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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Happy Home Episode 21-22 Recap

Happy Home Episode 21-22 Recap by Ninja
Mi Soon's Story: Unsettled by the thought of leaving the kitchen behind, Mi Soon is extra picky as she tries to make sure all the staff would be able to do their job well without her around. Walking into the kitchen just as Mi Soon is busy yelling at everyone, Daddy Bong unceremoniously cuts her off and announces right then that Mi Soon will no longer be working at the restaurant anymore. 

Stunned and hurt by Daddy Bong's words, Mi Soon says in disbelief "I have spent the last twenty years of my life in this kitchen..."
Impatient, Daddy Bong retorts "So, you think without you the restaurant will close? I am still around so who are you to think you are all that? The restaurant won't collapse without you so stop shaking the employees up and just leave." 

Her heart breaking at the thought of leaving her daughters behind, Mi Soon takes the girls out to buy them new clothes but the extremely smart Jin Hwa (oldest daughter) quickly realizes something is wrong and accuses Mi Soon of wanting to abandon them. 

Overwhelmed with sorrow after looking at her sleeping children's face, Mi Soon falls to the ground as she sobs. Touching her mother's shoulder gently, Jin Hwa quietly tells Mi Soon that she knows very well what hardship all of them would be in if her mother was to take them with her. Holding her sobbing mother in her arms, Jin Hwa promises to wait for her mother to come back for them and swears that she will take care of her younger sister. Boy, I was a sobbing mess here. 
Standing outside of her in-law's bedroom Mi Soon smiles with self derision when she overhears Daddy Bong flat out refusing Mama Bong's plea for him to give their daughter-in-law some money.

Dragging herself to the restaurant kitchen one last time, Mi Soon deep cleans the kitchen and leaves after one last glance at the place she used to call home. 
From the pained expression Daddy Bong shows when he is alone, I think he is purposefully being callous to Mi Soon so she can leave without any guilt. 
Full of plans to spread his wings now that Mi Soon is gone, Man Ho shows off his new found confidence to Chul Soo. Wiping Daddy Bong's statue clean one last time, Chul Soo sprays Man Ho with some of the soap water and tells him "You are dirty and could use some cleaning." Impressed with Chul Soo's work so far, Daddy Bong offers him a job at the kitchen but is surprised when Chul Soo politely turns him down and leaves without hesitation. 

As expected, the restaurant kitchen has a difficult time adjusting to Mi Soon's absence. Angered by the mistakes that are popping up everywhere, Daddy Bong demands an explanation but only gets more frustrated as every reply from his staff starts with "Mi Soon used to take care of this..." 
Missing her family terribly, Mi Soon calls home but can't bring herself to say anything. Guessing from the silence that it must be Mi Soon calling, Mama Bong quickly assures her that everything is going fine and that Jin Hwa has been a great big sister in taking care of her youngest daughter.  
Hae Won's Story: Getting more attached to her baby by the day, Hae Won shines with motherly love as she buys a pair of baby booties. Noticing the glow around Hae Won, the still clueless Kang Min assumes that she is buying a gift for someone else. 
Fed up with Kang Min's big ego when he asks "Did you request to work in China because I turned you down and you are heartbroken?", Hae Won decides to set Kang Min straight once and for all. Backing Kang Min right up against the wall, Hae Won firmly declares "Absolutely not! So don't concern yourself anymore." 
Satisfied after she vented her anger some, Hae Won walks back to the office in a good mood...that is until her co-workers show her a picture that is apparently from Kang Min's high school days. Clutching her tummy in fear, Hae Won mutters "Hair, appearance, personality...not a single good gene!" 
Hae Ryung's Story: After being dragged out of the world's most awkward dinner by Ji Gun, Hae Ryung comes home to the sight of Hyun Ki waiting in front of her door. With barely suppressed fury, Hyun Ki tries to force Hae Ryung to come home but eventually admits defeat when Hae Ryung cuts her hand on some broken glass during their argument. 
Exhausted as he comes home to his mother's accusing rant about Hae Ryung, a tired Hyun Ki finally tells Madam Jang "Is not her fault that we can't have kids. I have already had a vasectomy five year ago." Shocked by her son's words, Madam Jang stares at him in disbelief when Hyun Ki explains "I was scared, I was afraid we would become happy with another baby only to lose it again." 

Hmm...So the happiness was so great when his son was alive that he is afraid to become happy again with another child THEN lose the child again? Sigh...I guess Hyun is also grieving in his own way... 
As expected, President Lee is not pleased at all to finally confirm with his own eyes that Ji Gun has indeed fallen in love with Hae Ryung and yells at Hyun Ki for "not controlling his wife." Thoughtful when he finds out from President Lee that Ji Gun has a son with his ex-wife, Hyun Ki mutters "A child...nothing connects a couple more firmly than a child." 
Enraged that Hae Ryung obviously has not taken the hint that she should leave Ji Gun alone, Madam Lee shows up at Hae Ryung's work. Immensely satisfied by Hae Ryung's shocked expression when she tells Hae Ryung that she was only hired for the job because of her husband's connection, Madam Lee leaves after warning Hae Ryung once again that she should stop seducing her son-in-law. 

