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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy Home Episode 23-24 Recap

Happy Home Episode 23-24 Recap by Ninja
Mi Soon's Story:
After promising that she will outdo Mi Soon in every aspect Se Ri happily moves into the Bong family home and proudly strut around all the restaurant employees as their future boss. However, life as Mi Soon's replacement is not exactly what Se Ri envisions as she begrudgingly takes over the many household chores that has fallen on her.

Missing Mi Soon terribly, Mama Bong tolerates Se Ri's presence in her house but is not above doing little things to make her life harder. Left with the huge tasked of preparing the annual ancestral feast by Mama Bong, Se Ri beams with glee when she successfully shocks all the family members with a table of impressive dishes...that is until Jin Hwa (Mi Soon's oldest daughter) reveals the take out boxes and everyone realize that Se Ri had ordered take out instead of cooking herself.

Here is the interesting bit: Following her obviously displeased husband into their room with apprehension, Mama Bong had expected Daddy Bong to chew her out for picking on Se Ri by letting her do all the ancestral feast by herself but instead Daddy Bong complains "What were you thinking?! Do you think mother and father would want to accept a feast that is made by a woman like that?" Dang, Daddy Bong REALLY doesn't like Se Ri but he is doing a good job hiding it so far. 
In the middle of trying to boost up his diminishing summer sales with specials, Daddy Bong receives an unpleasant surprise when he finds out that Mi Soon had not only opened up a new restaurant right across the street but had purposefully gave it a similar name as his family restaurant.
Ignoring all of Bong family's speculation stares of how she was able to open a restaurant with Chul Soo by her side in such a short time, Mi Soon declares war as she promises that she will prove to everyone of her ability to support her children in the next three months by making her new restaurant successful.
Hae Won's Story:
Bumping into Hae Won by chance while she is having a rather friendly private Chinese lesson with a good looking guy, Kang Min is immediately jealous but refuses to acknowledge it.
Finding himself drawn more and more to Hae Won, Kang Min shows up at work with a late night snack when he knew she was working overtime alone. Giving in to her baby's demand for some food, Hae Won is in the middle of chowing down a full table of take outs when Kang Min suddenly pops out nowhere. Embarrassed, Hae Won greets Kang Min and is much relieved once he made a quick exit without saying much.

Slipping out of the door with his undelivered package of food still in his hand, Kang Min breaks out into a smile as he remembers Hae Won's surprised expression then suddenly grabs his chest in shock as his heart starts racing on it's own.
Hae Ryung's Story:
It has been two months now since Hae Ryung's divorce AND the ending of her friendship with Ji Gun. We find Hae Ryung working in her son's old elementary school as a food's teacher. Overjoyed to simply be surrounded by children, Hae Ryung shows the utmost patience when a student runs right into her and she ended up with a face full of cake.

The student turns out to be Young Woo, our hero's son who has moved back to Korea recently. Showing up to pick up his son, Ji Gun turns away from a cream covered Hae Ryung without recognition but stops in his track once the feeling of familiarity hits him. Chasing after Hae Ryung while wondering if he is just imagining things, Ji Gun finally gives up when his son stops him.
Missing Hae Ryung like crazy ever since they said their goodbyes, poor Ji Gun starts to wonder about his own mental state when he keeps finding himself chasing after anyone who remotely looks like Hae Ryung.
Sent by his son to the bookstore, Ji Gun stops dead in his track when he sees Hae Ryung standing at the cash register. Convinced that he is probably just imagining things again, Ji Gun closes his eyes and mutters "Why do I keep on doing this? If this continues I am going to have to check myself into the hospital."

Surprised that Hae Ryung is still there when he opens his eyes, Ji Gun finally believes he is not imagining things and follows her as she walks out of the bookstore.
Following Hae Ryung all the way to a bus stop, Ji Gun hides himself and listens quietly as Hae Ryung talks to her friend on the phone. Seemingly clueless that she has a secret listener, Hae Ryung assures her friend in a chipper voice "I am doing great. Lately I have been enjoying the freedom of doing what I want. I have become really happy, so don't worry about me anymore... I miss you."
Bidding her friend goodbye as she jumps on the bus, the smile on Hae Ryung's face slowly fades. In a flash back we see that Hae Ryung had actually noticed Ji Gun following her when she accidentally dropped her phone a while back and that's why she had faked a phone call to her friend at the bus top in order to assure Ji Gun that she is doing well.

