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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Love at Seventeen Episode 2 Recap

Love at Seventeen Episode 2 Recap By Ninja
We back track a bit from where we left off. Munching on the food Hao Yi shared with her, Alice starts to think maybe our hero is not such a big jerk after all. In a much friendlier mood now that he knows Alice is not his twin sister, Hao Yi candidly tells her about his father's passing and his suspicion that his own mother wouldn't want to see him. Looking up in surprise when he sees Alice has been moved to tears by his life story, Hao Yi is about to tease her but the room suddenly goes dark. 

Back to where we left off last episode. Screaming in fear because of the sudden darkness, Alice finally calms down enough to notice that she is extremely close to Hao Yi. Sadly, before our two leads can fully enjoy their first close encounter the screams of the store staff demanding "Who is cooking Ramen?!" sends Hao Yi and Alice running away. 
Escaping out of the comic store with Hao Yi, Alice wave excitedly when she sees Mama He and introduces her to Hao Yi. Hiding his shock as his own mother greets him like a complete stranger, Hao Yi quickly changes the direction of the conversation when Mama He asks "Have we met before?" 
Worried that Hao Yi has no place to go Alice decides to take Hao Yi home for the night. Still angry that her daughter was caught with a packet of cigarette at the school, Mama Ai becomes even more furious when Hao Yi freely admits that he was the one that put the cigarettes in Alice's bag...and that's how we ended up with Mama Ai chasing Hao Yi around with a broom.  
Still a softy at heart despite her yells, Mama Ai reluctantly agrees to let Hao Yi stay the night. Woken up by her mother snoring, Alice checks on the sleeping Hao Yi and cries out in alarm when her hand touches his feverish skin. 

Left to her own device after failing to wake up her sleeping mother, Alice nurses Hao Yi all through the night. So cute!  
Completely recovered the next morning, Hao Yi's chipper mood is immediately soured when he and Alice arrive at school to find Mama He waiting for them. Stunned to recognize Hao Yi as the same boy that greeted her like a complete stranger the night before, Mama He pleads for Hao Yi to go home with her but Hao Yi just walks away after saying "A woman who can't even recognize her own son has no right." 
Going to pool once again to clear his head after leaving his mother in tears, Hao Yi impatiently gets out when Alice loudly calls his name. Chiding Hao Yi for foolishly getting into the pool when he is getting over a fever, Alice hands him a gift from his twin sister (Xiao Fen) and a lunch box form Mama He. 
Huffy as he walks back to his classroom, Hao Yi puts Xiao Fen's present in front of the class and writes "Lost and Found". So mean! 

Walking past Han Ming (Edison Wang's character, the nerd that has a crush on Shu Lei (heroine's best friend)), Hao Yi nonchalantly puts the lunch box Mama He had prepared for him on Han Ming's desk. His uncaring expression faltering when Han Ming eagerly gets ready to dig in, Hao Yi quickly jumps up and snatches the lunch box back. Viably moved as he opens the lunch box to see the egg yolk without the whites, Hao Yi's attitude softens considerably knowing that his mother still remembers that he doesn't like egg whites.  
Pausing when his sister stops him from leaving and tearfully apologizes for all the years she has been missing from his life, the last resentment in Hao Yi's heart finally melts as he sobs out all his loneliness. 
Back in the loving embrace of his mother and sister, Hao Yi's life is now filled with happiness, friendship and...
a budding new romance with Alice! 
Her attention elsewhere during her friends' busy chatters, Alice's mind can't seem to concentrate on anything else other than the way Hao Yi's hand touched hers when he saved her from an oncoming basketball. 
Snapping out of her day dream when her friends demand to know "The person you like is...?" Alice quickly answers "No! I don't like Hao Yi!" which of course just tips her friends off on who she has been thinking about. 
The little spark of interest between our two leads is quickly turning into something more even if nothing has been said out loud...yet. 
Convincing Alice to skip out of school to go to the comic store in order to read the newest release, Hao Yi smiles with satisfactions when he manages to get the clueless Alice to put her head on his shoulder under the guise of reading. 
Caught red handed when they try to sneak back into class, our two leads and their friends who tried to cover up for their absence end up doing squats in the hallway. Smiling as they exchange glaces with one another, the power of friendship makes the punishment into a bonding experience for the four young leads. 

Convinced that their friendship will last for the rest of their lives, the foursome bury a time capsule underneath a tree and promise to reopen it in 10 years. 
Alas, all good things must come to an end...at least temporarily in the dramaland. Caught in a bind when Shu Lei accidentally finds out that she knows the true identity of Shu Lei's secret admirer, Alice refuses to tell her best friend who the mysterious "Peter" is. 

Furious that Alice would ignore her overwhelming desire to find out the true identity of her secret admirer, Shu Lei angrily declares that Alice is no longer her friend. Naively believing that Shu Lei will eventually forgive her no matter how angry she is, Alice decides to keep her promise to Han Ming of keeping his Peter identity a secret. 
Losing both of her friends in one swoop because of her determination to keep her promise to Han Ming, Alice would be left all alone if not for Hao Yi's reassuring presence. 

Ignoring all the girls that are clamoring to be his partner during a dance class, Hao Yi walks resolutely to Alice and twirls her into his arms. 

Ninja's Thoughts
Sigh, I guess next episode is going to be painful to watch as our heroine's heart is probably going to be broken by her friend and then Hao Yi. As much as I am not looking forward to the conflict that will rip apart the four leads' friendship I am quite eager for the time jump and really hope that we will meet the grown up characters by episode 3.
So far I am quite satisfied with the pacing of the show...even if some parts of the story might've moved a bit too fast. Case in point, the writer had made a big show of how resentful Hao Yi was towards his mom and twin sister so it was a bit unbelievable that he would forgive them so fast. However, considering we are just setting up the backstory for our two leads to meet 10 years later I am all for not dragging things out. 
ps. Lego Li and Nikki Hsieh are so cute together.


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