Arriving just in time to see her sister being threatened by some lady, Hae Won confronts Madam Lee in anger but wanes the moment she realizes that she is talking to her baby's grandmother. 
Searching every where for Hae Ryung after finding out from Kang Min that Madam Lee had confronted Hae Ryung at her work, Ji Gun's car screeches to a sudden stop when he spotted Hae Ryung walking on the sidewalk. 

Huffy with leftover frustration when Ji Gun pops out in front of her, Hae Ryung vents "I resigned after being picked on for no reason. But when am I still a sinner? I am being picked on because of you. Why does it have to be me? A genius doctor with a bright future, someone that is wanted by a chaebol family, so why would you want the useless me who can't even get a divorce? Is it because I am pitiful? True. I do seem very pitiful don't I. Every time you see me I am either crying or getting bullied. But, that's your fault, because you always shows up in front of me at those time. And then, didn't you say you've been divorced for five years already! Madam Lee is so weird!" 

His expression changing from one of guilt to finally a smile as Hae Ryung's rant comes to a close, Ji Gun puts his hands around her shoulder and assures her "That's right. She is weird and it's my fault. So don't feel apologetic to other people, don't hide. If you want to be angry then be angry. If you can't hold it in then don't hold it anymore. Just remember that you are beautiful and good." 
Pushed to the limit by Madam Lee's latest shenanigan, Ji Gun pays his ex-in-laws a visit and bluntly cut off his ties with them after warning them to not mess with Hae Ryung anymore since he is the one that has an one sided crush on her. Shaking with anger as Ji Gun walks away, President Lee tells his wife to bring their daughter back into the country as soon as possible. 
Walking the street in a daze as she thinks about Hyun Ki's assertion that her heart is only shaken because Ji Gun showed up when she was the weakest and her sister's advise that she should end things cleanly, Hae Ryung finally arranges to meet with Ji Gun. 

Sitting across from Ji Gun as he chatters on, Hae Ryung can't seem to bring herself to say the necessary words. His smile waning as Hae Ryung's pale expression warns what she is about to say, Ji Gun listens with a sinking heart as Hae Ryung apologizes for pretending ignorance while knowing full well what he feelings are towards her. Avoiding Ji Gun's eyes, Hae Ryung continues "Me..and you being friends..." Cutting Hae Ryung short, Ji Gun asks "Can't you just pretend to not know?" 

Before our two leads can continue their conversation an unexpected phone call from Mama Bong sends Hae Ryung rushing back to her old house. 
Unaware of her daughter's situation, Mama Bong had waited for Hae Ryung in front of her old house and ends up finding out the whole thing in the most unpleasant manner from Madam Jang. Missing her mother by moments, Hae Ryung is horrified when Madam Jang gleefully informs her that she has already told Mama Bong that her precious daughter has moved out. Shaking with anger that Madam Jang would hurt her innocent mother in such a way, Hae Ryung holds nothing back as she tells Madam Jang "The one that is base and disgusting is you. Mrs. Jang." 

Coming home just in time to see Hae Ryung grabbing Madam Jang's hand to protect herself from being slapped, Hyun Ki is left speechless as Hae Ryung demands "Look clearly. The two of you has turned me into this, so do you still want me to come back to this house?" 
Overwhelmed with sadness as she remembers all the times when she had urged her daughter to be grateful of her perfect marriage, Mama Bong's eyes are finally opened to the pain her precious daughter has been hiding under her forced smiles. 

Exploding in anger when she walks in to see her family laughing together, Mama Bong sits down and sobs her heart out. Rushing home to kneel beside her crying mother, Hae Ryung breaks down in tears as she mutters her apology over and over again. 
Unable get hold of Hae Ryung, Ji Gun frets at home with worry. Surprised when Hyun Ki invites him out for a drink, Ji Gun decides to go if not just to get some news of Hae Ryung. 

In a strangely almost friendly atmosphere, Hyun Ki asks Ji Gun again "Why my wife?" Sneering when Ji Gun replies "If you had treasured her like you were suppose to I would've never had the courage to confess my feelings," Hyun Ki asks "So you liking my wife is my fault?" 

