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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Happy Home Episode 19-20 Recap

Happy Home Episode 19-20 Recap by Ninja
Hae Won's Story: Embarrassed in front of the whole office when Kang Min brazenly reminds her that she had promised to give him a month's salary to compensate for "touching his body" a short while ago when she accidentally fell on top of him, Hae Won has no choice but to keep her word. 

Surprisingly, Kang Min actually gives the money back to Hae Won and declares in a long suffering tone "Instead of accepting your money I will simply ask you not to fall in love with me." Speechless that Kang Min had taken her jitteriness around him due to the knowledge that he is her baby's father as a sign that she has somehow fallen in love with him, Hae Won looks at the swaggering Kang Min with complete disbelief. 
Mi Soon's Story: Stumbling off after running her car into an electric pole instead of her husband and his mistress, Mi Soon laughs with sadness as she realizes that even on a depressing day like this she has absolutely no one she could call. 
Hopeful that his wife's "little outburst" is all in the past when Mi Soon takes the whole family on a camping trip, a clueless Man Ho plays with his kids happily on Mi Soon's orders. 
Surprised when Mi Soon drives him to the court office to hand in their divorce papers, Man Ho is convinced at first that Mi Soon must be trying to scare him as a punishment. Knowing the perfect words to anger Man Ho, Mi Soon coldly declares "You can't leave Se Ri. Do you know why? Because both of you are shameless. Neither of you can be considered adults." Severely offended by Mi Soon's words but not angry enough to lose his head yet, Man Ho still refuses to go along with the divorce. 

Determined to finish what she started no matter what, Mi Soon deliver the fatal blow and tells Man Ho that he has always lived under his father shadow, never being able to make his own decisions like a man. Finally pushed too far, a fuming Man Ho warns Mi Soon "You better not regret this!" and signs the divorce paper. 
Sitting on a park bench all alone, Mi Soon calls Mama Bong and breaks down in sobs as she first thank Mama Bong for giving her the chance to utter the word "Mother" then ends the phone call with a teary "I am sorry, mother. I can't hold on anymore". 
A skittish Man Ho arrives home still hoping that maybe the whole divorce thing was a joke on Mi Soon's part. Protesting loudly when his distressed mother throws a bowl full of garbage water on him for hurting her precious daughter-in-law so badly, Man Ho blows up when he is smacked repeatedly next by Daddy Bong. Stunned when his son who usually cowers under his temper grabs his hand and yells "Father! It's all your fault that I am so useless. I choose Se Ri because she is the only one that makes me feel like a man!", Daddy Bong stumbles back in shock while his own wife sobs bitterly. 

Side note: Hae Ryung had come home to tell her mother about her decision to get a divorce but ended up deciding that her poor mother had enough shocking news for one day. 
While everyone in the Bong family is still harboring hope that Mi Soon would change her mind about the divorce, Mi Soon herself is more sure then ever and has even met with Se Ri to give the girl a sound beating...before handing Se Ri a letter containing all of the responsibilities she would have to take over as the Bong family's daughter-in-law. 

Mi Soon was SO cool in this scene! I loved Se Ri's shocked face when Mi Soon threw her over her shoulder. 
Calling a family meeting to inform everyone of the divorce and her decision to move out with her two daughters, Mi Soon is horrified when Daddy Bong sternly tells her that there is no way he would let his granddaughters leave. Distressed when Daddy Bong announce his willingness to go to court to keep his granddaughters, Mi Soon storms out with the confidence the law will be on her side. 

Before you get too angry with Daddy Bong, in a conversation between Daddy Bong and his wife later we find out that Daddy Bong believes Mi Soon will shine once she leaves but as parents who didn't raise their son right, they can't abandon the son that can't survive in the outside world. So it looks like Daddy Bong was trying to allow Mi Soon to go and spread her wings without having to worry about her daughters. 
Dismayed when her lawyer informs her that it will be an uphill battle to keep her daughters with no family or financial support, all of the fight is taken out of Mi Soon and she is forced to admit that going to court will just traumatize her daughters further. 

Her own heart breaking for Mi Soon, Mama Bong tells her "You have been shackled to the kitchen all these years. Go and live your life. I promise you I will protect your daughters and when you have settled down I will do everything I can to bring them back to you." Caught between her conviction that she will die if she doesn't get a divorce and her desperate desire to be with her daughters, Mi Soon sobs in Mama Bong's arms. 
Hae Ryung's Story: Excited to be offered her first real job, Hae Ryung ends up going to a movie with Ji Gun to celebrate. Distracted during the horror movie by Ji Gun's constant movement of hiding his face in his hands, Hae Ryung looks at at Ji Gun with doubt when Ji Gun mumbles "I have a slight headache." Breaking out in a "Gotcha!" smile the next time Ji Gun jumps in fear and hides his face again during a particularly scary scene, Hae Ryung teases "Your head?" 

So CUTE!!! 
Window shopping with Hae Ryung after the movie, Ji Gun eagerly takes her to a tarot card tent to try her luck. Mindful of Ji Gun's request beforehand that she should only say good things, the tarot card reader tells Hae Ryung that she will be successful as she starts out in her new life. 

