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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Watashi Kekkon Dekinain Janakute Episode 1 First Impression

Drama: Watashi Kekkon Dekinain Janakute (私 結婚できないんじゃなくて, しないんです)
Airs: Fridays

Ninja's Episode One Overview:
Our heroine is Tachibana Miyabi, a 39 year old doctor that runs her own beauty dermatology clinic. Beautiful and successful, Tachibana has always been confident that she can get married whenever she wants to...even if she is perfectly content to stay single. 

Mildly puzzled when her declaration of her intention to stay single is met with pity during her high school reunion, a seed of doubt is planted in Tachibana's heart. 
That little seed of doubt soon bloom into a full determination to get married ASAP when Tachibana is pushed over the edge during her first meeting with our hero (Tokura Seiji played by Fujiki Noahito). Angered by the hero's statement that he would never like someone such as Tachibana no matter how successful or beautiful she is, Tachibana vows to show the offensive man that she can get married whenever she chooses. 

Unfortunately, one trip to the marriage agency soon confirms to our heroine that a 39 year old woman is in no position to be choosy and that her dream of being able to pick a man at will is just a naive fantasy.  
All her youthful hopes resurrected after a chance meeting with her high school crush, Tachibana vows to grab hold of what could be her last chance. Sadly, even though Tachibana followed everything she learned from a book about catching a man's heart during her date with her high school crush she was rejected once again. Tachibana had confessed once during high school but mistakenly thought she was rejected when in reality she had put her love letter in the wrong place so her crush had no clue that she liked him.  

Beaten down by the second rejection she received from the same man, Tachibana looks around at her empty house and is overwhelmed with loneliness. 
Forced to admit that she is a complete failure in love, Tachibana barges into Tokura's restaurant and concedes that he was right about her. After glowing a bit, Tokura does eventually take pity on Tachibana and decides to teach her the "correct" way of obtaining a man's heart.
Horrified when Tokura grabs her phone and sends a friendly message inviting her crush to a friendly dinner purely as friends, Tachibana yelps in despair. Pausing in shock when her crush actually agrees to the invite, Tachibana finally starts to believe that maybe Tokura can really help her achieve the impossible. 

Ninja's First Impression:
Fujiki Noahito... Please get the girl this time! Pretty please? I've liked Fujiki Noahito as an actor since his Hotaru no Hikari days but sadly it has been a long time since he've done a J-romance that I wanted to watch so I am really hoping this one will be a winner! 
To be perfectly honest, Watashi Kekkon Dekinain Janakute's story is nothing to write home about since it's just yet another J-drama about a middle age professional woman's struggle to find love...
Still, despite the overused story premise I am always in the mood for a good J-romance so I am tentatively hoping that this one will be a pleasant surprise. 
As far as Watashi Kekkon Dekinain Janakute's episode one is concerned I found that while the plot was predicable overall but the writer has been able to inject some intriguing mysteries along with enough wacky vibes to make this show promising. My fervent hope is that the writer won't waste too much time with the male second leads but allow the heroine to have plenty of interaction with the hero instead. 

Verdict?: Too early to tell but off to a good start! 

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