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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Happy Home Episode 25-26 Recap

Happy Home Episode 25-26 Recap by Ninja
Mi Soon's Story:
The tension between Mi Soon and her ex-in-laws increases with each passing day, as the Bong family restaurant's business suffers because of their direct competition. Frustrated that she is still being treated like an outsider by Man Ho's family, Se Ri gets even more anxious when Mi Soon's youngest daughter runs to her mother in the middle of the night crying for Mi Soon to come home. 

Filled with anxiety ever since Mi Soon's triumphant return, Man Ho gets a boost of confidence when Daddy Bong finally begins to teach him cooking to prepare for his eventual takeover of the family business. Feeling like he has finally made it as the "big boss", Man Ho takes personal offence when he sees the Bong family restaurant's customers rushing over to Mi Soon's instead. Determined to protect his restaurant, Man Ho brings several men to Mi Soon's eatery and start to trash her tables with the excuse that she is illegally blocking the walking path by letting her customers eat there.  
Horrified by what Man Ho is doing, Mama Bong and Hae Ryung yell at him to stop but Man Ho is feeling too powerful to to listen. 

Already having a discouraging day after a long time employee decides to jump ship to Mi Soon's restaurant because she can't handle Se Ri's constant need to strut around as "the future boss' wife", Daddy Bong is surprising calm when he walks out to see the chaotic situation in front of Mi Soon's restaurant. 

Stopping Man Ho in mid-action with one yell, a stoic Daddy Bong declares to the shock of everyone that his restaurant will no longer be serving their famous fiery dish. (The dish was developed by both Mi Soon and Daddy Bong. The dish had bcome a source of contention between the two since Mi Soon decided to put it on her menu.)
Increasingly fearful that Man Ho will go back to his ex-wife, Se Ri ups her effort to convince Man Ho to marry her soon. Enjoying themselves immensely as they each pick out their wedding outfit, Man Ho and Se Ri are shocked when the store employee informs them that both of their bank accounts have been frozen. 

Sneering when Man Ho and Se Ri storm into her place to demand how she could possibly freeze their accounts, Mi Soon replies with derision "I sued you (Se Ri) for compensation on the grounds of destroying my family. Did you really think you would get off that easily?" 
Determined to force the Bong family to accept her, Se Ri convinces a reluctant Man Ho to take her to Jin Hwa's (oldest daughter) school presentation. Understandably displeased to see her father had brought his mistress to a presentation that she had specifically prepared for her mother, Jin Hwa tells her teacher that Se Ri is an ajumma their family had hired to do the housework because her famous mother is too busy. Ha! I LOVE Jin Hwa! 
Furious that instead of speaking up for her at Jin Hwa's school Man Ho had instead chosen to agree with his daughter just to avoid being embarrassed, Se Ri packs her bags and threatens to leave for good. 

Walking into the door to see Man Ho trying to convince Se Ri to stay, Daddy Bong surprises everyone again by telling his son to just marry Se Ri right away. 
Hae Won's Story:
After a few episodes of being eaten by jealousy thinking Hae Won is dating some cute Chinese guy, Kang Min finally figures out that he likes Hae Won and makes the decision to confess his feelings to her. Dragging Hae Won out of her farewell party, Kang Min starts to say the difficult words but ends up getting cut off when Hae Won faints right into his arms. 
A nervous wrack as he rushes Hae Won to the hospital, Kang Min accidentally sees Hae Won's ultrasound picture when he takes out her wallet. Scared out of his mind as he stares at the ultrasound picture, Kang Min urgently asks the nurse "This... This! Does she have a tumor or something?!" 

Stunned once the nurse explains that the tumor is actually a 18 weeks old fetus, Kang Min is too shocked to move even when Hae Ryung and Ji Gun arrive at the hospital. 
Waking up in the hospital to her sister's concerned face, Hae Won freely admits to Hae Ryung that she is secretly relieved to finally have someone to tell all her fears to. Her heart melting at the sight of her little sister's teary face, Hae Ryung assures Hae Won that she will be her support the whole way. 

Thanks to some timely advise from Ji Gun, Kang Min surprises Hae Won when the two sits down for a talk with his concern for her well being and even affirms all of the anxieties Hae Won must have suffered through alone as she tries to deal with this unexpected pregnancy. Unfortunately, any good impression Kang Min might have made soon turns to dust once he eagerly pleas with Hae Won to give up the baby. Disappointed and angry, Hae Won storms off after telling Kang Min that they will not see each other ever again.  
Still firm on her resolution to go to China to have her baby, Hae Won calls for a family meeting and is about to tell them about her work reassignment to China when a very drunk Kang Min suddenly shows up. Too drunk to realize he is standing in front of Hae Won's family, Kang Min protest loudly when Hae Won claims that he is nobody to her by yelling "What?! Nobody? I am your b..." 
Hae Ryung's Story:
Resigned the moment his son tells him that he loves Hae Ryung and can't be without her, Daddy Seo finally comes to the difficult decision to support Ji Gun but warns him that he should forget the past and to make sure Hae Ryung never finds out. 

Scared of driving ever since her son's death, a still hesitant Hae Ryung challenges her deepest fear as she drives Ji Gun's car at a snail's pace. Fully prepared to not be able to get to eat lunch until nightfall, Ji Gun pats Hae Ryung's head proudly when they actually made it to the restaurant.  
Smilingly brightly as Ji Gun piles on the compliments, Hae Ryung's happy expression suddenly turns blank when she looks up to find Hyun Ki standing right in front of her with his date (Cho Rong). 

