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Friday, May 20, 2016

Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 1-2 First Impression

Drama: Beautiful Gong Shim (미녀 공심이)
Airs: Saturday & Sunday
Episodes: 20

Episode 1-2 Overview:
Stressed out by her foray into the world of job search, our heroine Gong Shim (played by Minah) gloriously develops a bold spot on her head. Left with no choice but to wear a wig to cover up her bold spot, Gong Shim who already feels plain becomes even more conscious of her appearance. 
Growing up under the shadow of her beautiful and smart older sister (Gong Mi), Gong Shim unfortunately only inherited her father's rather ordinary genes and none from her mother. Making no secret that Gong Min is her favorite child, Mama Gong loudly reminds everyone constantly that Gong Mi is supporting their family with her salary as a lawyer at a top law firm. 
Determined to enroll in an Italian language school in order to pursue her dream of studying art in Italy but without anyway of paying for it, Gong Shim decides to rent out her roof top room and that's how she ends up meeting our hero Ahn Dan Tae. At first convinced that her new tenant is some street punk, Gong Shim is extremely surprised when she finds out that Dan Tae (played by Namgung Min) is actually a lawyer. 
A pro bono lawyer, Dan Tae seems quite content with his less than lucrative profession and even moonlights as a substitute driver at night. Strangely unafraid when he shows up for a driving job to find his client being beaten by a group of thugs, Dan Tae jumps right in and fights off all the men easily. By the way, this is how the hero meet the male second lead (Joon Soo), a rich but very friendly chaebol...there is a birth secret here but we won't get into that. 

It looks like Dan Tae possess some sort of super senses that allows him to hear the smallest noise and even gives him a big advantage in fighting since all the attacks are in slow motion to him. 
While working at her part time job as a gas attendant, Gong Shim is suddenly physically attacked by a rich female customer. Overwhelmed with anger after being treated like a punching bag, Gong Shim and her parents vow to sue the woman. However, Gong Shim's parents' attitude undergo a drastic change when they find out that the woman is actually Gong Mi's boss' wife. Knowing full well that she needs to do everything she can to be more than a pretty face at work, Gong Mi volunteers herself to convince Gong Shim to forget the whole thing. 

Filled with resentment and even more convinced that she is of no importance to her own family, Gong Shim nonetheless buckles under her sister's pressure and gives in. 
As one who can't stand by when an injustice is in front of him, Dan Tae goes against Gong Shim's wish and successfully gets his hands on key evidence that Gong Mi missed when she was erasing everything (against her sister's knowledge). Knowing the true reason why Gong Shim gave up her lawsuit, Dan Tae doesn't try to persecute the rich woman but instead forces her to apologize to our heroine. 
Thanks to several hilarious run ins with Dan Tae, Gong Shim has finally stopped thinking of our hero as a pervert and is even in a sort of a reluctant friendly terms with him. Through our hero, Gong Shim also gets to know Joon Soo who also had several chance meeting with her on his own. 

At the end of episode two, a very stunned Go Shim finds out that her epic failure interview earlier that morning at Joon Soo's company had actually netted her a job as the President's Secretary... which means she will be now be working under Joon Soo's dad. 

Ninja's First Impression
Hmm... I like it so far. The story is surprisingly meaty given it's comedic tone and the writer has done a great job in making all the leads intriguing.
I was a bit surprised by the hero's super power but so far it has just made Dan Tae's character that much more interesting. I love the fact that Dan Tae's personality has so many conflicting points to it that every time I think I've figured him out he does something unexpected. 
As for our heroine, boy, that's one little girl that needs some serious TLC. I do love the fact that Gong Shim is able to hold onto her spunkiness despite the world and her own family's constant attempt to tell her to just accept that she is an ugly duckling that will never be beautiful.  How can you not cheer for a heroine like that? 
All in all, the first two episodes of Beautiful Gong Shim were off to a good start and made me quite hopeful that this one could be a winner! 

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