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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Love at Seventeen Episode 3 Recap

Love at Seventeen Episode 3 Recap By Ninja
With full confidence that Shu Lei (heroine's friend, most popular girl of the school) will eventually forgive her for refusing to reveal the identity of the mysterious "Peter", Alice is more concerned with the fact that she has fallen in love with the school's most sought after boy.

So consumed with all the confusing feelings jumbled up inside her, Alice falls asleep at school and dreams of Hao Yi declaring in the most heart skipping manner that he likes her. Darn, I was so excited there for a moment! 
Rudely woken up from her lovely dream by her friends, Alice is bewildered when she sees Shu Lei triumphantly wears a jacket from the very same boy (Qi Tai) she has sworn she will never date. Unbeknownst to Alice, through a series of misunderstandings Shu Lei has come to the mistaken conclusion that Qi Tai is her secret admirer Peter. At first perplexed by the mistaken identity, Qi Tai quickly realizes this is his perfect chance to date Shu Lei and unabashedly assumes the role of Peter.

Unable to understand why Alice is still insisting on protecting Peter's identity even when she has already decided to date Qi Tai as a reward for him being her secret admirer, Shu Lei sees Alce's silence as a further proof of her betrayal.
Still not forgiven by Shu Lei, Alice is resigned to go home all by her lonesome until Hao Yi invites himself to her house with the excuse that he desperately needs some math tutoring. Notwithstanding her full intention to do all she can to save Hao Yi from flunking his math class, Alice's study session with Hao Yi soon turns into a tickling session when our hero discovers that she is ticklish.

Embarrassed when the play wrestling ended with Hao Yi on top of her, Alice shyly reminds Hao Yi to get back to studying. His mind obviously not on the books at all, Hao Yi eventually turns the conversation into a investigation about who Alice likes. Too shy to just tell Hao Yi that she likes him, Alice drops several hints for Hao Yi to figure out on his own...alas our hero is too dense and ends up stomping away in anger believing Alice must like some other guy.
At first disheartened by Hao Yi sudden departure, Alice's mood lightens considerably when she finds a piece of paper Hao Yi accidentally left behind.

Fuming by himself as he wonders who Alice likes, Hao Yi hides his delight when he looks up to find Alice in front of him. His delight quickly turning to embarrassment once Alice takes out his math test and asks "Would someone who gets 100% on his test really be in danger of flunking math class?" Hao Yi utters a few weak protests then quickly change the subject to the upcoming dance party at the school camping trip and insists that he will be Alice's partner...since no one else would be her date anyway.
Ignoring all the girls that are clamoring for his attention, Hao Yi sits down in front of Alice and for once is honest with his feelings as he invites Alice to dance with him not because he pities her but because he truly wants to be with her.

With her dram coming true right in front of her, Alice bright smile suddenly wanes as her mind finally connects the dots and realizes that her best friend might be in danger.
Dumbfounded when Alice pulls her hand away from his and turns down his dance invitation by saying "I have more important things to do right now," Hao Yi stands frozen as Alice dashes away for what he assumes must be to another boy's side.
Suspicious that Qi Tai might attempt to get Shu Lei drunk, Alice runs around searching for her best friend. Tipped off as well that Qi Tai is in possession of alcohol, the teachers are also out searching for Qi Tai's whereabouts.

Gasping in shock when they see two shadows on top of each other in a tent, the little group of searchers burst in with the worst possible conjectures in mind. Confusion turning to dismay when she looks up to see Hao Yi's shocked expression, Alice tries to explain but no one seems to be listening.
Unwilling to fess up his plan to get Shu Lei drunk, Qi Tai promptly accuses Alice of trying to seduce him out of her jealousy towards her best friend. Angrily denying Qi Tai's charge, Alice protests that she was the one that pushed Qi Tai off her and she was only trying to find Shu Lei to tell her that Qi Tai is not Peter. Unable to stand by when he sees Alice is still valiantly trying keep his secret under the worst situation, Han Ming finally announces that he is the real Peter.

Unfortunately, Han Ming's public confession was met with disbelief and all the students choose to believe Alice as some tramp who tried to seduce her best friend's boyfriend. Bewildered, Alice turns her pleading eyes to Hao Yi but her hope is cruelly dashed when even Hao Yi refuses to believe her.
Time Jump to 13 years later! We meet our heroine first.

Working as a lab researcher, it is easy to see that the 30 year old Alice is no longer the friendly eager girl with a pleasant smile for everyone. Instead, feared and despised by most of her co-workers, Alice has become a well known emotionless robot at her work place. 
Our hero on the other hand doesn't seem to have changed as dramatically as Alice but has simply matured and gain a whole lot of confidence with his success in his career. Back from U.S., Hao Yi has accepted a job with the Jie Si Te corporation as their crisis management specialist...the same company our heroine works at.
Showing up at the very same comic book store he used to frequent during his high school days, Hao Yi jumps to action when a man started choking in the store. Stunned when he realizes while he was busy saving the man's life, the woman standing next to him had "rescued" the much sought after comic book from the choking man's hand and has gone off to enjoy herself at a cubical, Hao Yi is determined to educate the cold blooded woman on principles of human kindness.
Impatient to have some stranger buzzing around her her when she simply wanted to enjoy her comic book, Alice stands up to leave and belatedly realizes the busybody is none other than Hao Yi.
Giving no indication that she recognized Hao Yi, Alice simply checked out the comic book and walked away.

Nagged by a sense of familiarity even though most of Alice's face was covered by a mask, Hao Yi mutters to himself "It can't be Alice. She has disappeared for 13 years...plus there is no way a woman with such a dreadful personality could be Alice."

Meanwhile, other than a slight pause as she walked out of the comic book store Alice gives no sign that Hao Yi was more than a stranger to her.
Thankfully not torturing us with a bunch of near misses, the writer quickly allows the two leads' paths to cross again. Eager to meet the famous researcher A.I. of Jie Si Te corporation, Hao Yi is shocked when Alice walks in and calmly introduces herself "I am researcher A.I. short for Alice."

Ninja's Thoughts
Sigh...this episode left me in a gloomy mood. The sweet first crush that had so much hope and the friendship that should've lasted forever all came crushing down in such a epic manner for our heroine. I think Alice's pain resonated with me because all of us probably had to learn those life lesson in one way or another so it left a more lasting impression on me.
Judging by how drastically Alice has changed to the point of attempting to shut off all her emotions I am assuming there must be more unpleasant things that happened after the school camping trip that the show hasn't shown us yet. I cringe to think what Hao Yi might've done 13 years ago as a teenage boy who can't see past his hurt pride, but I guess we have the rest of the show to make him beg for Alice's forgiveness. By the way, I will freely admit that the heroine wasn't the brightest bulb at the school camp either. It seems plain dumb that she wouldn't tell Hao Yi that she is concerned about her friend but instead chose to go off in the dark to search for Shu Lei herself. 

I didn't include this in the recap but I am a bit worried about Alice's fainting spell at work and her trip to the doctor's office towards the end of this episode. I am hoping really hard that the writer is not going to spring some fatal disease on us but instead is just paving a way for the hero to have a reason to take care of the heroine...or maybe the reason why she disappeared years ago??

I am strangely looking forward to next week's episode when Edison Wang's nerdy character will come back triumphant as the successful AND very good looking grown up Peter. There were a few hints that maybe Peter has turned his idol crush on Shu Lei into genuine feelings for Alice but then according to the preview it looks like he will be reunited with Shu Lei soon so I wonder if maybe he and Alice has become more like families to each other than potential lovers.

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