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Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #82

Lucky Romance (Korean Drama, New)
A wacky romance about a woman's quest to fulfill a fortune teller's promise that if she sleeps with a man born in the year of tiger she will be able to change her life's fate and save her sister's life at the same time. 

I checked out the first two episodes and found the story to be a lot of fun. Hwang Jung Eum is obviously quite good at playing her usual bumbling and eccentric sort of heroine so I was good with her. The hero however took me a bit to get use to. Ryoo Joon Yeol plays the hero and he really doesn't have what I would consider your typical "oppa" look but I am happy to report that by the end of episode two I was 90% on board and am even starting to find him good looking...in a rugged, nerdy, quirky sort of way. 

Mirror of the Witch (Korean Drama)
This one continues to be quite good. I am really liking the dark fairy tale feel of the show and the acting has been superb all around. According to the preview, it looks like next week's episode (5-6) is when we will finally meet our heroine as the white haired witch so the story should get even more interesting from this point on. 
Beautiful Gong Shim (Korean Drama)
I have been following this one pretty faithfully. Beautiful Gong Shim doesn't hit the addicting level for me by any means but I do find it pretty heart warming and the hero's eccentric but sweet personality keeps me watching it faithfully. 
Start Again (Korean Daily, New) 
Kim Jeong Hoon's new K-daily about a single father's romance with a woman who indirectly caused his wife's death. After checking the first two episodes out I decided to come back to this one in a few weeks when the back story is finished so I can't really put forth an opinion yet. 
Female CEO's Bodyguard (Chinese Drama, New)
Tried watching this one...I only lasted about twenty minutes before I gave up. In case you are fooled (like I was) by the rather uninspiring poster, Female CEO's Bodyguard is not a serious drama at all. The story itself is not exactly comical but the show is filled with wisecrack commentaries right on the screen. While I probably could've stuck around to finish the first episode just for the hilarious wisecrack commentaries alone the acting was simply too painful to watch even for one more second. I generally consider myself to be pretty generous when it comes to putting up with bad acting but this one was too horrendous for words. 
Les Interprètes or The Interpreter (Chinese Drama, New) 
Yang Mi's new romantic drama with Cheng Jia Yang. Kind of a standard hate relationship turning to love story but I actually find it quite cute. 

Ninja's Oldies but Goodies: 
Go La La Go (杜拉拉升職記, 2010)
For those who are familiar with C-drama the La La series should be extremely familiar. C-drama is no strangers in adopting novels to TV but for some reason they especially love the Du La La series. Right off the top of my head I could count about five different tv/movie version of this novel and I am sure more will be coming even if Qi Wei's latest Hi Du La La was suppose to be the last. 

The actual story among all the different versions do change quite a bit but in essence it is always about the heroine's (La La) struggles in the corporate world as she try to climb to the top...and of course there is office romance to keep everything interesting. Out of all the La La dramas, Go La La Go (2010) is probably my favorite. The cast in this particular version just seem to fit more to what I imagined of the La La characters to be. Moreover, in my opinion this show also managed to strike a better balance between the office intrigue and the heroine's romance. 

Summer is here, so for those of you who are ambitious enough you could check out ALL of the La La series and tell me if you agree with me or not. 

ps. One of the version use the same exact title so don't confuse it with the 2010 version. 

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