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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Love at Seventeen Episode 5 Recap

Love at Seventeen Episode 5 Recap by Ninja
Pausing in the middle of complaining about Alice to notice Hao Yi's rather alarming speed of shoving his lunch into his mouth, Shu Lei sighs in frustration as Hao Yi confesses that he usually eat two lunch boxes whenever he is nervous and asks "So you are in need of courage because of Alice?" Smiling, Hao Yi replies "No, I will be okay, because this is my third lunch box now."

Fully prepared to dazzle Peter on their first date, a very excited Shu Lei shows up at the night club only to find all her co-workers there as well for her surprise welcome party. Forcing herself to smile, a grumpy Shu Lei decides to take the chance to settle a score with Alice by challenging her to a drinking contest.

Frustrated as she looks at Alice's cool as a cucumber expression while she is getting more drunk by the second, Shu Lei calls Hao Yi on the phone and is overjoyed when he warns "Don't let Alice's mix alcohol. She only gets drunk when she does that." Sigh...our hero is not the smartest cookie... 
Forced by Shu Lei to mix her alcohol, Alice quickly gets drunk but is still aware enough to stand up in anger when she sees Hao Yi rushing in and mutters "It's you! It's you who told her!" His eyes widening in alarm as he watches Alice stumbles and is about to fall on pieces of broken glass, Hao Yi runs towards Alice with all his might. Catching Alice at the last second in his arms, Hao Yi resolutely picks her up and starts heading for the door.
Stepping in the way, Peter (Han Ming) tries to stop Hao Yi from leaving but is left speechless when Hao Yi reminds him that the equally drunk Shu Lei is his date for the night.
Sobering up just a tad bit after puking in the sidewalk gutter, a still furious Alice is back accusing Hao Yi of betraying her since he is the only one who knew she gets drunk on mixed alcohol. Admitting freely that he is at fault, Hao Yi closes his eyes and opens his arms wide for Alice to punch him. Muttering drunkenly "You will regret this..." Alice stumbles towards Hao Yi with her fist raised...then nothing because our heroine passed out again.
Hauling Alice all the way back to her house, Hao Yi tries to use Alice's phone to find a female friend that could come over and take care of her but is stunned when he finds Alice's friend list to be completely empty. Taking a brief tour of the small house, Hao Yi's heart sinks as he looks at the empty fridge and the single set of dish that all testify of Alice's lonely existence. Walking into the bathroom, Hao Yi picks up the single toothbrush and hilariously mutters "Now, I don't have problems with this being single."
Laying down after Hao Yi feeds her a few sips of water, a still drunk Alice looks at the man who is rubbing her hand furiously in an attempt to warm it up and complains "He Hao Yi! Why did you show up in front of me?! I have forgotten about you and didn't you guys abandon me too? I had presents for you guys but none of you came. Not a single one... Could you not show up in front of me anymore? Every time I see you I hurt here (pointing at her heart)."
Confused by Alice's drunken mutterings, Hao Yi replies "I am sorry... but is that wound because of me? What else do I not know?" Unfortunately, by this time Alice fell asleep again and Hao Yi's questions go unanswered.
Dismayed when she wakes up the next morning to find Hao Yi next to her, Alice is back to her stoic self and insists that Hao Yi leaves immediately. Resigned to the fact that Alice is in no mood to talk, Hao Yi nonetheless slips in a declaration of his own before he leaves "Alice, let's be clear on one thing. I have never given up you and this time will be no different. I will keep trying until this spot (grabbing the shirt in front of his heart) doesn't hurt anymore."

Closing the door behind Hao Yi, Alice doesn't have the time to ponder Hao Yi's parting words as she is hit by a sudden pain in her head that forces her to her knee.
Meanwhile, Shu Lei also wakes up disoriented. Remembering the embarrassing pieces of the night before, Shu Lei quickly realizes that she had spent the night at Peter's house and is determined to make a better impression this time around.

