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Monday, April 4, 2016

Refresh Man Episode 5 Recap

Refresh Man Episode 5 Recap By Ninja
Gladly accepting Zhi Yu's (2nd male lead) invitation for some coffee,Yu Tang shyly shakes her head in embarrassment when Zhi Yu recounts how Yu Tang's willingness to wipe up some spillage on the floor during a secretarial party left a deep impression on him in the past. 

Eating a late dinner after running around all day, Yu Tang is surprised when Elsa suddenly shows up to eat with her. Sneering when Elsa causally remarks about Wen Kai's tendency to turn into someone unlike his usual self when he is around her, Yu Tang assures Elsa "He only acts that way because we are nemesis! So of course he is act very different with me than with you who are always prefect." Not completely convinced, Elsa wonders "Maybe there are some misunderstanding between you two?" Shaking her head, Yu Tang insists that she and Wen Kai just can't get along. 
Tired from working late into the night then getting summoned to Wen Kai's house early next morning to clean his pool, Yu Tang can't help but yawns non-stop. 
Walking away from the pool to take a phone call, Wen Kai turns around in alarm when he hears Yu Tang's panic scream for help. Jumping into the pool without hesitation, Wen Kai quickly rescues a struggling Yu Tang after exhorting some effort to clam her down. 
Changing into some dry clothes, Wen Kai shakes his head when he walks in to find Yu Tang asleep on the sofa. Putting a bottle of ginger tea he personally made by the sleeping Yu Tang, Wen Kai reluctantly rushes off to work.  
Slightly moved when she wakes up to find the ginger tea and a note from Wen Kai, Yu Tang decides to be nice and delivers Wen Kai's phone to him when she notices that he had left it behind. Flustered when Yu Tang shows up at his office and announces that she has brought the phone he left behind in the bedroom in front of Elsa, Wen Kai hides his embarrassment by scolding her. 
Huffy when Wen Kai keeps complaining about the food she cooked as being bland, Yu Tang is about to head home when she tries to wake a sleeping Wen Kai up and realizes that he is feverish. 
Unable to extract her hand when the feverish Wen Kai grabs it and refuses to let go, Yu Tang ends up falling asleep on his bed and wakes up the next morning to find Wen Kai staring intently at her. 
Despite the lovely way of waking up with Yu Tang beside him, Wen Kai's good mood soon turns sour when he hears Yu Tang's plan to have breakfast with a "friend". Parked outside of Yu Tang's house, Wen Kai is vexed as he watches a smiling Yu Tang gets into Zhi Yu's car. Recognizing Zhi Yu's face, Wen Kai mutters angrily "If you (Yu Tang) needed insider information on YOURS then you should've come to me!" 
YOURS is the company Yu Tang has been trying to contact so she could persuade them to sign a big contract with them. 
Unable to shake off his anger from watching Yu Tang getting into another man's car even when he gets to work, Wen Kai's poor employees shrink in puzzlement when an usually sever Wen Kai vents his frustration on them. 
Clueless that Wen Kai has been working secretly to smooth her path to obtain the big contract, Yu Tang is furious when her co-workers inform her that Wen Kai has shortened their 3 month deadline to sheer 2 weeks. The two weeks is actually not set by Wen Kai but just another way he is trying to help Yu Tang because he has obtained an insider information concerning the date. 

Although convinced that Wen Kai has willy nilly changed the date just to torture her, Yu Tang nonetheless hands Wen Kai the ginger tea she has bought for him as a repayment for his kindness before. Hiding his pleasure as he accepts the tea from Yu Tang, Wen Kai doesn't answer when a puzzled Elsa wonders why he won't explain about the deadline change but allows Yu Tang to think the worst.
Hardly able to hide his excitement as he secretly looks at the treat (dry squid) he has worked extremely hard to obtain for Yu Tang, Wen Kai gleefully imagines hugging a grateful Yu Tang once he presents her with her favorite treat. Unfortunately for all of Wen Kai's delightful imaginations, he ends up eating all of the treat in irritation when he looks over to see Yu Tang talking on the phone with Zhi Yu.  
Requesting only to have dinner with Wen Kai as her birthday present, Elsa can hardly contain her excitement as she gets ready for her very first date with her boss. Completely clueless how important the dinner is to Elsa, Wen Kai readily agrees to Elsa's text reminder to be on time and thinks of the dinner date only as a friendly meal between co-workers. 
Heading out to meet with Elsa, Wen Kai's attention is caught when he overhears two secretaries giggling over a certain guy's assertion that he will teach Yu Tang a lesson during their annual secretarial party. 
Harboring a deep resentment towards Yu Tang after she has repeatedly refused to date him in the past, Secretary Zhang is gratified to have Yu Tang coming to beg for his time now that she is desperate to obtain a contract with YOURS. Taking his chance for revenge, Secretary Zhang first challenges Yu Tang to find a way to attend the party even though she is no longer a secretary then proceeds to attempt to embarrass her in front of everyone once Yu Tang was able to get in with a fake invitation. 

Swallowing her pride as she kneels to wipe the wine Secretary Zhang purposefully spilled on his shoes, Yu Tang forces herself to smile even as all her old acquaintances gather to laugh at her. Pleased as he walks away after reminding Yu Tang that she should've accepted him before, Secretary Zhang laughs as he tells the staff that her party invitation is fake. 

Just when Yu Tang is about to be forced to leave the party amid everyone's jeers, the prince like Zhi Yu suddenly shows up and asks Yu Tang "Can you be my date tonight?" 
Intently mindful of all the jealous stares as she walks around with her hand on Zhi Yu's arms, Yu Tang turns down Zhi Yu's offer to accompany her to meet with Secretary Zhang and insists that she needs to confront difficult things on her own. 

Jubilant when he realizes Yu Tang is going to deliver herself into his hand to be shamed once again, Secretary Zhang ignores Yu Tang's glare and puts his hand around her shoulder in an intimate manner. In the mean time, Wen Kai has just walked into the party to search for Yu Tang personally. Yeah! 

Ninja's Thoughts
Well...our male second lead is sure not very memorable so far despite the writer's obvious intention to set him up as the PERFECT prince charming...but I guess we just need him around to make our hero crazy with jealousy. 

As far as plot progression go, I feel like we are kind of stuck since for all intent and purposes Yu Tang is still fighting all on her own to save her department. We did see a slight improvement as some of Yu Tang's co-workers pulled together to make her a fake party invitation to meet with Secretary Zhang, but that sure doesn't seem enough when the whole department faces the crisis of being axed in two weeks. 
BUT then who cares about story progress when things are starting to get increasingly interesting between our two leads! 


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