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Monday, April 11, 2016

Refresh Man Episode 6 Recap

Refresh Man Episode 6 Recap By Ninja
Gleeful to have the opportunity to teach Yu Tang a lesson in retribution for her unwillingness to date him in the past, Secretary Zhang mercilessly hands Yu Tang one glass after another knowing that she has to follow his wish in order to have a hope in gaining the coveted YOURS contract.

Worried about Yu Tang, Wen Kai arrives at the club and frowns when he sees Secretary Zhang with Yu Tang. After getting a waitress to lead Yu Tang away with the excuse that someone is looking for her, Wen Kai confronts Secretary Zhang and personally drinks the crazy alcoholic concoction that was meant for Yu Tang.

Successfully getting rid of Secretary Zhang with a threat of personally blocking a YOURS project then telling his boss why that happened, Wen Kai pretends ignorance when a very confused Yu Tang comes back to find everyone gone.

Pulled by Wen Kai to the dance floor, a still confused Yu Tang is bursting with questions even as her body unconsciously follows Wen Kai's every dance move.
Equally confused to see Yu Tang at the dance floor, Zhi Yu (male second lead) jumps in during an opening to tell Wen Kai that Yu Tang is his dance partner. Hiding his displeasure to see Yu Tang dancing with someone else, Wen Kai twirls Yu Tang away from those offending arms and declares "She is my dance partner tonight."
Bidding a hurried goodbye to Zhi Yu after Wen Kai drags her out of the club, Yu Tang is soon busy taking care of her sleeping boss when Wen Kai unsurprisingly falls into a drunken slumber the moment he is in the car. Looking at Wen Kai's sleeping face, Yu Tang is reminded of a memory from long ago as she reminisce about the time when Wen Kai saved her from a few jerks during a school party and the dance they shared.
Settling a drunken Wan Kai in his bed, Yu Tang smiles slightly as she wipes his face and tells him "You must've thought I was really mean to you in the past. But every time I laughed at you or teased you, it was all to push you to be better....because in my eyes you were always the smartest one." Too deep in his drunken slumber to hear any of Yu Tang's heartfelt confession, Wen Kai unconsciously grabs hold Yu Tang's hand and holds it against his face.

I wonder if grabbing Yu Tang's hand whenever he is unconscious has some deep meaning for our hero since he has done this several times already. 
Shaking his head in confusion when he wakes up to find Elsa in front of him, Wen Kai finally remembers belatedly that he was suppose to eat dinner with her that night. Assuming Wen Kai must've missed their date for an impromptu business meeting, Elsa is touched when Wen Kai brings out a cake he had bought earlier. Stunned when Elsa tells him that she has never had a birthday cake on her birthday before due to a rather sad childhood, Wen Kai quickly promises her "From now on you won't have to be alone on your birthday anymore. Make sure you invite me every year to blow out your birthday candle with you."

Unfortunately for Elsa, a very untimely phone call from Yu Tang soon distracts Wen Kai and he ends up leaving Elsa to blow out the birthday candles by her lonesome while he is busy bickering with Yu Tang. Utterly displeased to find out that Yu Tang had called him mistakenly while trying to call Zhi Yu, Wen Cai orders Yu Tang to show up at his house bright and early the next morning.
Smiling with satisfaction the next morning when Yu Tang remarks at the unusually large amount of breakfast he ordered, Wen Kai is soon seething with frustration when Yu Tang turns down his invitation to eat with him just because she has yet another breakfast date with Zhi Yu.

Walking out of his house to see Zhi Yu has shown up personally to pick Yu Tang up, Wen Kai forces himself to behave civilly. Eyeing Wen Kai strangely when he insists on putting her coat on her personally in front of Zhi Yu, Yu Tang is clueless that the moment she is out of sight her perpetually cool boss is jumping around in frustration in a very uncool manner.
Already in a foul mood after sending Yu Tang off on her morning date with another man, Wen Kai's mood becomes even worse when he gets to work to find a video of Yu Tang in his mailbox. Rushing into Wen Kai's office to report to him about Yu Tang's video that has circulated the whole company, Elsa stops dead in her track after taking one look at Wen Kai's frozen expression.
Elated and nervous when Zhi Yu tells her that he has arrange a meeting for her to meet with YOURS' CEO, Yu Tang rushes back to her company to prepare for her presentation but is confused when every member of Department 3 tries to stop her from going to work.

Yu Tang soon finds out why all her co-worker is determined to rush her out of the door when two secretaries jeeringly shows her the video of her wiping Secretary Zhang's shoe at the night club. Before Yu Tang even has time to defend herself though, every member of Department 3 jump out in unison to speak on her behalf. Huffy and unrepentant when they are revealed to be the one that uploaded the video, the two mean secretaries are about to leave when Wen Kai shows up and forces them to apologize to Yu Tang.
Thoughtful after watching all the members of Department 3 rallied around Yu Tang, Wen Kai confidently surrounds Yu Tang's meeple with the rest of her co-workers.

True to Wen Kai's hope, Yu Tang's co-workers pull together to work on the presentation for YOURS and finish just in time to send Yu Tang confidently out of the door.
Still determined to be an obstacle in Yu Tang's path anyway he can, Secretary Zhang not so subtly threatens the two department heads in charge into promising that they will be sure to make things difficult for Yu Tang.

Excited at first when YOURS' CEO seems to be quite happy with her presentation, Yu Tang and her co-worker are quickly disappointed when Secretary Zhang is able to block the contract signing with the two department heads' help.
However, before Yu Tang can dwell on her failure for too long she is informed by a phone call from her department that a customer had asked to meet with her to put in an order for the Mei Mei soap. 

Glad to recognize the woman who actually took one of her soap samples back when Wen Kai had her giving them away on the street, Yu Tang is stunned as the woman introduces herself as the wife to YOURS' CEO and tells Yu Tang that she wants to sign a contract with her company.

Ninja's Thoughts
Finally! I am glad that Department 3 finally rallied together. I thought for sure the writer would have Yu Tang win over each of her co-worker one by one so I was pretty surprised that she got all of them in one swoop.

The last bit with the CEO's wife felt a bit...too lucky but I guess as long as the show is willing to show us Secretary Zhang's shocked face when he finds out about the contract I am good with a little luck.
One of the pleasant revelation in this hour is the hint we get from the flashbacks that perhaps Wen Kai's one sided crush back then wasn't so one sided after all. Watching Yu Tang being surrounded by all the boys who are asking to dance with her, Wen Kai turns away in disappointment completely convinced that he is not worthy of her. Unbeknownst to Wen Kai, Yu Tang has also turned down all the dance invitations and had only shown up because Wen Kai had said he was going. 

That's so awesome!! I never thought of the possibility that maybe Yu Tang liked Wen Kai as well but judging from the flashbacks and her bedside confession it sure feels like that might've been the case. 


  1. i love reading your recaps, thank you! it helps me know what parts to skip when it gets too cheesy lol

    i also think the meeting with the ceo wife is a bit lucky - but because this is a twdrama i'm willing to be we find out the ceo wife has some other connection to yutang or wenkai later on haha. and yes - i cannot wait to see the head secretary's face later on

  2. havent watched it yet cuz im still in office, haha.. but coming here as soon as i saaw someone posting this link in soompi forum. thank you. i really appreciate your hardwork. fighting!

  3. Great recap as always thank you