Staring at the phone in her hand, Hae Ryung begins to type a text to Ji Gun. "It's good to see you doing well." Erase, retype. "Long time no see." Erase, retype "I miss you. I really really miss you." I don't believe she sent the last text out although the show did show her hand hovering between the send button and the backspace button. 
Lost in her sadness, Hae Ryung walks home with her head hanging down but looks up in surprise when Ji Gun suddenly shows up in front of her. Chiding Hae Ryung in a light tone Ji Gun says "Didn't you say you miss me? Look at me then. You've lost your lying skills. You were so good before but now, even I could totally tell that you were lying." Staring at the teary eyed Hae Ryung in front of him, Ji Gun continues "Me too. I too miss you very much. That's why I regretted a lot of letting you go. I should've hold on." Switching back into his usual joking manner, Ji Gun asks "I can't keep going on like this anymore. I will turn from being a doctor to a patient. As my teacher you can't let your student lose his livelihood can you?"
Silent the whole time while Ji Gun is talking, Hae Ryung finally breaks down in tears when our hero decides to just pull her into an embrace. There you go, talking is overrated. 
While our two leads have spent the last two months torturing themselves with missing each other like crazy, Hyun Ki is just busy living as his mother's obedient robot son. At first quite relieved that Hyun Ki seems to bend to her every will even to the point of going to marriage meets, Madam Jang is finally forced to admit that something might be terribly wrong when Young Eun pleas with her to leave Hae Ryung alone. Furious that Hae Ryung would have the audacity to work at grandson's old elementary school Madam Jang demands "Why can't I teach that woman a lesson? What would I be scared of?" Proving that she really does understand Hyun Ki like no one else, Young Eun replies "Your son. Hyun Ki is very unstable right now. If you mess with Hae Ryung, the one that would break is not her but Hyun Ki instead."
Their relationship finally confirmed, Ji Gun's love life gets another pleasant surprise when Hae Ryung unknowingly befriends his son at school and Hae Ryung has the pleasure of seeing Ji Gun's stunned expression when he shows up at school to pick Young Woo up.
Least we get too comfortable with all the sweet scenes between our leads, Ji Gun's happiness is soon burst when his father finds out who Hae Ryung's son was. Shocked to know who his son has really fallen in love with, Daddy Seo demands "Yoo Seo Jin! The reason you have been running away like crazy for the last five years. So why? Why does it have to be that child's mother?"

Turning to looking at his father with hopelessness in his face, Ji Gun replies "Father...I knew, but I did it anyway. Pretending not to know. Running away again. I did it again. I can't be without that woman. I love that woman."

His mind still filled with his conversation with his father, Ji Gun can't find his usual easy smile when Hae Ryung plops down right beside him on a park bench and chatters on happily. Staring at the clueless woman in front of him, Ji Gun pleads silently "Please don't let her find out. Just her alone is all I ask."
In hopeless desperation, Ji Gun suddenly swoops in and plants a light kiss on a surprised Hae Ryung. Getting over her initial shock, Hae Ryung closes her eyes as Ji Gun wordless leans in again for a second ...and "cough" much more spectacular kiss.

Ninja's Thoughts
Dang...the sweet happy time didn't even last more than a week. But I guess we all knew Ji Gun was just burying his head in the sand this whole time. In fact, Ji Gun has been so forward with his feelings towards Hae Ryung that it has been easy to forget that he is carrying this huge burden...but according to the previews it looks like Ji Gun is going have to face the music soon.

To be honest it actually seem a bit unrealistic to me that Ji Gun didn't try harder to avoid Hae Ryung but then I guess fate didn't give him much choice when Hae Ryung keeps showing up in front of him with those "rescue me!" teary eyes.
I obviously liked all the lovey dovey scenes between our two main leads, but the relationship that touched me the most this week is actually the one between Mama Bong and Mi Soon. Stunned by Mi Soon's unexpected return, Mama Bong rush towards her in excitement but Mi Soon simply greets her with cold politeness. Not offended at all, Mama Bong thinks to herself "As your mother I can't praise you for coming back this way nor can I criticize you for it. No matter what your reason might be for coming back, just ignore everyone else and do what you want until the anger inside you disappears."

On Mi Soon's part, she is no where near as cold as she is pretending to be but is forcing herself to remain aloof until she finishes the battle she has started.
My other favorite part is seeing how scared Man Ho and Se Ri are of Mi Soon's return. It is also really satisfying to see that Man Ho and Se Ri's new life together is no where near as blissful as they imagined. Now that Se Ri has successfully moved into the Bong family she seems to have lost all her taste for Man Ho and is already starting to become disgusted with how useless Man Ho is. 

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  1. Thank-you for the recap! I always love hearing your thoughts!!

  2. All Hyun Ki had to do was not be an ass to his wife, now we're supposed to believe he's this fragile flower?