Turning to Hyun Ki in earnest, Ji Gun asks "Will you let her go?" Answering Ji Gun's plea with a question of his own, Hyun Ki asks "If I let her go, will you leave her as well?" After a moment of hesitation, Ji Gun answers "If that will allow her to be happy." Shaking his head, Hyun Ki mutters "You cray jerk." 
Her pride severely damaged after a very unpleasant phone call with Madam Lee, Madam Jang decides to take her anger out on Hae Ryung by paying her parents a visit and showing them pictures of their daughter with Ji Gun. Stunned as they watch Madam Jang leaves triumphantly after accusing their daughter of infidelity, Mama Bong runs out to throw a bucket of garbage on Madam Jang's car while Daddy Bong stands up in fury and yells at his daughter "Is this how you've been living? Being followed and not being treated as a human being? Why did you suffer for so long?! Why didn't you come home earlier?!"
Wow, Hae Ryung's parents might not be perfect but they sure are very cool. 
Forcefully dragged home by her son, a still furious Madam Jang is busy swearing vengeance against Hae Ryung. Stunned when Hyun Ki firmly warns her that if she dares to harm Hae Ryung then he would expose how they both treated her to the public, Madam Jang yells "What in heaven is that woman to you?!"
Slowly, Hyun Ki explains that as a child his house was a place of fear, a place of nightmare and extreme loneliness but thanks to Hae Ryung he learned that home could be a place of laughter, a place with warmth. Resigned when his mother insists that Hae Ryung is the one to blame, Hyun Ki promises his mother that he will be getting a divorce. 
Unable to stop himself from worrying about Hae Ryung, Ji Gun finds himself standing in front of the Bong family restaurant. Recognizing Ji Gun from the pictures Madam Jang had shown them, Daddy Bong grabs Ji Gun's shirt and demands "What are you! Who are you that my daughter is being shamed like that?" 

Rushing over to stop her dad, Hae Ryung explains to Daddy Bong "This is someone who helped me the most when I needed it. Without him, I would not have had the courage to leave." Puzzled, Daddy Bong asks "So there is nothing between you two?" Taking one look at Hae Ryung's stiff expression, Ji Gun replies "No, she is just my cooking teacher, a good friend. Nothing more, so don't worry." 
Walking together on the beach after a dinner that both of our leads knew it was their last meal together, Hae Ryung wonders out loud "It's so strange. We haven't done anything so why is everyone so angry at us?" Following Hae Ryung's footstep, Ji Gun replies "Because our relationship are not nothing." Smiling sadly, Hae Ryung says "Such a wondrous thing. I finally know my own heart so how did people knew before me?" 

Turning towards Ji Gun, Hae Ryung extends her hand towards him and says "We can't be friends anymore. You are not my friend anymore. Not because of other people's anger or because of being afraid. Right now I don't want to rely on anyone else, I just want to use my own strength to reclaim the name Bong Hae Ryung." 
Holding Hae Ryung's hand, Ji Gun asks "What if I don't want to let this hand go?" 
Not answering Ji Gun's question, Hae Ryung simply says "Seo Ji Gun, Thank you for everything you've done for me." 
As Ji Gun raises his hand to lightly touch Hae Ryung's hair, we hear Ji Gun's voice "I am sorry, I like you. I only wish for your happiness and that is all I want." 

Hmm... I am torn about this self forced separation especially since it looks like our heroine has finally realized that she has fallen in love with the hero...but then I do agree with the heroine's assertion that at this point in her life she needs to take the time to figure out who she is first. I also think it would've made more sense if Ji Gun would've been the one to walk away first since he technically still has his guilt hanging over his head. 
True to his words, Hyun Ki finally signs on the divorce paper. Walking out of the court house together, Hyun Ki tells Hae Ryung "Go well." Not letting the tear in her eyes fall, Hae Ryung turns away and walks off without a word. 

Ninja's Thoughts
Yeah! Our heroine is finally divorced! I really thought we would at least drag it out for another couple episodes but I am not complaining at all. I have to admit that Hyun Ki's admittance to his fear and what Hae Ryung means to him really made me feel kinda bad for him...but not bad enough to change my mind about the divorce though. At the end of the day, Hyun Ki's so called "love" for his wife is simply a desire to have Hae Ryung fulfill his desire for a loving family. If Hyun Ki really loved Hae Ryung at all then there is no way he could've pretended ignorance all these years when he knew full well how his own mother was making his wife's life a living hell. 
My two favorite scenes from this week's episodes were both from Man Ho and Se Ri. 

Ready to prove that he can be a man now that Mi Soon is gone, a very excited Man Ho tells Se Ri of his plan to buy a franchise business. Knowing full well how useless her "oppa" really is, Se Ri tries to discourage Man Ho subtly but the clueless Man Ho is too far gone in his day dream to notice. Putting aside her unease at Man Ho's latest scheme, Se Ri shows Man Ho the letter Mi Soon gave her and smiles with happiness when Man Ho rips it up after promising that Se Ri wouldn't have to do all the tedious things his wife used to do. Se Ri's happiness is short lived however as she gasps in shock over the news that Mi Soon did not take her two daughters but had left them behind with their dad. Ha! Se Ri is starting to get a taste of her "blissful" life with her precious oppa. 
Second favorite scene is when Man Ho finds out about Hae Ryung's divorce and gives a long rant about what a big jerk Hyun Ki is for cheating on his sister. Oblivious to the fact that he is a even bigger jerk compares to Hyun Ki, Man Ho looks at his aunts and uncle with puzzlement when they looks at him with the "Are you serious?!" expression. 


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