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Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #80

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #80
Flower of Prison (Korean Drama)
Sigh...I am sad to report that episode 3-4 wasn't as interesting as the first two episodes BUT next week is when we formally moves into the adult characters' story so I will probably at least give it another week before I decide on this one. 

Oh Hae Young Again (Korean Drama)
My latest addiction! I was only tentatively hopeful about this one last week but boy, after episode 3-4 I am completely in love! The laugh out loud wackiness, the awesome chemistry between the two leads and the heart wrenching emotions are just a few of the reasons I love it. I really am going to have a hard time waiting until the next episode. 
Entertainer (Korean Drama)
I am SO behind on this one but I am still very much interested in it. Anyone watching it? Should I sacrifice some sleep to catch up on it? 
Life List (Taiwanese Drama, New)
I didn't have a very high expectation for this one but Life List is a surprisingly heart warming show. The show has an interesting premise about a woman's determination to host a funeral like farewell party for herself in hopes that she can reconcile with her past regrets before she dies. There will be some romance of course, but it looks like the woman's two daughters are going to be the one that will be searching for their own Mr. Right. A slice of life sort of drama but it definitely feels like it will be a quality show. 
Ode to Joy (Chinese Drama, Just Finished)
Curious about the popularity of this C-drama I finally checked it out this week. A story about four very different girls living as neighbors in an apartment building, Ode to Joy follows the girls' quest to find true love in the big city. The story set up doesn't feel fresh by any means but the girls unlikely friendship and their individual love story somehow makes it easy to just keep watching. The first few episodes was kinda slow so give it about seven episodes before you make a decision on this one. 
I only find one of the girls' (An Di) romance to be interesting so I kinda fast forward all the other parts...
Precious Youth (Chinese Drama, New)
Liu Shi Shi's new C-romance with Zheng Kai. I checked out the first couple episodes...and was quite annoyed by how long the high school backstory was so I am going to wait until the two leads meet again as adults to try watching this one again. 

First Love (Chinese Drama, New)
Hawick Lau!!! Sorry, I am done with my silly fan girl scream now. This particular one looks very promising. A sweet story with no obvious villain in sight. Plenty of bromance, innocent first love, some mystery and a beautiful cast so what more can you ask for?

Ninja's Oldies but Goodies 
When I think of Eric I can't help but think about the drama Que Sera Sera (2007). Not necessarily one of my favorite drama but definitely one that left a big impression on me.

Eric plays a highly skilled womanizer who is used to getting everything he wants because of his good looks. In contrast, our heroine (Jung Yu Mi) is a bumbling shopping mall employees... definitely not Eric's usual prey. 
Our two leads' parallel existence collides and their eventual romance means that both of their lives ... including those around them quickly spins out of control. 

A very intense, rugged sort of romance so don't go into this one expecting sweet innocent comedy because it is definitely not that. Instead, Que Sera Sera's romance is more along the line of a ... typhoon that destroys everything in it's path and leaves me as a viewer in awe of it even after watching it almost a decade ago. 

By the way, I love this show for the fact that it does address the age old drama question "What happens if you really are able to force someone who doesn't love you to be with you? Will you really be happy?" 

ps. If memory serves me right, I was pretty happy with the ending so don't get put off by my description. 

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  1. I'm watching Entertainer. Is it worth loosing sleep? No, but definitely worth catching up. The only problem I have is I want Geu Rin and Ha Neul to end up together.