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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Love at Seventeen Episode 4 Recap

Love at Seventeen Episode 4 Recap by Ninja
Episode four started with a flash back to the past to show us what happened between the almost/could've been young lovers.

Unable to overcome his fear of rejection, Hao Yi ignores a text from Alice asking him along with Shu Lei and Xiao Fen (hero's sister) to go to their favorite gathering place so she would have a chance to explain herself. Surprised when he goes home to find Shu Lei with his sister sitting over a box of pizza, Hao Yi is dismayed to realizes that not only did the girls ignored Alice's text but they have been ignoring her ever since they got back from the camping trip. So it wasn't too clear in the flash back but I am guessing at least a week or maybe a lot longer has passed since the camping trip. 

Running all the way to the meeting place, the young Hao Yi calls loudly for Alice but he was too late and she is no where to be found.

Stunned but excited to finally see Alice after 13 years, the last thing on Hao Yi's mind is the business at hand. Forcing himself to be calm as he looks at Alice's stoic expression, Hao Yi uses his work as a cover and demands to know her home address, phone number, e-mail and all social accounts.

Not moved by Hao Yi's apparent desperate need to not lose her whereabouts again, Alice coldly hands over her business card and excuses herself. Chasing after Alice, Hao Yi tries to reconnect with her and figure out why Alice has changed so much but before he could get an answer aman interrupts them and asks "Dearest, is this man bothering you?".
Not recognizing Han Ming at all even when he introduces himself as Peter, Hao Yi could only stand by hopelessly as Alice is taken away by another man.

Nowhere as confident as he appears to be, Han Ming looks at Alice with uncertainty the minute they are alone. Apologizing quickly that he had called her "dearest" several times in front of Hao Yi, Hang Mi asks Alice tentatively how Hao Yi's reappearance is affecting her but Alice just insists that Hao Yi is simply someone she has to deal with for work.
Having fun with his incognito status as Peter, Han Ming meets Shu Lei next and saved her from drowning when she had a leg spasm in the pool. Not linking the "stud muffin" in front of her with the nerd from her high school, Shu Lei soon develop an interest in "Peter".
Smiling a mysterious smile when Shu Lei tells him that she has just accepted a new job with the JST (Jie Si Te, but I am just going to abbreviate to JST from this point on) corporation, Han Ming skillfully tugs a stray piece of stray hair behind her ear and leaves the Shu Lei more determined than ever to make him fall for her.
Arriving at JST the next morning, Hao Yi first priority is to find out all he could from other employees about what Alice is like. Designating the cubical right next to Alice's as his "office", Hao Yi looks over to see Han Ming showing up bright and early with a bag of breakfast for Alice.

Sneering when the female employees remark with envy that Han Ming must be the mysterious man that has been sending Alice breakfast for the past three month, Hao Yi dryly comments "I thought sending breakfast is something that a high schooler would do." No longer the nerd that could only stutter his replies, Han Ming quickly fires back "Caring for someone means always being there for them. I guess that wouldn't be something you as a "long time no see schoolmate" would understand."
While the two boys are having their little reunion, Alice also has an unexpected visitor from her past. Showing up in her full glory at JST for her first day of work as a Sales Manager, Shu Lei's tour of the the company hits a snag when a masked Alice sternly tells her that she and her secretary are not authorized to enter the Research & Development area.

Infuriated by Alice's stoic attitude, Shu Lei is about to show off her famous temper when she takes a stumble and looks up in shock to see Alice's unmasked face.
Already embarrassed when Hao Yi pops out of nowhere to help her up, Shu Lei's becomes even more confused when she sees Peter (Han Ming)'s smiling face.

Dragging Hao Yi off to figure out what's going on, Shu Lei complains grumpily that Alice must have embarrassed her on her first day of work on purpose. Laughing sadly, Hao Yi assures Shu Lei that Alice acts that way towards everyone. A bit dejected when Shu Lei says that they should just treat Alice like a stranger, Hao Yi wonders out loud "Can we really treat Alice like a stranger?"

