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Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #81

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #81 
Mirror of the Witch (Korean Drama, New)
I have always liked Yoon Si Yoon so I was pretty excited to see him as the lead in Mirror of the Witch. The first episode was so dark that it sent chills up my spin with how spooky it felt but I really liked it. The second episode was a lot lighter and had more of a fairy tale feel to it which is totally up my alley. Anyway, I am not quite ready to call this a winner yet but at only 16 episodes long I think we should find out by next week. 

Bong Soon a Cyborg in Love (Korean Web Show, New)
A love story between a genius IT hero and a robot heroine who short circuits whenever she feels emotion. At 12 minutes per episode, this one is an easy watch although by episode two I am still a tad bit confused by the story. 
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Chinese Drama, New)
Watched this one out of curiosity then quickly lost interest once I found out within the first 10 minutes of the first episode that the hero has a fatal disease AND the poor guy has to spend the rest of the show watching the heroine date another guy.    
My Amazing Boyfriend (Chinese Drama)
I am way behind on this one but I am still enjoying it immensely. I really wish the big villain would just take a hike since that's one part of the story that kinda drag but otherwise I love the chemistry between the two leads and find their interaction hilarious to watch. 
Watashi Kekkon Dekinainjanakute (Japanese Drama)
The plot of this one remains pretty predicable...although I am starting to wonder if Naohito Fujiki might still not get the girl this time. Predicable plot aside though, I am completely surprised by the sizzling chemistry between the heroine and her young suitor. I doubt the young kid will be the heroine's Mr. Right in the end BUT dang, the screen is on fire every time they are together. 
Speaking of sizzling chemistry, this week has been very rewarding in terms of kisses! The two leads finally shared their first kiss in T-drama Refresh Man and...
as so did the two leads in Happy Home (K-drama). 

Drama I swear I watched but can't remember a thing about: 
(From left: Lee Yeon Hee, Gong Yoo, Sung Yu Ri, Namgung Min)
One Fine Day (Korean Drama, 2006, 16 Episodes)
Sigh, I guess lovely people just don't age do they? Gong Yoo did look a tad bit younger but I actually think he is better looking now. 

Synopsis: A story about two siblings (related by their parents' remarriage so not blood relations) who were torn apart after being sent to an orphanage. Finding out by accident that his little sister was adopted by a rich family, our hero (Gong Yoo) decides it is a perfect opportunity to swindle some money. Clueless of her long lost brother's intention, our heroine is overjoyed that her older brother has finally found her. Things gets complicated...as they always does, once the two siblings realize their feelings for each other goes beyond family love. 
Like I said, I am 95% positive I watched this show...but I must had my moment of amnesia (where I am sure I had a lovely romance with some rich and handsome oppa somewhere) because for some strange reason I have absolutely no recollection of it so I am afraid I really can't vouch for how good the show is. But hey, the show has Gong Yoo in it so it can't be too bad right? 


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