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Thursday, May 12, 2016

First Love Episode 1-4 First Impression

Drama: First Love (柠檬初上)
Airs: Daily
Episodes: 43 (TV version) 

Episode 1-4 Story Overview: 
A carefree collage student in Taiwan, Zuo Zai Jun (hero/played by Hawick Lau) gladly welcomes the two new exchange students from Shenghai into his house. Bright eyed with excitement, Xiao Meng (heroine) and Zheng Lei (2nd male lead) quickly become fast friends with their new roommate. 

Three young friends whose life seem to be filled with limitless possibilities suddenly takes a dramatic shift one day when Xiao Meng shows up after two month of summer vacation with a baby in her arms. Refusing to answer Zheng Lei's question of who the baby's father is, Xiao Meng simply insists that the baby is hers. Stopping Zheng Lei's from pressing Xiao Meng any further, Zai Jun declares that he will be the baby's father since they are family after all. 
Eight years later: True to his words, Zai Jun's whole world seems to revolve around his little girl Miao Miao and how to make her happy. Well known in his little seaside village, Zai Jun is the owner of a B&B and moonlights as a surfing coach. 
Not exactly a single dad since Zheng Lei is Miao Miao's other dad who insists our hero always runs through all decisions concerning their daughter with him, everyone in the village knows that little Miao Miao has two doting fathers...just not a mother. 

Worried when Miao Miao is starting to get exposed to talks of how her family is abnormal and her own growing desire to know about her mother, Zai Jun finally takes out the one picture of Xiao Meng he didn't burn and shows it to Miao Miao. 
Unbeknownst to both men, while they are debating about the wisdom of telling their daughter about her mother, Xiao Meng has already made her way back into town. A talented architect, Xiao Meng has been studying overseas for the last eight years but has decided it's time to go home to Shenghai. Despite being excited to start her first job with an elite company, Xiao Meng nonetheless asks for time off and eventually finds herself in Taiwan. Checking herself into Zai Jun's B&B, Xiao Meng doesn't show her self to the two men but goes to Miao Miao's school first to meet her. 
Not exactly avoiding the two men but certainly not ready to face them, Xiao Meng keeps delaying the inevitable reunion...
until one morning when she finally comes face to face with Zai Jun. 

Ninja's First Impression
Ahhh!!!! I want to go on a vacation!! 
Sigh! Back to the show. I like it! The show has a leisurely pace which fits the seaside setting right now so it makes me wonder if the pacing is going to pick up a bit once all the characters moves to Shenghai later. 

I am definitely quite enamored with Hawick Lau's hero here. From the collage flash backs we can see that Zai Jun is a joker who is used to hiding his true feelings...my favorite kind of character for Hawick Lau to play. 
The current mystery is what happened in the past that hurt Zai Jun so badly that he seems to have such a difficult time even bringing up Xiao Meng's name. The other mystery is of course is who Miao Miao's parents are. According to Zheng Lei, Xiao Meng had only left for two month during the summer vacation so I am assuming Miao Miao's mother must be someone else since I am hoping the two boys would've been able to tell if she was eight month pregnant while she was living with them. 
All in all, First Love is hitting all the right notes so far for me. I am intrigued by the mystery, loving the bromance between the two male leads and the romance certainly looks very promising. 

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  1. Interesting story! Yeah, based on the 2 months thing, Xiao Meng is probably not the mom. Curious to learn more about this series. Thanks for the recap ^^