Satisfied as she looks in the mirror to make sure she is still as beautiful as ever, Shu Lei walks out of Peter's bedroom ready to charm the man...that is until she has to forcefully turn off the game console in order to get Peter to even notice her. Apparently ready to drop his charismatic facade, Peter makes it clear to a stunned Shu Lei that instead of being excited by the prospect of having her spend the night at his house, he found the whole thing inconvenient and no where near as interesting as his video game.
Ha! There is still a nerd beneath all those muscles! 
Forced to admit that something is seriously wrong with her body, Alice reports to the doctor's office and sits in stunned disbelief when she is informed that not only is there a tumor in her head but that she merely has 50% chance of surviving the operation.

Noticing something is wrong with Alice the moment he sees her pale expression at work, Hao Yi decides to cheer her up by dragging her to the ice shop they used to frequent back in their school days. Regrettably, Hao Yi's kind gesture backfires when the ice shop owner informs them that they no longer sells Alice's favorite pudding ice and Alice walks away disappointed.
Exasperated by Hao Yi's determination to stick by her even after the ice shop fiasco, Alice tries to scare him off by suggesting that they go bungee jumping. Shaking rather badly herself as she is standing on the bridge with the bungee jumping gears on her, Alice admits to Hao Yi that she wanted know what it is like to die.

Surviving their bungee jumping experience together, Hao Yi tries to encourage Alice to tell him what's on her mind. Despite being sorely tempted to just tell Hao Yi about her tumor, Alice eventually decides to keep silent. In a voice over we hear Alice's true fear "He Hao Yi, if you knew I will die soon will you be sad for me? I really don't have the courage to use death to test your feelings for me."

Panicking without knowing why, Hao Yi grabs Alice's hand and asks "I feel like you are going to disappear again." Using her perpetually annoying logic, Alice says "If I am really going to disappear then you holding my hand won't make a difference." Undaunted by Alice's words, Hao Yi tighten his hold on her arm and answers "If holding your hand won't stop you from disappearing then I will keep holding on so I can disappear with you." Okay, not the smartest cookie but the boy sure has a way with words. 
Uncharacteristically distracted in the research lab with thoughts of how to settle her financial affairs to take of her mother if she dies, Alice fails to take some basic safety protocols and ends up setting off an explosion. Thankfully no one was hurt but Alice's co-workers were not about to miss a chance to attack the always perfect Alice and gleefully suggests that she should resign. Furious as he charges into the meeting room, Peter loses his temper and exchanges a few heated words with Shu Lei who somehow has finagled herself into the meeting. Really not too concerned about her job anymore, Alice drags Peter out of the room and thank him for everything he has done for her.

In the meantime, Hao Yi has also gotten word from his assistant about the explosion while driving on the road but due to the poor connection he only heard "Boss, there was an explosion and Miss Alice..." Fearing the worst, Hao Yi speeds to the company and runs all the way from the parking garage.
Overwhelmed with relief when he rushes in to see Alice standing in the lobby, Hao Yi throws his arms around a rather surprised Alice. Her expression softening as Hao Yi catches his breath and urgently makes sure that she is not hurt, Alice thinks to herself "My heart suddenly has this warm feeling in it. Is this what it feels like to have someone worried about me disappearing?" Amused when Hao Yi explain about the cut off phone call, Alice breaks out in the first smile we've seen since the time jump. 
Arriving in time to see the embrace, Peter hides his jealousy and reminds Alice that he is ready to take her home. Not about to let Alice out of sight, Hao Yi tells her that he has another place he wants to show her. Intrigued by Hao Yi's invitation to "a place that will help you feel alive," Alice surprises everyone by accepting Hao Yi's offer and tells a disappointed Peter that she can go home by herself.

Standing not too far away, Shu Lei watches the whole interaction with a thoughtful expression.

