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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Les Interprètes Episode 1-4 First Impression

Drama: Les Interprètes or The Interpreter 
Number of episodes: 42
Chinese name: 亲爱的翻译官
Main leads: Yang Mi & Huang Xuan

Les Interprètes Episode 1-4 Overview by Ninja
Pursuing her dream of becoming a top interpreter, our heroine Qiao Fei greatly values her time as a French exchange student at an university in Zurich. Unfortunately, Qiao Fei's treasured experience is cut short abruptly after she meets our famously meticulous hero Cheng Jia Yang who promptly uses his influence to cancel her scholarship after she made a few translation mistakes in front of him.

Already huffy that some stranger would brazenly tell her that her dream is impossible, Qiao Fei becomes even more furious once she finds out that thanks to the picky genius French interpreter she has lost her scholarship. Left with no choice but to go back home, Qiao Fei swears that she is going to avoid Jia Yang at all cost.
Of course fate is not going to grant our heroine's wish and a few years later our two leads have yet another unpleasant meeting with one another. Not recognizing the customer who poured wine all over her as the jerk she met a few years ago, Ziao Fei can only sigh with frustration when a drunk Jia Yang lands both of them in the police station.
Surprised when she sees Jia Yang again the next morning during her interview with a top translation company, our heroine finally remembers who Jia Yang is. Still convinced that Qiao Fei is not cut out to be an interpreter, Jia Yang proceeds to torture train her in various unusual but always extremely challenging ways. Vowing to stay at the company no matter what Jia Yang throws at her, Qiao Fei quickly learns to stand for herself even if her victories against our hero is few and far in between.

Ninja's First Impression:
I like it. I probably would like it a whole lot more if the pace is a bit faster but that's kinda the par for the course when it comes to C-dramas.

The hero's character not exactly refreshing but I do like how he is so creative when it comes to being mean to our heroine and it makes me laugh for some reason. For example, in this scene Jia Yang has just "caught" Qiao Fei trying to jump ship to another company and accuses her of only caring about money. Frustrated that her repeated attempt to explain herself seem to be falling on deaf ears, Qiao Fei finally explodes as she yells at Jia Yang for being clueless about the struggle of a normal poor student. Breaking into a friendly smile, Jia Yang suddenly opens his arms wide to a teary Qiao Fei and tells her to just cry in his arms. Apparently extremely naive, Qiao Fei walks into Jia Yang's arms only to look up in shock when Jia Yang whispers in her ears "If what you need is this kind of fake sympathy then I have plenty for you but I want you to leave the company as fast as you can." See? So mean but it makes me laugh.
One other complaint I have about this show is the irritating secondary characters. The hero's brother (not related by blood) is Qiao Fei's ex-boyfriend (I think) but is now dating our heroine's BFF. Judging by some of the previews, it looks like there is potential that the second leads' will eventually become more interesting later on but for now they are definitely a drag on the story and makes me resent the time away from the two leads.
Minor issues aside I still consider Les Interprètes to be very promising. The main leads' bickering romance is intriguing enought that I am tentatively putting it on my watch list. 

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  1. I find this drama very addicting. Hope you continue to recap!

  2. The best Chinese drama I have ever see. Its just too beautiful

  3. The best Chinese drama I have ever see. Its just too beautiful