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Monday, April 18, 2016

Refresh Man Episode 7 Recap

Refresh Man Episode 7 Recap by Ninja
Despite being ecstatic as she heads back to work to share her exciting good news, Yu Tang takes time to notice the shiny new hallway her co-workers had worked so hard to clean up together to signify a new beginning for their department. Completely thrilled when Yu Tang announce that she has actually secured the YOURS contract, the whole Department Three cheers with disbelief and joy.

Equally pleased by Yu Tang's success, Wen Kai's happy mood immediately sours when he shows up at Department Three to find Zhi Yu there already. Remembering Madam Luo's (the wife of YOURS CEO and the one that signed the contract with Yu Tang) parting words that someone had spoken on behalf for her, Yu Tang mistakenly assumes that Zhi Yu must've been the one that helped her. Getting more peeved by the second as he realizes that Zhi Yu is getting brownie points for something he did for Yu Tang, Wen Kai all but pushes Zhi Yu out of the door.
Speechless as Wen Kai personally escorts him out of the company just to make sure he can't hang around Yu Tang any longer, Zhi Yu calmly assures Wen Kai that he will be sure to contact Yu Tang again for future business needs. Impatient, Wen Kai retorts back "I am the one making the decisions so just send me an e-mail. In fact, considering that you must be very busy why don't I just come to you so that way you don't have to come here at all."
Still in a good mood despite his little "run in" with Zhi Yu, Wen Kai invites Elsa along on his celebratory trip to his favorite ice shop. Thoughtful as she listens to the owner rambles on about Wen Kai and Yu Tang's tradition of coming to the ice shop, Elsa finally asks the question that has been stewing inside her "Do you like Yu Tang?"

Instead of answering Elsa's question, Wen Kai gives a slight smile and thinks back to an old memory of when he almost confessed his feelings. In the flash back we see our high school age hero tries to listen to his own confession on a recording pen. Popping out of no where, the young Yu Tong is at first surprised to realize the pen has Wen Kai's love confession then quickly jumps to action by running away with the pen and announcing to the whole neighborhood that Wen Kai has a crush.
Concerned about Manager Meng's (Manger of Department 3) illness and her unwillingness to spend time with her co-workers outside of the company, Yu Tang and Wen Kai show up Manger Meng's house to personally invite her to their department's celebratory party.

Isolating herself emotionally after having all her work friends leave one by one in the past, Manager Meng had made a decision to not allow herself to become close to her co-workers anymore. However, Manager Meng's determination to be content with the company of her cat finally breaks down once the rest of Department Three barges into her apartment without invitation and joins Yu Tang's plea for her to not let fear stand in the way of experiencing new friendships.
Sent on a recycling run together, Yu Tang and Wen Kai freeze with embarrassment when a locally famous soothsayer suddenly stops them and proclaims that our two leads are meant to be husband and wife. Feeling the urgency to prove himself when Yu Tang and Wen Kai looks at him with doubt, the soothsayer makes an even more blush inducing predication "You two will kiss within the month!"
Already flustered by the soothsayer's words, our two leads become even more aware of each other when they stop by to buy a cell phone for Manager Meng and the saleswoman assumes that they are a couple after taking one look at them.
The heightened awareness apparently effects our two leads deeply because the next morning they are still so flustered that Yu Tang spills Wen Kai's morning coffee on him. Ignoring the spilled coffee, Wen Kai stands up and leans in to place a kiss on Yu Tang...and wakes up in bed. Sigh! Stupid dream sequence.  
How interesting is that both of our leads had the same dream. 
Still thinking about their dream of the "almost kiss", Yu Tang and Wen Kai can hardily look at each other during breakfast especially when Yu Tang spills the coffee for real this time. A bit forlorn as he watches Yu Tang go back into the kitchen, Wen Kai suddenly jumps up in alarm to stop her from opening a cupboard but can only react with embarrassment as Yu Tang looks at all the toys falling out of it with amazement. Clueless that Wen Kai had wasted a lot of time and money to accumulate all those useless junk in order to get her favorite squid treat as the prize, Yu Tang assumes that Wen Kai is still stuck on the race car toy he wanted years ago.

In case that last bit confused you, the squid treat is apparently something that couldn't be bought but had to be won by luck so Wen Kai had accumulate a bunch of stuff in his quest for our heroine's favorite treat. 
Blushing when she arrives at work to find all her co-workers grinning at her and remarking that she must be looking so lovely because of a new romance, Yu Tang yells "There is nothing between me and the director (Wen Kai)!" Rather puzzled by Yu Tang's response, her co-workers inform her that they were actually talking about Zhi Yu and hands her the bouquet of flower Zhi Yu sent that morning.

Reminded by Yu Tang's Freudian slip, Manager Meng slides up to Yu Tang and smiles suggestively as she shows her the cute picture of Yu Tang with Wen Kai on her new phone. Refusing to listen to Yu Tang's feeble protests that the picture was taken by the cellphone saleswoman, Manger Meng simply assures Yu Tang that she can keep a secret and sends the picture to her phone. Staring at the picture of herself with Wen Kai on the phone, Yu Tang catches herself smiling unconsciously then yells "Zhong Yu Tang! What are you thinking?!"
Wearing the bracelet Wen Kai gave her for her birthday, Elsa discretely puts her hand in front of Wen Kai so he could notice it. Completely clueless, Wen Kai is too focused on staring at the pink meeple (representing our heroine) and plotting his next step with Yu Tang to see the crestfallen expression on Elsa's face.
The surprise success of the "outcast" Department Three securing the famously difficult YOURS contract is quickly fallowed by blatant jealousy from the other sales departments who gleefully warns Yu Tang and her co-workers that convincing the general public to buy the outdated product like Mei Mei soap will be neigh impossible. Knowing full well that those jeering words have a lot of truth in them, Yu Tang decides to approach Wen Kai to give her department some budget allowance to repackage the soap. 

Giving Yu Tang a mildly disappointed look for her rather unoriginal idea of repackaging the soap as a way to booting sales, Wen Kai turns down Yu Tang's request for money but does hand her a stack of mystery files he has already prepared for her. 

Both reminded of their dream again as Wen Kai hands the file to Yu Tang, our two leads jump with shock when their hands touch. 
Bending down in unison to pick up the fallen file, Yu Tang and Wen Kai pause in mid action as their gaze meet once again. 

Ninja's Thoughts 
Ha! I was pretty surprised to see that Wen Kai actually tried to confess his feelings during high school. I guess I just figured he had been harboring his secret crush all this time without ever attempting to let Yu Tang know about it. Back in episode one I believe Yu Tang mentioned that Wen Kai had a crush on her best friend so I am assuming our hero's confession didn't go well at all and Yu Tang ends up thinking all these years that he likes her friend instead. 
Sigh...all those years wasted when they liked each other all this time!!!  
One thing I am curious about is what the writer is planning to do with both of the second leads. Elsa is certainly picking up the very obvious signs that Wen Kai likes Yu Tang but that doesn't seem to stop her from being friendly to Yu Tang so I have high hopes that she won't turn into a evil second lead. As far as Zhi Yu goes...I am afraid he is rather forgettable up to this point. 

As much as I hate it when second leads turn evil and would really rather see more of our two leads, I do think both of our second leads are under utilized if not almost unnecessary. On the other hand I do find it sweet that Yu Tang and Wen Kai give off this vibe that they only see each other and no one else can barge into their world. Sigh...forget making the two second leads more prominent in the story, let's just throw the two of them together so they can get their own happy ending too. 

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