Despite being amused to see Shu Lei taught a lesson by Alice, Han Ming is more concerned about how Alice is reacting to all these people showing up from their past and asks her once again if she is alright. Satisfied when Alice promises once again that Hao Yi and Shu Lei are just strangers to her now, Han Ming happily declares "Let's not look back and move towards the future together!"
Thanks to the tips from one of Alice's co-workers, Hao Yi begins his mission of popping out in front of Alice every time she steps out of her research room. Counting himself lucky since this is the one day of the month Alice always gets off work on time, Hao Yi follows her to a bus and gets the honor of catching Alice in his arms when the bus suddenly stops.

Dismayed when the bus breaks down right in the middle of the road, Alice takes off running ...which meant our hero has no choice but to run after her. Reminded of the first time he met Alice back in their high school days, Hao Yi is speechless when he finds out Alice has been running all this time to catch up with a pudding van to buy some of it's famous puddings. Turning on his charm on full blast, Hao Yi convinces Alice that she has to share a pudding with him since he ran all over with her...but only after they have dinner together.
Secretly planning to get Alice drunk in hopes that she will finally shed her mask and perhaps even cry in his arms, Hao Yi's little plan goes wary when he ends up being the one getting drunk instead. Silent as a drunk Hao Yi confesses that he did go meet her 13 years ago but she was long gone, Alice's expressionless face finally shows the slightest surprise. Convinced that their friendship would return to normal after the summer vacation, the young Hao Yi had waited for school to start again only to find out that Alice has transferred and is no where to be found.

Reminded of their shared experience in the comic book store years ago when the restaurant's electricity suddenly shuts off, Hao Yi grabs onto Alice's arm and mutters "Don't go. Don't disappear on me again. I don't want you to go."
Sitting at a parking bench, Alice stares at a slightly sobered Hao Yi and leans towards him "A woman and a man going out to dinner and drinks. Anyone would qualify that as a date. He Hao Yi, are you trying to date me?" Ignoring Alice's question, Hao Y cups her face with his hand and quietly says "I miss you so much."

Standing up quickly to get away from Hao Yi's reach, Alice replies "The expiration date of a handmade pudding is three days. The expiration date for an apology is not as long as thirteen years. To me, your apology has long expired already. Your guilt is of no use to me now." Exasperated when Alice continues and suggests that he is trying to use their high school past to either get a one night stand or get company secrets from her, Hao Yi yells "I just don't want you to disappear again!" Unmoved, Alice tells Hao Yi that she wants him to leave her alone.
The next morning, the work day didn't exactly go better than the day before for the four old friends. Hao Yi and Han Ming has a mini show-down in the parking garage before work...
while Alice barges into a sales meeting to denounce Shu Lei's new sales plan as an outright unrealistic proposal of someone who obviously didn't bother to read the report she was given by the R&D department.
To conclude an already tension filled day, Hao Yi invites Alice out to dinner to discuss "work" right in front of Hao Ming.

Ninja's Thoughts
Preview: Alice is told by her doctor that she has a tumor in her brain and the operation will only have 50% chance of success.

Sigh! Really? Tumor? Oh well, I guess maybe the writer is using the tumor as a way to force Alice break out of her self imposed wall. I kinda wanted Hao Yi to gravel a bit more but then I guess the current Alice probably would never give him a chance if something big doesn't give her enough of a shock to crack her shell.
By the way, I found it extremely strange that Hao Yi's twin sister would not remember Alice at all. Shu Lei obviously had no problem remembering Alice. Plus if even Shu Lei knows that Hao Yi is still feeling guilty towards Alice then why wouldn't his own sister know this as well?
I am loving the "grown up" Hao Yi though. I really expected a bit more reserved 30 year old Hao Yi but it is a lot of fun to see a hero who is quite determined to put aside his pride just to hold onto the girl he has been missing for the last 13 years.
This might seem strange, but my favorite scene from this episode is when Xiao Fen (hero's twin sister) yells at Hao Yi "Hey! Why did you shake up the pudding?!" For those who might not remember, 13 years ago Hao Yi also shook a pudding when he was poking through his sister's desk. Kinda the "boys will be boys" moment that shows our hero's childish side even after all these years. 

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  1. They only mentioned her in passing, but do you think Hao Yi's past girlfriend Amanda will also turn up as a love rival for Hao Yi?

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  3. [SPOILER]

    Also! I read somewhere that after her surgery she loses her memory and her memories only "go back" to when she was 17.