Unable to tear his eyes away from Hae Ryung even after Ji Gun takes her away while holding her hand, Hyun Ki finally snaps back to reality once Cho Rong asks "Do you even notice that I am standing beside you?" 

Surprisingly, instead of being deterred by Hyun Ki's obvious hangup on his ex-wife, Cho Rong becomes even more interested in him and declares her desire to date him seriously. Perhaps finally accepting the fact that his wife is never coming back, Hyun Ki agrees to Cho Rong's request. 
Unaware of Hyun Ki's inability to let her go, Hae Ryung is enjoying her booming romance with Ji Gun. At first a bit stunned when he finds out that Hae Ryung is his dad's new girlfriend, Young Woo (Ji Gun's son) nonetheless quickly accepts the situation once he gets over his disappointment that he is too young to date Hae Ryung anyway. 
Still relying on sleeping pills every night, Hyun Ki can't help it but be concerned when he finds out that his boss is planning to release a news article announcing Ji Gun's remarriage with his daughter (so Ji Gun's ex-wife). Not surprised by Hyun Ki's continual preoccupation with Hae Ryung, Young Eun agrees to use her reporter background to see if she could find a way to block it even if the chance seems slim. 

Feeling jittery despite her son's apparent willingness to be her puppet, Madam Jang shows up at Hae Ryung's house to warn her once again to not be meet with Hyun Ki and demands that Hae Ryung resign from her job immediately (because that's her son's old school). Proving that she is not the easily bullied woman she once was, Hae Ryung coldly assures Madam Jung that she has no desire to get back with Hyun Ki and flat out refuses to leave her job. 
Unpleasantly surprised when a co-worker congratulates him for getting back with his ex, Ji Gun storms into Hyun Ki's office and demands to know if it was Hyun Ki that released the fabricated article. Not mincing words, Hyun Ki tells Ji Gun that President Lee (his boss) is the one behind the whole thing and warns Ji Gun "Didn't you take care of your mess before you pursued that woman? If you hurt that woman I will never forgive you." 

Leaving Hyun Ki's office after he promised that he will never hurt Hae Ryung, Ji Gun proves his words by giving his resignation to a fuming President Lee. 

Rushing to Hae Ryung's house to explain his engagement news, Ji Gun's heart sinks when it looks like Hae Ryung might be crying. Breaking into a laugh as she peaks through her hands, Hae Ryung assures a still nervous Ji Gun that while she had a moment of doubt wondering if it would be better for Ji Gun if she gives him up but in the end she decides to be obedient to Ji Gun's advise and only think of herself. 
While our two leads are having a cozy moment reaffirming their relationship, Hyun Ki has just found out from his angry boss about Ji Gun's medical mishap five years ago. Connecting the dots together as a crazy suspicion starts to take root, Hyun Ki convinces his doctor friend to let him look at his son's operation notes. 
Shaking with emotion as he slowly scrolls through the notes, Hyun Ki's eyes widen as he reads Ji Gun's name on the line that lists his son's operation surgeon. Just to make this moment extra ironic and foreboding, the camera turns to our two leads as Ji Gun whispers "I love you." and Hae Ryung replies "Me too. Seo Ji Gun. I love you too." 

Ninja's Reflection
Is it strange that I am actually relieved the truth is finally coming out? I am guessing it will probably take at least another episode for the heroine to find out but at least we know she will find out soon. I am curious what Ji Gun will do since it seems rather unrealistic for him to promise to not hurt Hae Ryung when it should be obvious that she will find out about his connection to her son sooner or later. Our hero has already admitted his tendency to avoid thinking about the unavoidable but now that Hyun Ki has found out I doubt Hyun Ki is about to let him bury his head in the sand anymore. 
My favorite scene in this week's episodes was probably the scene of Madam Jang having to scramble to keep up her image of a perfect mother in front of Cho Rong. I can't quite make up my mind if I find Cho Rong cool or annoying but either way I think she is exactly the kind of daughter-in-law Madam Jang needs to make her realize how good life was when Hae Ryung was around. Still... I find myself feeling rather badly for Young Eun especially now it seems more and more obvious that she really is the one person in this world that understands Hyun Ki the best. 
I didn't find a good place to put this in the recap but Hyun Ki does finally apologize to Young Eun in episode 25. Getting over her initial shock, Young Eun replies "What you should apologize for is for the fact of not loving me at all. Five years ago after suddenly losing your son and Hae Ryung going crazy refusing to let go of a child that is dead, you were understandably scared and you needed a way out. I knew it all but I still chose to love you. If having me around makes you uncomfortable then turn back to your old self then I will disappear from you sight." 
SO, I had my doubts about Daddy Bong in the past but I really think this week's episode prove once and for all that he really cares about Mi Soon. Standing in front of Mi Soon restaurant as he stares at the front sign with forlorn expression, Daddy Bong notices a cup that must've been missed from that morning's chaos Man Ho created. Picking up the cup in his hand, Daddy Bong gently puts the cup on the restaurant step. THAT, just doesn't seem like the action of a man who holds any resentment towards Mi Soon. Instead, I think Daddy Bong seems to have simply given up any hope that his restaurant will survive his son even if he is still doing his duty by teaching Man Ho everything he knows. 


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