Busy ushering a happy Hae Ryung out of the tent, Ji Gun doesn't notice the meaningful glance the tarot reader casts towards him. Left alone in the tent, the tarot reader looks at cards in front of her and mutters "People who shouldn't meet each other... But it's a fate that can't be avoided anyway." 
Laughing together as they slowly walks towards Hae Ryung's apartment, both of our leads are too immersed in their conversation to notice that they are being watched. 
Standing a short distance away, a drunk Hyun Ki stares at his smiling wife talking with another man while his ex-mistress/friend sighs as she stares at him. 
Frustrated when he sees a drunk Hyun Ki standing outside of his house and demanding to know "Out of all the good women in this world why does it have to be my wife?!" Ji Gun calmly replies "Wrong. It's not your wife I like. I like Bong Hae Ryung." 

Obviously not pleased by Ji Gun's answer, Hyun Ki tries to stop him from leaving but ends up falling unconsciously into our hero's arms. Left with no choice but to haul Hyun Ki back home, Ji Gun is quite offended why Madam Jang says in dismay "What have you done to my distinguished son?!" Dumping Hyun Ki on his bed, Ji Gun turns towards Madam Jang and protests "Distinguished?! I have only known him for three month but had to carry him twice already. He is really scary when he is drunk." Ha!
Taking her son's inability to forget Hae Ryung as a personal insult, Madam Jang storms into a rest home while Hae Ryung is volunteering there to vent her anger. Unwilling to take Madam Jang's verbal abuse anymore, Hae Ryung simply walks away so Madam Jang will be forced to put on her mask of perfection once there are other people around. 

Madam Jang hadn't bother to watch her mouth in front of a patient who she knew had mental problems. Unfortunately for Madam Jang, the patient thinks Hae Ryung is her mother and was angered to see her "mother" being verbally attacked so that's how we ended up having the hilarious scene of Madam Jang's hair being yanked by the patient. How crazy is that even in the midst of yelping in pain, Madam Jang remembers to keep her image in place and tells the staff to not be too harsh with the elderly patient. 
Getting ready for her first day of work, Hae Ryung is dismayed when a woman shows up at her door and introduces herself as the housekeeper Hyun Ki had hired. Even more frustrated when she walks out to find a car driver waiting to take her to work, Hae Ryung calls Hyun Ki and tells him that instead of these meaningless gestures she would rather he thinks about all the years she've slaved in his house and convert that to alimony. 

ps. Unbeknownst to Hae Ryung, she only got her job because Hyun Ki's intervention.
Reluctantly showing up at a restaurant to meet with Madam Lee, Hae Ryung is appalled when she realizes that Madam Lee had also invited Hyun Ki and his mother.  Equally dismayed to see Hae Ryung with the very people he would rather protect her from, Ji Gun can't stop himself from stealing concern glances at her. Making every effort to make sure everyone at the table knows that she still considers Ji Gun to be her son-in-law, Madam Lee's beady eyes follows Ji Gun's every move...despite Ji Gun's obvious disinterest in getting back together with his ex. 
Getting more rattled by the moment as she is forced to play the all too familiar role of Hyun Ki's perfect wife, Hae Ryung excuses herself to hide in the bathroom but all too soon has to go back and face the music. Walking back to the dinning area on shaky legs, Hae Ryung is frozen to the spot when she accidentally bumps a waitress and sends a tray of glasses to the ground. 

Racing to Hae Ryung's side, Ji Gun's already fragile self control breaks down the moment he sees Hae Ryung's teary "Save me!" expression. Resigned to what he is about to do, Ji Gun warns Hae Ryung "I am going to do something crazy from this point on. So get mad later. I can't watch anymore." 
Staring in disbelief as Ji Gun takes his wife's arm and whisks her away, Hyun Ki is about to chase after the two but stops dead in his track once Madam Jang whispers "Don't be foolish while President Lee is watching!" And that's why Hyun Ki can't get the girl...

Ninja's Thoughts
Boy, I was a crying mess during the scene where Mi Soon was sobbing with Mama Bong. I was really glad that Mama Bong finally admitted that while she loves Mi Soon very much but if it was either of her daughters in Mi Soon's place there is no way she would be trying to convince them to stay in the marriage. As much as Mama Bong's admittance was a sad truth for all involved but I do think that both Mama and Daddy Bong are doing the best they could under the circumstance. 

This might sound crazy but as I was watching Mi Soon singing with Mama Bong, I almost wanted to say that Mi Soon could be considered lucky. Now, no one would argue that Man Ho was a terrible husband, but it would've been so easy for Mi Soon's in-laws to take their son's side completely but instead they truly want the best for Mi Soon once they've accepted the fact that divorce was inevitable.
Mi Soon was super cool in this week's episodes but our heroine on the other hand was kinda...frustrating to watch. I knew the path to Hae Ryung's new life AND a new her wasn't going to be easy but it was still difficult to see our heroine taking two steps forward and one step back as she tries to shake off her old habit of cowering in front of her husband and mother-in-law. Poor Ji Gun though, he loses all rational thoughts every time Hae Ryung gives him one of those "Save Me!" face. 
ps. I find it funny and rather sad that one look at his mother Hyun Ki walks immediately to his pillow and finds the paper Madam Jang had stuffed there to "cut off" his lingering ties to Hae Ryung. The paper was from the same fortune teller that told Madam Jang that Hae Ryung can't give her any more grandchildren.  How tragic is that while Hae Ryung might have been fooled by her mother-in-law, Hyun Ki had always known what his own mother was capable of...which meant he probably knew all this time how his wife must have been suffering under Madam Jang's hands. 


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