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Monday, April 25, 2016

Refresh Man Episode 8 Recap

Refresh Man Episode 8 Recap by Ninja
We pick up from where our two leads bend down together to pick up some fallen papers and end up being way too close. Flustered, Yu Tang mutters "Why do you always lean so close?" Equally embarrassed Wen Kai replies without thinking "I didn't do it on purpose ...this time." Confused by Wen Kai's answer Yu Tang hurries off without noticing our hero's "Why did I just say that?!" expression.

Thanks to a timely assignment from Wen Kai, Yu Tang comes up with a new idea to revitalize the Mei Mei soap and invites Zhi Yu out to dinner to approach him with her new project proposal. 
Mildly surprised when he walks into the restaurant to see Yu Tang with Zhi Yu, Wen Kai greeted the duo in a friendly manner but couldn't help but steal a glance when Yu Tang and Zhi Yu laughs together over their similar taste in food. 

Also keenly aware of Wen Kai eating dinner with Elsa at the next table, Yu Tang pauses unconsciously when Wen Kai kindly helps Elsa put on her loose bracelet and apologizes for not making sure the bracelet was in good working order before giving it to her as a present. 
A bit forlorn as she thinks back to how good Elsa looked by Wen Kai's side, Yu Tang shakes off her wondering thoughts and forces herself to concentrate on her work instead. A bit nervous for her very first presentation, Yu Tang is shocked when Wen Kai brings in Zhi Yu and introduces him as President Wang's (YOUR's CEO) son. Getting over her surprise at Zhi Yu's background rather quickly, Yu Tang shines as she skillfully does her presentation and gets a nod of approval from both of our male leads. 

Walking out of the building under Wen Kai's personal escort once again, a puzzled Zhi Yu asks "If you know my true intention then why are you still willing to let me have a chance to get close to Department 3?" I am assuming his true intention is Yu Tang. Smiling confidently, Wen Kai assures Zhi Yu that he has no reason to block such a good deal when he knows full well that Yu Tang only approached Zhi Yu purely out of business consideration. Undaunted, Zhi Yu promises that he will be sure to make frequent "business" visit to Department 3. 
Taking great offense over Department Three's recent unexpected success, Department One challenges Department Three to a bet of producing $30,000,000 revenue in a month or else Yu Tang's department will be dissolved. Despite being slightly worried, Yu Tang and her co-worker choose to believe that they will win the bet and Department One will end up having to give them all of their sales bonus. 
After a full day of working, Yu Tang regrettably turns down her co-worker's dinner invitation to head to her second job as Wen Kai's maid. Walking past a familiar looking store, Yu Tang is reminded of a memory when a young Wen Kai spent all his money in hopes of getting a toy race car. Hopeful as she remembers how she had secretly spent her own money to win a race car for Wen Kai in the past, Yu Tang decides to try her luck once again.

A bit disappointed when she gets to Wen Kai's house with the race car in hand to find him gone, Yu Tang nonetheless strikes up a conversation with Wen Kai's best friend (Sheng Ren) who just happens to be there AND in possession of a house key. Clueless that Wen Kai had blamed him for all the squid treat he had won at the store, Sheng Ren loudly protests to a confused Yu Tang that he is too cool to play the pay and draw sort of games. Connecting Sheng Ren's words to the store owner's account of some handsome lad's quest for squid treats, Yu Tang starts to wonder if maybe Wen Kai had purposefully searched out the squid treat for her. 
Convinced that his best friend must have a crush on Yu Tang, Sheng Ren asks her to explain how her relationship with Wen Kai has become so bad after being high school classmates. Equally puzzled herself, Yu Tang tells Sheng Ren about the confrontation that changed her friendship with Wen Kai. 

Worried about Wen Kai's safety when she sees him being surrounded by a bunch of high school boys, Yu Tang steps in to intervene and forces Wen Kai to leave.  
Unfortunately, despite Yu Tang's effort Wen Kai still ends up getting into a fight with those same boys and gets hauled off to the school office. Casting a worried look at Wen Kai when the teacher starts to yell at him for being a bad influence on a honor roll student, Yu Tang steps forward and assures the teacher by declaring "Don't worry teacher, as someone who refuses to study and only causes trouble as Ji Wen Kai, he is not worthy to be my friend." 

Exasperated after listening to Yu Tang's story, Sheng Ren is even more convinced that Yu Tang and Wen Kai must like each other.
Feeling the full burden of his new found responsibility to play a match maker for his best friend, Sheng Ren tricks Yu Tang into believing that he has mastered the skill of not getting drunk and proceeds to "teach" her the art of drinking. Speechless when he comes home to find a completely drunk Yu Tang, Wen Kai can only sigh with frustration as Sheng Ren leaves his house with a wave and a "You don't have to thank me!" 
Waving off Wen Kai's offer to take her home, Yu Tang protests that she is not drunk and proceeds to complain that Wen Kai had set up a trap for her to become Department One's target. In the middle of her declaration that she is not so easily defeated, Yu Tang pushes the unsuspecting Wen Kai on the sofa and of course ends up right on top of him as well. 
Too drunk to realize what a position she has landed herself in, Yu Tang pushes Wen Kai down again when he tries to get up and warns "Ji Wen Kai! What did you say?! You are the general and I am your solider? But did you forget that generals can be eaten up by the soliders?" Sneering when Yu Tang asks "Do you believe that I can eat you?" Wen Kai replies "So what? You are going to eat me then?" 
Narrowing her eyes at Wen Kai's taunting question, Yu Tang leans in... 

Ninja's Thoughts

What thoughts? I have none other than shaking my fist at the director for making me wait a whole week to see if we get a kiss or not! 
Okay, fine, I still have a few measly words left in me. So if it wasn't apparent before, it is pretty obvious after this episode that while Wen Kai might've harbored a crush on Yu Tang back in their school days, Yu Tang did plenty for Wen Kai as well. The only thing that puzzles me a bit is how dense does our heroine must be to not figure out that the hurtful things she said to "motivate/protect" our hero could be the reason Wen Kai distanced himself from her. 
Heroine's obvious lack of understanding in male pride aside, I do find Wen Kai's remark of "Do you believe me if I tell you that I am helping her for a secret reason?" to his best friend intriguing. I can't figure out what secret reason Wen Kai could have other than maybe he feel indebted to Yu Tang's family for helping him out when he was young?? 

Still, secret reason or not, I agree with Sheng Ren when he said "Sure, I believe you. But I don't think that's your main reason." 
ps. Show! We better get a kiss next week!! 

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  1. I'll be soooo mad if that doesn't happen!!!

  2. Was waiting for your update and I just hope that we get one in the next episode.
    Secret reason ????

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