed by Hyun Ki's speech, Ji Gun answers "I had wanted to hear those words before, but it's too late. I have found out too much. You don't deserve to be that woman's husband."
Perhaps shaken by Ji Gun's words, Hyun Ki is viably eager when Hae Ryung calls and asks him to come home for dinner. At first reassured to come home to the familiar sight of Hae Ryung cooking for him, Hyun Ki soon realizes that Hae Ryung is still determined to leave when she informs him that not only will this be the last meal she cooks for him but she will be moving out.
Immensely pleased when she walks in the door to see Hae Ryung waiting with a small suitcase, Madam Jang's triumphant feeling soon turns to puzzlement when Hae Ryung calmly tells her that she will not be taking the blame for the divorce. Stunned as Hae Ryung replays a recording of her own admittance of wanting to get rid of Hae Ryung because of her inability to have children, Madam Jang could only stand in shock as Hae Ryung coldly reminds her "The moment you think about doing anything to me is when this recording will be spread to all the social media. How fortunate that mother is such a well known person for her virtue."

Ninja's Thoughts
Boy! Was it satisfying to see Madam Jang's expression when she realized Hae Ryung could fight back when she is pushed too far. It is actually kinda interesting that Hyun Ki has always known his wife could be scary when she gets angry but I think even Hyun Ki has come to believe that he can control Hae Ryung by using her parents. Judging by the preview it looks like that's exactly what Hyun Ki is going to try next so it remains to be seen if Hae Ryung can really live for herself like she promised Ji Gun. 
 We also found out this week why Hyun Ki is so determined to not get a divorce. Kneeling in front of Madam Jang, Young Eun stoically explains "Your son will not get a divorce. He has built a home that he can come home to at the end of the day. A home that is not the cold empty space that is without his mother. Home is what Bong Hae Ryung is to him." 

How ironic is that for someone that has built her whole public image as this perfect traditional woman, Madam Jang is such a failure as a mother that her own son has developed this psychological dependence on Hae Ryung in order to fulfill his childhood need for a mother. Of course that also begs the question if Hyun Ki actually loves Hae Ryung herself or just has this sick need to have her represent the home he always wanted. 
There were SO many awesome scenes between our two leads in this week's episode! I particularly love the scene where Hae Ryung turns around with the full expectation to see Ji Gun standing behind her. I am still unsure if Hae Ryung has fallen in love with our hero yet but one thing we can be sure of is that she has has certainly come to rely on the fact that Ji Gun is always there for her.  
But then it is completely unfathomable to me that any woman could not fall for a man who can be that good looking while sleeping in such an uncomfortable position. ps. I also like this particular scene a lot since it hits home once again of Ji Gun's role as Hae Ryung's guardian. 


  1. Love reading your recaps as it holds me and fellow viewers until we could watch it with subs. I sincerely hoped that Hae Ryung had recorded her confrontational meeting with Hyun Ki and Young Eun at the restaurant, it would have been a weapon that come in handy as she would have had the confession thus giving her more grounds for divorce. From the preview it appears that the daughters unhappiness is going to force Mi Soon to make some decisions regarding her marriage and living with the Bongs. Looking forward to more episodes and your recaps.

  2. how can man ho support se ri when he himself needs support from his wife and his family. didn't he choose his family over se ri b ecausee he cannot live indepently from her. there are times wanted shake man ho and bring him to his senses. now that mi sook is being recognized as the chef behind 'happy home', i think she should have her own restaurant . her father in law is past his prime. cannot understand him though, he caress more for his siblings rather than his own kids, maybe r eason why man ho turned up this way.

  3. Thank you for the recap every week. I rely on this so much since the subs are late for this drama. I just want to let you know that there really are people out here who are completely dependent on what you write every week :)

    1. Thank you! As much as I enjoy having an excuse to rewatch every Lee Sang Woo scene it is always nice to know that someone is reading my ramblings.

    2. Me too. I read this every week so I can keep up. :-)

  4. Once subs come out, 15 and 16 is where I'll start watching again. Dying to see Hae Ryung face down Madam Jung.