True to her extremely straightforward personality, Shu Lei confronts Peter in the parking garage and asks "Do you like Alice?" In no mood to be tactful, Peter frankly admits that he likes Alice and is in fact trying pursue her. Not surprised by Peter's answer nor discouraged by it, Shu Lei declares her renewed mission to make Peter fall in love with her.
Strolling together on the sidewalk as they head towards the mystery destination, Hao Yi starts to tell Alice the story of the Iron Heart Henry- the lesser known story of the Frog Prince's servant. Devastated when his beloved prince is turned into a frog, Henry asks a blacksmith to make him three iron claps so he can put them around his heart to make sure it doesn't shatter from his sadness. Later, when the Frog Prince is turned back to human thanks to the princess' kiss, Henry's happiness is so great that his heart starts to beat again...and breaks the clasps one by one.
Pulling Alice into the new ice shop he found and presenting her with her favorite pudding ice, Hao Yi says "One ice shop can betray you but it doesn't mean all ice shop will betray you as well. Alice, my wish is that you don't give up too early."

Realization dawning on her face, Alice tells Hao Yi "I know now why you told me that story about the Iron Heart Henry. But unlike Henry, there is not a person in this world that gives me the motivation to keep living in this world. A Henry that is without a prince is someone that can never open the lock around his heart."

With a small smile, Hao Yi replies "Who told you that you are Henry? I know everyone calls you a machine but I know better. To me, you are the Alice that believed everyone unconditionally and the one that pulled me out of the depth of a swimming pool. So now, I will be your Iron Heart Henry. I will wait for you to break the cruse and find yourself again. When that times comes, I will be celebrate just like Henry did."

Obviously moved by Hao Yi's declaration, Alice thinks to herself "Someone is worried about me. Someone is waiting for me. He Hao Yi, can I make you the reason that I should try to defeat that 50% chance of disappearing and wake up?"

Ninja's Thoughts
Our poor heroine. It seems so obvious that deep inside she desperately wants to be the happy girl she once was but somehow she has lost the ability to let other people in. 

Hao Yi sure has made some pretty big strides in this episode as far as getting Alice to let her guard down a bit. At the end of the episode, it looks like Alice is even having her very first "friend" conversation with Hao Yi...albeit it was just a simple goodnight text from our hero. By the way, it sure seem weird that Alice doesn't seem to consider Peter a friend nor someone who would care if she dies. For all his charming playboy look, Peter sure has made VERY little progress in the last 13 years. 
Sigh... according to the preview it looks like we are in for some bumpy rides next week with Hao Yi coming clean to Alice that his company wants to scout her and then the last disturbing scene of Alice hitting her head as she falls. Someone suggested amnesia in the comment section last week and I cringed at that. I actually consider myself quite accepting of the whole amnesia thing when appropriately used in a story but I really don't think this is the case here, so that's all hope the writer is not going to go there. 
ps. That's one ugly princess... just saying. 

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  1. I can see how alice doesn't consider peter a love interest, but in agreement with you, I don't get how she doesn't see him as a friend. A close friend at that. In all the episodes so far peter has done nothing but show that he genuinely cares for alice. Though it is the arrival of hao yi seems to be turning those feelings into more romantic than platonic feelings. But maybe there is something that the show hasn't showed us as to why alice keeps peter at an arm's length. As of right now though alice just brushing peter aside is annoying me.

  2. I know about the whole Peter thing!! The whole episode I thought it was so strange and was so frustrated that in their friendship it never occurred to Alice that there was someone who cared about her! Who was RIGHT NEXT to her!!!


    There was another preview on the drama's FB page; it looks like Hao Yi is going to be there when Alice undergoes surgery? And she's smiling while wearing normal clothes so she also might have amnesia in the next episode...sorry to disappoint...Also it seems like she found a four-leaf clover so maybe that was the present she had for them 13 years before. And maybe the journal in the capsule helps with the amnesia? I'm not sure...